Dog Adopts Piglet

Dog and Piglet

Huihu, a dog, has adopted a piglet. And the two have become best friends.

She treats this young pig just like her own, nurses her and takes her all around with her. She found this piglet after her five puppies were stillborn.

“She was very depressed for one week, then one night came home with a tiny black piglet following her,” says Huihu’s owner.

The piglet has already put on over 4 pounds in weight since Huihu has been taking care of her.


One Response to “Dog Adopts Piglet”

  1. nora says:

    This little dog is so precious. What a good mommy and I feel so bad for her having those still born pups. Obviously her heart was broken and she adopted this baby piglet in need. Shows the true heart of a dog.

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