Dog Cruelty Case Draws International Attention

TobeyWarning: This story may disturb some readers.

Three teenage boys, ages 12, 14, and 16, have been accused of torturing and beheading a girl’s dog named Tobey in Seguin, Texas. The teenagers are currently in custody at a juvenile detention center.

Many people around the world are outraged and frustrated by this animal cruelty case and want the teenagers to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

County Attorney Elizabeth Murray-Kolb said she has received numerous letters, emails and faxes that express anger and shock over the incident.

People writing have asked Kolb to prosecute the teenagers under a new law that would sentence them to 10 years in jail. She said she will try her best to push for the maximum sentence, but it may be challenging because it happened before the new law went into place.

“We believe it’s in their best interest and in the community’s best interest to have them stay right there,” Kolb said.

Even a song has been written in response to this horrible incident. English songwriter Maria Daines wrote a song called “Tears for Tobey”.

A hearing is set for tomorrow and this will determine how quickly the case will be prosecuted.

If they are convicted of animal cruelty charges, the teenagers could be in prison until they are 19.

Source: KSAT

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38 Responses to “Dog Cruelty Case Draws International Attention”

  1. mittens says:

    a generation of monsters.

    my feeling is kids like these are like dogs gone bad who attack and get that taste for blood-put them down because its only going to get worse. it would be the best thing for the community.

    and they were probably doing it to torment the girl- future violators of the new domestic violence laws protecting pets.

  2. Bridgett says:

    Prison, for a very, very long time.

  3. Penelope K says:

    I say give the boys a taste of their own medicine, down to a very slow decapitation. These monsters do not deserve a peaceful death.

    They are wastes of life - their lives are worth less than nothing. They are a scourge upon this earth.

  4. Carol Johnson says:

    These are not “boys”…they are two-legged walking and talking monsters.

    It makes me sick to know that there are so-called humans like this.

    Anyone who would do this is a danger to all living things.

    They need to be put in a cell and the key thrown away.

  5. KarlaSanDiego says:

    I agree with Penelope. I mean really….the only solution is to put “them” down. Put them out of their misery. Put them where they belong…in a grave. Or else, it will just be case after case of additional animal abuse, court time, and a waste of our tax payers money.

  6. highnote says:

    This is a very sickening thing for these boys to do and there has to be a very big problem with them. I think they need to be locked up but they need help because they are very disturbed young men to do such a thing. It could start off with dogs or pets and then go on to people. I partly blame this on some of the violent games they play and some of the bloody movies they watch and of course very bad parenting. They act like life is not precious at all and start off with animals and go on to people. If they are capable of doing this to an animal then they could become capable of doing it to anyone. I think anyone that is capable of such violence is insane and evil.

  7. Ruth says:

    Where were the parents? Too busy or just not caring what their kids do. Are they like the kids, not caring?

    Responsibility starts with good parenting. These boys will probably be locked up but they will mostly likely come out worse. And thats the sad fact in our society. Maybe they will also find God like Vick…..hmmm what are the chances of that….. they all seem to find God when going to jail. Remorseful…probably not….the only remorse they may have was getting caught.

    I feel sorry for the family who owned the pet. The family must be devastated. What a sad, sad, story…….

  8. shibadiva says:

    “They have been asked to have psychological testing so we can see if this is a pattern or a fluke. We don’t know right now.”

    No. it’s not a fluke, and what’s not to know? The cruelty database at will tell you graphically that there is something very wrong with our society. Thank heavens for those people who are outraged. The maximum legal penalty is not enough for these young thugs. The only justice would be to walk in Tobey’s pawprints. And ideally, to do it ahead of the deed and have the sense to know that it is wrong.

  9. shibadiva says:

    Oh yeah, here are the details of the case that weren’t reported (warning: graphic)…

  10. MaineMom says:

    Carol -
    Totally agree - these monsters are not human! So why treat them as humans? Sorry, these are not candidates for rehab. When is our so called justice system going to begin dealing with reality?

  11. 2CatMom says:

    I’ve said it before - we are raising a generation of psychopaths.

    Enough aleady with the self-esteem issues, enough with not having time for your kids and thinking you’re making it up through a lack of rules and discipline.

    I think that parents ought to be held accountable for the deeds of the minor children. Bet that would change a lot of parental attitudes. That is of course, assuming that these kids’ parents aren’t already criminals.

  12. MaineMom says:

    2CatMom -

    Unfortunately, arrests for use or sale of “controlled substances” e.g., crack, cocain, etc., are definitely going up. Just ck police reports/logs for even small towns in every state. As if the toxins in our FDA “approved” food supply isn’t enough already!

  13. straybaby says:

    ugh, i was hoping this was the same teens that beheaded a girls dog and sent the head back to her in a package. sadly it’s not.

    wtf is wrong with people?!

  14. Lynn says:

    This is pathetic. Disgusting…..actually, I can’t find the right words to describe this reprehensible act.

    Let this be a warning to everyone to make sure their pets are indoors and only outdoors when they are under your control. There is just no telling what beasts are lurking nearby.

    I have to wonder if that town is missing any other pets?

  15. Barb says:

    As most of you say, the parents should be held responsible. I wonder if they will be. I’ve been sick about this story for days now.

    Here is another horror story, although not done to a ‘pet’ yet similar things happen every day cows, deer, pigs, elk, etc…all in an effort to put ‘meat’ on your table. Please act by sending a letter.

    ‘Bambi Butchers’ Horror!

    On August 26, 2007, a PETA investigator filmed the slaughter of deer at Musicon, Inc., a deer farm and venison sales company in Goshen, New York.

    Deer are high-strung, extremely nervous herd animals, so any handling—especially by humans in a loud, strange indoor environment—is frightening to them. Our investigator documented that a worker at Musicon was kneeling on frightened deer’s backs in order to restrain the animals and then yanking their heads back by their ears and antlers to expose their throats—which were then slit while the deer were still conscious. Some deer also had a restraint door slammed on their heads as they were bleeding to death. The animals remained conscious for up to a minute and a half after their throats were cut and in one instance, a deer was yanked from the restraint pen by the bleeding hole in her neck while still conscious.

    Please e-mail Norman Schlaff, the owner of Musicon, urging him to switch to a business that doesn’t involve taking semi-wild, nervous animals and subjecting them to this type of trauma and suffering.

    see video here (very gruesome):

    Call, write, and/or fax Musicon and urge the company to stop engaging in cruelty to deer:

    Musicon, Inc.
    385 Scotchtown Rd.
    Goshen, NY 10924
    516-239-8915 (fax)

  16. JJ in IL says:

    This offends the sensibilities of all pet lovers and pet owners. Gawd if anyone hurt my dog I would have to do everything in my power not to kill you with my bare hands!

  17. nora says:

    These 3 worthless pieces of scum do not deserve to live.

  18. jada says:

    Send them to IRAQ!!

    Let them go kill terrorists instead of an innocent dog.

  19. kaefamily says:

    Troubled boys. VERY troubled parents! Sadly, everyone, humans and pets, pays for these senseless acts of violence.

  20. Amarks says:

    I agree with many of the comments on this page; this was a completely reprehensible act. I also agree that things like this indicate that there is something very wrong with our society.

    Just what is wrong with our sociiety, and just where should we look to discover the source of that something???? Five of the nineteen responses to this story (over 25%) call for some kind of violence and death to these kids for what they’ve done.

    “So why treat them as humans?” ” I say give the boys a taste of their own medicine, down to a very slow decapitation.” Excuse me???? I guess we don’t have to look far do we? Gandhi said it best. “Be the change in the world you wish to see.”

  21. nora says:

    Euthanization would be Humane for a henious act such as this. That would be the change in world you are speaking of in the previous quote. Cull out the vicious murderers. The reason it goes on is because it has been tolerated for too long.

  22. catmom5 says:

    Amarks makes a very strong point here. My first reaction was to get revenge for the horrors that poor little dog (and the deer) have faced. BUT if we advocate more violence are we any better? Clearly something must be done with the people who perpetrate such senseless acts against another living creature. We must stop tolerating this behavior by making excuses! I’m not suggesting that we forgive and forget, but there must be a way to stop them, rehabilitate them (if that’s possible), or to at least keep them from harming another living being. I strongly agree that the parents must be held accountable for their minor children. These articles show actions by these kids that are simply beyond belief. Surely a well adjusted, healthy individual couldn’t do such things. Maybe we need to take some of the old “insane asylums” and refurbish them as ” residential youth camps” where these youngsters are re-socialized.
    The other thing that bothers me so much is the amount of money we are spending in Iraq and the severe needs of so many here in the USA.
    I fear for the future of our country, our world, our planet.

  23. Lynne says:

    I like John Carpenter’s idea in his movie Escape from New York. Set aside someplace and drop people like this in there. Let them live in the world they create and leave the rest of us to live in a sane and more compassionate world.

    Send them to Iraq?? We already have soldiers there who torment animals. I had blogged last year with a video of soldiers throwing rocks at a dog that had had its back end and legs run over. The dog limped off on his front two legs (one of which was obviously injured) to the laughter of the soldiers, one of whom said, “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”
    A check back on YouTube shows the video has been removed.

  24. NH says:

    Can you imagine giving birth to kids like this? I would be so ashamed and heart broken if I were these kids Mother. What a waste of inception.

  25. Trudy Jackson says:

    I have 5 Grandsons’ and they wouldn’t even think of doing something like this. We have taught them from a very early age how to treat animals. So, I say put them in prison and their parents too.

  26. 3FURS says:

    Teach the children well….The parents are the ones responsable for the children that they bring into this world. The law has to be changed to reflect this fact. The parents should be held responsable for the actions of their children. We will not have an ideal society until there is law and order. So we have to start from the people who create these criminals. Punish the parents, and you will see more of them take more care in how they raise their children. There HAS to be law in the land or society will crumble. It’s the law makers who are letting this insanity go on.

  27. Moonbeams says:

    I don’t like reading animal cruelty cases - so I won’t be back on itchmo or anyplace else that reports on these - details are too horrible and does no good - i can see an e-mail campaign but the details just simply are not for me. I didn’t read this article but so many cruelty cases lately are weighing on my heart.

    I’m not sure what good it does to report on anaimal abuse - there are websites dedicated to this - most of it is just simply beyond any means I posses to change what has happened or will happen. Human hearts can be pretty black at times - so why do I have to focus on the ugly?

  28. Lynne says:

    Some of us recognize that life is comprised of the wonderful and the heinous. We don’t change any of the wrongs by hiding or wearing rose colored glasses. To avoid Itchmo because it reports the bad with the good will only deprive you of the good stories here.
    Perhaps you should just lock yourself in your room and pull the shades. That is safe.

  29. CINDY WALSH says:


  30. Carol Johnson says:


    I am sure you mean well…but the truth is that the reason evil exists as that the good people will do nothing…and don’t want to hear about it.

    YES we can do something about it…and awareness is the first step.

  31. Liz F. says:

    I sat and cried over this horriable story.It really disturbed me.I cannot imagine what that poor little dog went through.I know that I am not the only one out there that is sick and tired of these sick people doing things like this.
    Torture and then behead those kids !!!!!!! If there is a HELL I hope that they suffer for eternity !!!! Maybe somebody in that corrections place will torture and cut their heads off !!!!

  32. ray says:

    I’d be happy to help fund these little snot nosed little b******* a one way ticket to Iraq.

  33. Lynn says:

    Like Ray, I’d be happy to pay their airfares to Iraq.

    Years ago I had read of yet another terrible pet abuse story - an animal killed by gang members. Which brought me to this idea: buy one of those US military hangers on a closed air base. Insulate it and hermetically seal it. Then drop in all the animal abusers and gang members and their peers; throw a bunch of guns and an unlimited supply of ammo down the hatch and let them fight it out among themselves.

  34. Lynn says:


    I’m sorry you only like to hear about the stories that make you smile. Carol Johnson is right, you know: if we don’t hear about the bad, how can we make it a better world for the critters we love? We can’t turn a deaf ear on something simply because it makes us feel uncomfortable or sorrowful. So please reconsider and redirect that negative energy into a positive action to help the animals.

  35. Moonbeams says:

    I don’t believe that I am not being helpful by not wanting to read torture stories etc.

    Locally, I send letters and ask for stiff punishment when something bizarre occurs and there are groups that help in this area - people tougher than I am.

    But to see these headlines everyday, stories that break my heart, just weighs so heavy that it makes no sense for me to put myself through it. We each have gifts and talents. For you strong souls - go fight the good fight, but me and my animal family will need to sow our helpful seeds other places. God bless.

  36. Sarah says:

    Wow, that is brutal. I am doing a report on animal abuse, and this is one of the worst stories I have heard.
    If you search some images on google, the photographs are SICKENING!
    I can’t believe people actually do that to animals!
    Put yourself in their “paws” =P and think of how YOU would feel…
    Would you want to be be-headed?
    Didn’t think so…

  37. shannon&katie says:

    this is shannon and katie , we are in school right now and we are learning about animal cruelty we have the laptops and we have been on alot of animal websites it has been very upsetting and we dont enjoy it. even though this is reality and vvery true we feel we dont want to do or see this being done. How any one could do or let be seen this they need to have the same done to them :( it hurts to know that this is happening. What a cruel world?/

  38. adilene says:

    they should be put away. what the hell where they thinking???..right im doing a report of dog abuse and so far i dont like wht they sre doing to thme :( .

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