Dog Dumping

RockyHow low can people go when they want to get rid of their pet? Pretty darn low. In Tennessee, a tiny chihuahua was found in a dumpster by an employee of a nearby inn. Animal control officers had to go through three feet of trash to get to this poor abandoned dog. The dog (pictured here) was clearly someone’s pet because he was in a carrier, wearing a t-shirt and had his toenails painted (sounds like Paris Hilton’s dog). The dog was truly determined to get out because he was trying to chew his way out of the trash. He was seen by a vet and is said to be a little dehydrated and malnourished but will be back to normal with lots of TLC. Due to his fighting spirit, he may be named Rocky. Well, little Rocky, may you have a speedy recovery and hopefully your previous owner gets “knocked out” for the trauma that you went through.

4 Responses to “Dog Dumping”

  1. elizabeth says:

    There is no proof it is the case, here, but things like this seem to occur all too frequently in “domestic disputes”; Innocent animals treated as pawns, with injury to a pet being used to frighten or punish the other person involved. God bless this little pup and the people who saved it.

  2. Kristin says:

    What is wrong with people today?!?!!?!?! whatever happened to giving the dog to a friend or putting it in a shelter? People like that make me sick. I have a chihuahua, and they are the most lovable little dogs on earth.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I was canoeing last year on the Broad River in North Georgia. Someone had dropped what appeared to be a 30 lb yellow lab off a bridge into the river. He was still in his crate up against a fallen tree on the bank. Not sure if he drowned or just starved to death. I can’t believe how inhumane people can be. Hope what goes around comes around to these people.

  4. Ann says:

    I am so happy that this case had a happy ending! What a sweet little dog. I’ll never get why some people do such cruel things to these sweet little dogs & cats. It just breaks my heart that many people do hurt these animals who show unconditional love and so much more. What they ever do to hurt anyone??? I have a chihuahua of my own, I can’t bear to ever lose him, Bless you all who saved him!!!

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