Dog Dies Rescuing Family From Fire

Sebastian is definitely a special hero.

This six-year-old Rottweiler saved his family, Jennifer Morris and her three children, by barking and running around the house to wake up the family. 12-year-old Beavis, a beagle, was also howling outside.

Both of the dogs were alerting the family of a fire in the kitchen and living room inside the mobile home.

Morris and her three children woke up and jumped out the window. The family got out safely, but unfortunately Sebastian did not.

The dog was found dead on the floor next to Morris’ toddler son’s crib.

“I think he went back to get the baby,” Morris said. “I don’t think he realized I had him.”

She said Sebastian went outside of the house but then immediately turned right around and went back to the baby’s room. He would not come out of his room.

Morris added: “A firefighter told me, ‘That dog must have really loved your son because he died at his bedside.’ ”

Source: The Post-Standard

4 Responses to “Dog Dies Rescuing Family From Fire”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Another example of the goodness of dogs vs the ugliness of some humans. Sebastian is a true hero even though he doesn’t play football, make a million dollars, or have a band. Surely you were met with a heroe’s welcome when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Sebastian.

  2. NH says:

    RIP sweet dog.

  3. nora says:

    I would have snatched that dog up and carried that dog out bodily and not let him stay in the fire. What a terrible waste of a loving dogs life. I think that somehow this dogs death could have been avoided.

  4. Lis says:

    Nora, in the story as given, no one “let him stay in the fire.” The dog was out, and while the mother was managing her three human kids (one of them a toddler, and we have no idea whether either of the others was old enough to be left in charge of a toddler in those circumstances), plus the other dog, the dog went back in, not realizing that the toddler was already out. Humans die doing that, too.

    This was not a situation where the adult in charge could take a calm, cool survey of the situation. It was a completely frantic situation, the house burning and the family asleep when it started. This woman and her kids did not have the luxury you have, of passing judgment on the situation and their actions from the comfort of your living room.

    Sebastian is a hero. This family has lost their home and the dog that save their lives and loved the toddler enough to die for him. Try having some compassion.

    Oh, and–”snatched that dog up and carried that dog out bodily” ??? A six-year-old Rottweiler? I would not be able to lift that dog, much less carry it anywhere, even if it didn’t think it had a duty to be somewhere other than where I wanted to bring it. YMMV, of course.

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