Dog Breed Profiling Results In Pit Bulls Euthanized At Texas Animal Shelter

Pit BullA North Texas animal shelter has dealt with a huge amount of criticism after they implemented a controversial policy on pit bulls. Since March 2004, the Erath County Humane Society automatically euthanizes pit bulls or dogs that look like pit bulls without giving them a chance for adoption and a new home.

“The decision was based not only on our 23 years of experience with dogs and cats of all breeds and cross breeds, but also the statistics and facts provided by various other types of organizations and media sources. The information provided and used in our decision indicates that pit bull dogs, also known as the American Staffordshire, whether full blood or crosses, pose the greatest risk and liability threat of all dog breeds,” Gail Johnson, president of the humane society, said in a letter.

The organization said they have the best interest of the public and believe the genetics of pit bulls causes the shelter to be at risk for possible liabilities. So, any dog or puppy that resembles a pit bull is euthanized and is never offered up for adoption after the required three-day reclaim waiting period.

Johnson stated she doesn’t think there are any good pit bulls.

The director of Erath County Humane Society, Judy Hallmark, agreed.

“They’re very strong. [It] takes everything out of me. We don’t have any choice, we can’t run the risk of them turning,” Hallmark said.

She added that she used to ask rescue groups to take the pit bulls, but she said now they don’t even want them. She also sometimes had pig hunters take the dogs.

Pit bulls are the only specific types of dogs that the shelter automatically euthanizes.

Kathy Tompson, program specialist for the Tarrant County Humane Society of the U.S. said, “In Texas we have a state law against breed specific legislation. We are against breed specific legislation in all ways.”

The center recently held a class on pit bulls and how to “tell which are adoptable and those that are not.” Tompson said no one from the Erath County Humane Society attended the seminar.

Both Hallmark and Tompson said many shelters have the same policy regarding pit bulls.

“Unfortunately, that is the case and anything with a square head gets dubbed a pit bull,” Tompson said. “Bad dogs go in trends, before it was the pit bull, it was the Doberman in the ‘70s, and the Rottweiler in the 80s. Some breed is picked on every 10 years or so.

“We recommend that shelters evaluate dogs on an individual basis. We don’t advocate specific discrimination based on breed. Irresponsible owners are the problem, not the dogs.”

Johnson said the Erath County Humane Society board stands firm in their decision to euthanize pit bulls.

“Looking back in history, we can learn of the purpose man had in mind when they used selective breeding of certain breeds of dogs to perform certain tasks. Such are the retrievers, the sheep herding dogs, and the sled pulling dogs,” Johnson said. “All of these dogs were developed to provide a useful service to man. Tragically, for the Pit Bull Terrier, man has perfected this breed to be aggressive, fearless and capable of providing ill-gotten income to its owner, even if its death is the final outcome.”

Of the 1.4 million dogs euthanized at shelters last year, roughly half were pit bull types, according to the latest data from Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People. More than 90 percent of pit bulls in shelters end up euthanized.

Source: Stephenville Empire-Tribune,,


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53 Responses to “Dog Breed Profiling Results In Pit Bulls Euthanized At Texas Animal Shelter”

  1. Bane says:

    Genetics? Sounds like Hitler’s Eugenics theory to me…what about all of the pit bulls who have risked their lives to save their owners? Hallmark and Johnson, two very ignorant sounding women, justify a breed specific euthanization policy on the fact that the dogs are too stong for them to handle. As far as I’m concerned, if these foolish, mean spirited women are not capable of handling the dogs, they should find another line of work and leave this business to more competent, more compassionate, and more enlightened individuals. The dogs shouldn’t be penalized for these women’s weakness.

  2. Jodi says:

    This is horrible. I can’t believe that 90% of pitbulls in shelter get put down. I better keep my 1/2 pitbull safe at home.

  3. Jodi says:

    This is horrible. I can’t believe that 90% of pitbulls in shelters get put down. I better keep my 1/2 pitbull safe at home.

  4. furmom says:

    The dogs are “too strong”? Yes PB’s are very strong, but so are twenty five other breeds who are wonderful, loyal, intelligent, protectors who generally cause no trouble. Where is the logic in this? Why would these types of people be in charge of deciding which dogs to put down? Have they heard of temperament tests or retraining. Just because on average many PB’s have been badly raised is not reason to put them all down out of hand. This makes no sense.

  5. momof8 says:

    Insane…you wouldn’t do this to children up for adoption. Some kids are good, some are bad. You don’t just pigeon-hole by appearance, each life is different and should be judged individually. Ignorance breeds fear. I used to be afraid of pitbulls, in general too, I relied on heresay to feed my fear. That all changed when one stray pitbull-mix entered my life. A most loving creature for sure, he fit right in with our family of 2 dogs and 5 cats.

  6. Bowlnduo says:

    I guess these dogs are so bad that they will never be accepted by the AKC or win at Westminister …

    Oh wait …

  7. nora says:

    Johnson and Hallmark need to be replaced by more intelligent and more qualified persons who will take the initiative and steps towards a more progressive resolution of the issues at hand re: American Stratforshire Terriers or “PitBull” mixes. Their outlook is outdated and ignorant of the real facts about these dogs. Yes, some dogs are outlaws and beyond help but those dogs are few and far between. Certainly NOT ALL of these loving creatures should be put down. These women, when they meet their maker will be VERY sorry for the rash descions, beliefs and actions of euthanization that they are upholding now. BANE, I totally agree with you!

  8. Lynne says:

    Texas is not a fount of compassion for any species. They’ve just executed the 401st person since 1976.

    “…pose the greatest risk and liability threat of all dog breeds”. And there you have it. It’s all about the money. I’m sure glad these two never got hold of Petey from The Little Rascals.

  9. Debra says:

    Ms. Johnson sounds like an idiot. I thought the Humane Society was supposed to look out for the best interests of animals. But as their mandate has changed, I will change my opinion of their usefulness. She doesn’t think there are any good pit bulls. Well, 23 years of experience haven’t taken her very far. It is a pity when one runs across someone who has every opportunity to be educated and choses not to be or hasn’t the requisite intelligence. Gosh. What if Texas were to institute a policy of putting down everyone with room temperature IQs? How long would Ms. Johnson be around?

  10. Donna B says:

    Why is it that people who volunteer their time to work with these shelter dogs are much more compassionate and animal savvy than the idiots who get paid to do the same work? Get rid of those 2 morons.

  11. Marjorie says:

    As I’ve tried to explain to people for years, a person’s job title NEVER presumes any real proficiency in understanding or training dogs. Anyone can call him/herself a dog trainer. Veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat illness. (Their license, alone, does not imply any skill in working with dogs on a behavioral level. If they have such skill, it was undoubtedly acquired outside the parameters of DVM accreditation.) No shelter manager/worker, animal control worker, dog groomer, pet supply store employee, etc., etc. has to DEMONSTRATE any insight into canine genetics, behavior, or competency in dog training, in order to be hired.

    I’ve always said this, but the adoption of my current dog only highlighted this understanding.

    I’m an experienced dog trainer and researcher. Because of the work I’ve done with several shelters and rescue groups (rehabilitating dogs who, otherwise, face imminent euthanasia for behavior problems), I was called right away, when a member of my breed of choice was turned into a local shelter as a stray. The worker told me that if I wanted her, she was mine, although she’d have to remain at the shelter for their mandatory two-week stray holding period.

    When I eventually left with her, a worker unfamiliar with me and my experience called out, “You’ll need a strong collar. She’s a real puller!” (I didn’t say anything, and just sort of rolled my eyes as I walked to my vehicle.)

    Later, I learned that during her two-week stay, not one shelter employee was able to get her to “sit” or walk on a leash. (She had been initially scheduled for euthanasia because she was “too out of control.”)

    The thing is (not knowing any of this mind you) she learned to “sit” and “down” on command within hours of arriving home, and had the basics of heeling down by the following afternoon.

    It was her sitting dutifully at my side (in an automatic heeling sit) that caught the attention of some shelter workers we happened to run into just a few days after I adopted her. “I can’t believe you got her to sit! And she’s heeling!?!” That’s when they elaborated on their “difficulties” in dealing with her while at the shelter.

    This just goes to show that, despite many of them being perfectly nice and well-meaning, most shelter workers don’t know what they heck they’re doing, when it comes to training. (Never forget that one large retailer hires people with no experience with dogs whatsoever, to do their puppy training classes. Employees spend six weeks in a training session, where “sales” are emphasized.)

    Please, always check references before taking training advice from anyone.

    My dog is perfectly trainable, although I will admit she’s a bit of an odd duck, and requires a somewhat unique approach. But anyone with even minimal skill should have been able to get her to “sit” or walk on a leash over the course of TWO WEEKS!

    The ONLY people the public should assume have any canine behavior/training insight are those who have some sort of accreditation in either behavior or training AND a lengthy list of satisfied clients. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

    Shelters and animal control NEVER require applicants to prove proficiency in canine behavior or training. Thus, no one should assume these people possess this kind of expertise, based on his/her job title alone.

    If I hear one more asinine thing uttered by some moronic shelter manager/worker, I’m gonna hurl. Go back to cleaning out cat cages, folks. That’s what you do best.

  12. Debi says:

    Personally, I can’t stand the H.S., I went there yesterday to help a friend pick out a dog, success there, and the pit bulls imprisoned there were so outwardly sweet and able to get along with other dogs in the same pens with them. The thing that really bugs me about the shelter is, they continue to give shots for kennel cough as soon as any animal comes in, actually setting the animal up for the virus!!! it is soooooooooooo infuriating, do the research you stupid asses, this is why I didn”t bring another pb home with me, because the cough is so totally contagious that the last dog we adopted from there almost died, and our other pb. coughed so badly she would go into seizure mode. Why did these 2 dogs get so sick? because they both got vaccinated for kennel cough, one, when we adopted him and the pb because it came with the rabies shot! our third dog, who never had a vaccine for it, hardly got sick at all. Do some research. I am also sure that Mz. Johnson is also a dolt, how do you say DUHHHHHH? is the kennel cough vaccine just happening in Tucson, Az.?

  13. Lis says:

    If I hear one more asinine thing uttered by some moronic shelter manager/worker, I’m gonna hurl. Go back to cleaning out cat cages, folks. That’s what you do best.

    Cats need knowledgable care, too.

  14. nora says:

    Yes! Like the smart ass retort of one volunteer for our local Animal Rescue League at a local PetSmart when she was helping to adopt out rescues on a Saturday a couple months ago. I overheard her telling a co worker that the last cat a lady had adopted (whom she was attempting to clear for yet another adoption) had died at 1 and 1/2 years of age of “Urinary Tract Infection”. I said to her “The first question you should have asked the woman “What are you feeding your cats”. The uninformed girl said rudely to me “THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MY QUESTION TO HER!” I then asked her if she was aware of the dog and cat food recalls and she acted like I did not have a clue what I was talking about. I went to the Main Shelter and spoke to a manager and informed her that the volunteers AND the employees obviously needed some classes on the Pet Food Recalls and the classic symptons of poisoning!!!! INFURIATING!

  15. Debi says:

    Lynne, how do we know they didn’t? killer nazi freaks

  16. EmilyS says:

    Thank you HSUS… this “shelter” is following your advice to a “t”.

    BSL is not legal in Texas.. someone there might want to raise this issue even though strictly speaking a law is not involved

    breed specific killing like this goes on everywhere. It is absolutely a result of the anti-pit bull hysteria generated by HSUS in their quest to make their fortune exploiting the breed. It is absolutely the INTENDED result of their campaign against dogfighting. While dogfighting is, and should be, illegal as despicable cruelty, their campaign has served the purpose of both demonizing pit bulls AND in putting ideas into the heads of moral cretins.

    but then who’s the moral cretin in THIS story?

    What is more cruel: the sanctioned killing of all dogs with a particular appearance, or dogfighting?

  17. Debi says:

    “one more step in the process of dying”

  18. HighNote says:

    I agree with Furmom there are a lot of strong big dogs and they are not pit bulls. How can they justify putting all these poor animals down just because they may look like a pit bull. There are many breeds that may look like pit bulls but have none of their blood line in them. This is just terribly wrong. There are also bad dogs in any breed and biters and very strong ones. This should be a call on each dog not a breed factor.
    sounds to me that they have listened to all the stupid stories that they have heard and do not bother to realize that any breed can bite even the little ones. Animals are scared when brought into those places and this does not mean that an animal may not make a great pet!

  19. pork chop says:

    FIRE THESE IDIOTS NOW before another innocent dog dies because of the way they look.. no person.. or persons with attitude like these two women should ever be allowed to work around animals.. much less get paid with publice funds.. OUST THEM NOW God forbid.. I hope they do not have children.. What a couple of ignorant fools

  20. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    This is why I will never ever donate one red cent to any “Humane” Society shelter. They do this all over the country, including the city I live in. Anything that even remotely looks like a Pit goes in the front door alive and straight out the back door dead. It is not humane, it is not rescue and it is not shelter. I’m not supporting any “doggie genocide”.

    Pit Bulls are my favorite dogs, I’ve come to love them after getting a job in a pet store, after being a lifelong hardcore “Cat only” person. I have to fight the predjudice and the stereotypes almost every day. It’s sickening to see how people hate and fear these dogs when they are plainly sweet and friendly. Only yesterday I wanted to punch out one of the managers in my store, when I made a joking comment about a Pit Bull book I was reading had a whole chapter on grooming the APBT when they just need a “wash, rinse, brush” only she snarled, “Those dogs shouldn’t even exist!”

    Sometime when I’m not so angry I want to break her nose I will invite her to tell me how an animal can be born evil. I’d really like to know.

    I’d like the HSUS to explain that to me as well.

  21. Cathy says:

    I used to work at the SPCA where I used to live. We had a lot of pit/pit crosses come to use from the Toronto SPCA (we are in the US) because otherwise they would have had to euthanize them and they didn’t want to have to do that. We weren’t a no kill shelter, but we didn’t euthanize for space and we didn’t euthanize pit bulls just because of their breed. They drove a good 6 hrs one way to bring them to us a couple of times.

  22. Marie says:

    This is prejudice, plain & simple.

  23. Trudy Jackson says:

    This is horrible. And even the little puppies? How can anyone be so cruel? They need to get a lot of mail. and press.
    I hear the same thing about the bengals i have. some people just don’t understand animals and never will.
    When i worked for the vet and also groomed I got bit quite a few times. It was by poodles and cockers.
    But then Texas is known for exicuting.

  24. scarlet-ruse says:

    I am horrified by this story, but not surprised. I have a pit bull and live in Anacortes, Wa. Most people I run into when walking my dog are very nice and not afraid, even at the dog park. We are a very small town and strays are brought in to a local vet, where the city animal control officer decides their fate. All pit bulls are ordered to be put down because she doesn’t like the breed. It’s so sad, I imagine God is shaking His head in shame and disgust that His beautiful creatures are treated this way.

    I take very good care of my pitty, she is the light of my life and my constant companion. You can be sure she will never end up in the hands of the evil Anacortes animal control officer!

  25. Moony says:

    Trudy - Bengal cats have a bad rep? First I’ve heard of it. My brother tried to get one a few years ago.

    I like Rotts and American Bulldogs, but the PR is so bad for both (as Am. Bulldogs are mistaken for pits a LOT), I went with a small mixed Papillon/J. Chin when I finally got a dog.

    People assumed that because he was small and very cute that he LIKED being picked up, mauled by children, and to have large dogs trample him…and while some were apologetic some got snotty with me for not allowing their children or dogs or them to do what they wanted to my dog. My dog did NOT like ANY of that (he’d been abused by children before I got him) and there were a few times when I had to grab his muzzle to keep him from biting idiots who weren’t listening enough to hear his growl.

    The biggest problem with being a dog owner was other people, not dogs - as untrained and unrestrained animals are ALWAYS the fault of their people.

    Fortunately I didn’t get a Rott or an Am. Bulldog, as when the new landlord here bought the building, he’d have thrown me out for having a ‘dangerous dog’ simply because he’s terrified of all dogs. It WAS a pet friendly building when I moved in…:(

  26. bonni says:

    This is wrong. . . look at the breed statistics on the percentage of dogs breeds that passed/failed the Temperament Test that the American Temperament Test Society gives. . . in the 2006 data, more Goldens failed that Staffies!

  27. MaryP says:

    This is terrible, and “Animal Advocates”, like PETA, should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to this madness with the recent comments aired on national t.v. about pit bulls rescued from the horrid conditions of the dog fighting underground.

    Someone should start a list of shelters that target specific breed for euthanizing. I just looked on Erath’s website and I do not see any mention of this policy.

  28. Debi says:

    maybe we should start calling it the Inhumane society.

  29. Dee Eagle says:

    These 2 women are very ignorant, and unfortunately that ignorance has been placed in a position of power. I have had the great pleasure of owning 2 pit bull mixes, rescued from the pound, and a beatutiful hansome red nosed pit lives next door. The first time I met the guy, I was leaning into the fence to pick up some pine cones. He came up and gave me a great big face kiss. He has the most gentle beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. I was in love immediately. They are the sweetest babies. It’s ALWAYS the humans’ problem NOT the dogs.
    Unfortunately, Texas is not the only shelter this happens in. Nebraska and Iowa do the same thing. These two states. I know for sure. I’m sure there are many others. They want to eradicate the breed. If I went out with some people and said that we were going to kill all alligators because they are dangerous to human beings, these 2 stupid people would lead the charge to stop me. But killing innocent puppies is ok. I’d rather face a pit bull (get licked to death) any day, than an alligator.

  30. Bob says:

    This is truly poop. I’ve had several pits and my son in law raises em.
    We have NEVER had an agressive pit. Defensive—-yes. Protective—-yes.
    Loving. Dang.
    People should be so loving.
    These people are IDIOTS.
    I cannot continue this comment without getting vulgar.

  31. SHARON says:


  32. john says:

    what can you exspect coming out of Texas.

    Look who is the Gov.

  33. John says:

    What do you exspect coming out of Texas.

    Look who is the Gov

  34. Mario says:

    Would one of you Public Official’s that has authority to stop this, PLEASE DO IT NOW!

    And FIRE the moron’s that decided to carry out this killing frenzy.

  35. Brandy says:

    How can these 2 idiots who have “WORKED WITH ANIMALS” for soo long be soo STUPID !!!! They obviously have not spent time with Pitt Bulls themselves. They just go on what they here and are too scared to give them a chance. The number 1 reported dog bite was reported to be a golden retriever, “THE ULTIMATE FAMILY DOG” !! The only reason for this is all the ghetto “THUGS” who own them and train them to attack and fight other dogs to fill their pants up, if you know what I mean. They should be the ones to pay, not the dog. I can train a chihuahua to be an attack dog too but will that be on the news, I don’t think so!! I have worked with all kinds of animals for years, even at the city of Dallas shelter, and stand firmly in saying this… Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs, and they are very smart and loving if you let them be and not try to make them into a monster. They are my favorite breed next to American Bulldogs. To those 2 ladies, do your research, and I mean actually spend time with pitts, not just read the tabloids, and you’ll see that you are completely way off in your assumption of this awesome breed!! Shut your faces until you know what you are talking about!!!!! STOP THE INHUMANE KILLING OF PITTS !!!!!!

  36. Amy says:

    completely ignorant… how does a woman like that get a job as a shelter manager? she is just adding to the already outrageous problem of bsl. get over yourself gail, it was a loving, higly adoptable dog that you just PTS. in 10 years from now, when americans are afraid of a different breed of dog… let’s say, german shepherd, are you goin to immediately put any one of them that walks through that door? and after then, will you finally give a pit bull a chance? the arguement you make is bogus. a ton of dogs resemble a pit bull, and you’d be suprised how many other breeds of dog you are putting down.

  37. Robert pitman 2008 says:

    i swear do i need to volunteer to do both of thier jobs because i will i have 3 pits and raised many more through out my life and not a one has growled or even looked at somebody the wrong way. people who fight these loving dogs to gain profit are the ones that should be put to sleep cause if i ever find out where they are holding these events i sure wont call the police to handle it i just will have to take care of it myself cause if i do all of them will be put down.

  38. pitcrazy22 says:

    Theses two humane officers deserve to be put to sleep themselves. Other shelters and other humane societys evulate the pitbulls. They just don’t put them down. The other places at least keep the good ones and the ones that can be worked with and brought back. They also can actually pick up the phone and keep calling rescues to have them take the pitbulls. Other places just don’t stop calling because they would rather put these loving dogs to their death. It’s not that hard to pick up the phone and call a pitbull rescue group or to sit down for how ever long it takes and work with a pitbull that needs to be retrained. There are other dogs that are just as strong as pits and they don’t get put down. The American Bulldog is just as strong and the bulldog also has just as strong teeth and jaw as the pit, but you don’t see them being put to sleep. Why do you think the rescues started a pitbull rescue. They just don’t stop taking them, it’s that the two officers don’t want to call them anymore. The other officers give pitbulls a chance and some even sit down with them and retrain them. Some officers will actually call rescue groups and they won’t stop. This is the only shelter that has this policy, all the other ones give them second chances. I used to own a black and white pitbull and he was the sweetest dog ever. He never growled or snapped at me or anything. Someone in authourity needs to replace thise two nitwits and get someone else there who will actually do what they are supposed to. If I have to I will apply myself and try to get the job but I will also try to start my own pitbull rescue and if that ever happens, Humane Societys be warned. I will take every single pitbull and every single one that looks like a pitbull.

  39. mountaink9 says:

    I have a solution ,lets start using euthanasia to get rid of some these selfish, stupid people it will leave better homes for these help less animals and less politicians for us

  40. says:

    I’ll admit not all pits are perfect, but what breed of dog is perfect? Ignorance, thats all this is.

  41. Learn How To Breed Dogs For Profit. | says:

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  42. denice berard says:

    All my life, I have been raised around Pit Bulls, because they truly are “a man’s best friend”. They are extremely loyal and trainable. People are out there every second of every day mistreating these dogs, and then you add to it by mercilessly killing them. Instead of being prejudice and killing Indians and Blacks for the color of there skin, you prejudicially kill dogs based on breed and that is a disgrace. You can not be humane, doing such an inhumane deed.
    Next time you kill a Pit Bull, you are crucifying it for the acts of humans. Dogs only do what they are trained and conditioned to do. Why doesn’t your organization do a humane act and inform the public (or have workshops) on the proper etiquette when handling a Pit Bull and only allow them to be adopted after the individual has positively passed the course and proved themselves capable of owning a Pit. Then you can truly call yourselves a Human Society.
    - denice berard

  43. brian says:


  44. lanne says:

    i own 2 pits and they were from a shelter. they put my kids to sleep at night for goodness sake. 1 sleeps in bed with my 9 yr old. the older pit i am sure was abused. he is protective of our home in that he barks, but loves strangers and wants to be pet all the time. he lifts his paw all the time to be pet. if they had killed him, our family would never have had this lovable pet in our lives. it has changed my mind forever with regard to pitbulls. it is a shame a shelter would be so naive. wake up!!!

  45. lanne says:

    i own 2 pits and they were from a shelter. they put my kids to sleep at night for goodness sake. 1 sleeps in bed with my 9 yr old. the older pit i am sure was abused. while he is protective of our home in that he barks, once you walk in the gate he just wanted to be petted and hugged. if they had killed either of these pits just bc of the breed, our family would never have had these lovable dogs in our lives. it has changed my mind forever with regard to the breed. it is a shame a shelter would be so naive. wake up!!!

  46. Kathy says:

    My son was recently mauled by our family pet who we raised from a puppy. I always thought that it was in the way they were raised. We raised this dog with nothing but love. I will never own a pitt bull again and I would encourage anyone who thinks their children are safe to please be very careful. You can not know the pain we have been through and I hope that you never have to.

  47. Lee says:

    We all need to raise awareness about this breed profiling. Call your local city hall and ask to speak with the mayor and demand that these policys be canged. Call your local paper and news stations and ask them to cover the story. People need to be aware of this otherwise no change will take place. I just rescued a 3 month old pittbull from the Rochester, NY animal control center that has the same policy, it took one creative story to get “patch” out of there alive. 2 and 3 month old pitbull puppies being destroyed with not even a chance of adoption. Take action today and make a phone call to save these great dogs!!

  48. kitty000 says:

    I am a shelter worker and there are many of you who howl about breed profiling and name call, etc., without having true experience other than the dog in your backyard. My personal experience is that we generally take in about 100 animals every day, and up to 20 of those are pit bulls. We are one of the few that do adopt out pits, but there aren’t many that are tempermentally sound enough to be eligible. They aren’t bad dogs. But the truth is, if u take a dog that has a predisposition to be aggressive and mix it with an owner who is not prepared to handle it, what you get is a dog that is unpredictable. Like it or not…that is a fact…do a little research, why don’t you? Check the statistics at the cdc. There are many factors that come into play to make up the temperment of a dog, that is undeniable, but an unpredictable animal is a liability for a shelter. If you want to save the pit bulls…be willing to take them home yourself and be a supporter of spaying and neutering to control the overbreeding of this and every other breed.

  49. Anonymous says:

    According the your website it is people like Gail Johnson, president of the humane society and Judy Hallmark, director of Erath County Humane Society are obviously extremely ignorant of the breed. This is cleary of form of serious discrimination. Our govenment says it is illegal to discriminate and what this county is doing is sheer discrimination and is wrong. I think Erath county and the people who run the shelter need a better education. I wonder how many of them have college degrees? Any professional degrees? I doubt it. I also wonder how many of them have a heart? None. Sad. Do not move to Erath county. They should be ashamed and embarrassed by their lack of knowledge. Go find a job you know something about. This county and these people are a disgrace to our society. Go discriminate against a human who is able to speak out and protect themselves. People like this are a discrace to our society.

  50. Kansas City says:

    Gail Johnson and Judy Hallmark need to take a 6 week dog training & behavioral course at National K-9 in Gahanna Ohio and learn something about dogs. Call Cesar Millan and spend a week with him. The stupidity and ignorance here is unreal. So the idiot used to let pig hunters take the dogs…….?????????????? Does she have any idea what that is all about? The hunters are encouraging and bringing out thier aggression.
    How do uneducated people like this get into a job like that? I say lets take a vote to Euthanize these 2 very ignorant HATEFULL women!

  51. JOANN says:

    I use to be scared of pit bulls, until one was given to me as a puppy. She was the best thing that Life ever gave me. She was my friend, and she loved me more than any other dog possibly could. Everyone told me she would turn on me, being uneducated I took her to the pound after 6years and they automatically put her to sleep. The next day I couldnt live with out her, I went to get her and she was put to sleep. I thought they would find a home for her, I didnt realize it was an immediate death. It’s the only regret I have in life. She was a great dog, and anyone would of loved her if they knew dogs. I didnt then, and im heart broken now. Their dogs, there is no difference. They are full of love. They dont deserve to die.

  52. Sarah says:

    I can not believe that these women can be so cruel. I have a Pitbull and she is the most wonderful dog and I will never own another breed. I rescued her and it was the greatest decision of my life. She has helped me in so many ways and I love her more than life. These people are disgusting, and cruel. They dont deserve to work with animals. Maybe the law should be stepping in to change their ignorant policy. Or why dont they send the Pitbulls up north? They do not get put to sleep automatically. Most shelters will keep a dog until they get adopted. My own Pitbull was in a shelter for a month before I adopted her.

  53. Angela says:

    I have been an animal lover my entire life and have had a wide variety of canine breeds as a part of my family. One thing is obvious to the educated canine owner, it matters not what breed of dog; rather, the manner in which YOU (THE OWNER) train and raise the canine. The latest addition to my family; which happens to be a Red Nose Pit Bull, has been the most compassionate, intelligent, and devouted canine I have EVER had the pleasure of having in my life. In fact, the small dogs that have been in my family have always had more of an agressive streak than my loving Pit Bull. Rest assured that Pit Bull owners are getting extremely fed up with the ignorrance of uneducated individuals who throw out accusations because of media propoganda or fabriacted stories on the internet. Luckily, I have the opportunity to be a voice for these amazing animals; as I will be entering an Animal law practice after Law School. I encourage those of you who know the Pit Bull (and other profiled breeds as well) to get involved in Breed Specific Legislation issues. Knowledge is indeed power and educating those who have been misguided or choose not to read more than the negative storied reported is a great way to end the bad rep that Pit Bulls have been given.

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