Dog Believed To Have Drowned Has Been Found Alive

Rescued Dog

This golden retriever mix is one amazing swimmer and survivor.

Last Friday, police received a 911 call saying that a dog had fallen in the water. Officials say that the dog’s owners were fishing when the dog jumped off the pier and was pulled under water. When the officers were going to the scene, the police received another 911 call to cancel the emergency. The caller said that the dog could not be found and probably drowned.

On Sunday, around 3 am, police received yet another call. Someone had spotted a dog stuck in a culvert along the James River shore. The person was trying to rescue the dog but couldn’t reach him.

Finally, when the tide came in, the dog was washed out of the culvert and the police were able to rescue him.

From Daily Press:

The golden retriever mix suffered a dislocated hip, but on Monday, the hip popped back into place. He is doing well and eating and is just waiting for his owner to claim him at the local SPCA.

“It’s pretty amazing that the dog is still alive and survived for three days,” Wise [the police officer] said. “He had to tread water or find a place to stand. I guess survival instinct was kicking in.”

The dog did not have a microchip or any other identification but is wearing a blue nylon collar. “He looks great,” Wise said. “He is fine, considering what he went through.”

6 Responses to “Dog Believed To Have Drowned Has Been Found Alive”

  1. Sharon says:

    Why did the owner cancel the emergency? I hope the dog finds a new home with someone more responsible!

  2. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    If it was a 911 call, we would think they would have a recording of the call, along with information like phone number.

    Just call the goof and see if he really wants his dog back.

  3. Meri says:

    In my opinion, the dog’s owners went fishing in a boat and left the dog on the pier rather than at home or in the boat with them. What did they think the dog would do when he saw them moving away from him in the boat. And then yes, Sharon, they in my opinion do NOT deserve this poor dog back. Look at the expression on his face, it tells a lot that he can’t say in human words. Anyone who would call off a search for a dog that they themselves put in harm’s way by leaving it on a pier does not deserve to have this dog (or any pet for that matter) in their life. It’s not fair the poor thing now gets to live in a cage hoping that someone will claim him and he’s not put to sleep after all he’s been through. He’s definitely a survivor and deserves to be treated well. I’ve done animal rescues and some people just don’t value an animal’s life as they would a human’s. Therefore, in my opinion, they (the owner) deserves to be alone.

  4. Kathy says:

    That poor dog, the light is gone from his eyes. He is almost beyond caring. His owner (s) should go through the same thing he did, they obviously don’t care about him at all. A big thanks to the officers who responded! In this area they wouldn’t have bothered until some human was drowning trying to save him. I sure hope he gets adopted by a good person.

  5. Lynda says:

    What town or state did this take place in? I would love this dog. any chance of adopting him? I live in Michigan. How could anyone not look for such a beautiful dog? Why aren’t they coming forward? who ever had this animal does not deserve him. Please update us on this most wonderful dog.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: This took place in Virginia. The dog is being held at the Peninsula SPCA in Newport News, VA.

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    […] week, we posted up a story about a golden retriever mix that was believed to have drowned but was then later found alive. The dog jumped off the pier when his owners were fishing. A security officer called 911 to report […]

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