Dog Eats More Than $800 In Cash

Pepper AnnPepper Ann is one dog that loves money.

This eight-year-old Lab-German shorthair mix and her sibling, Zach were at Grandma’s house. Grandma had a friend over who had left her purse on the ground despite instructions of not leaving anything on the ground in Pepper Ann’s reach.

When the two women woke up, they discovered that this curious dog had eaten more than $800 in cash. Some of the money was spread around the house and some of it was spread was in the backyard. And some ended up in Pepper Ann’s stomach and came out after she took care of business.

Pepper Ann’s owner walked around the yard and the house collecting the remnants of the torn up money. She taped together the pieces that she found and was able to trade in her chewed up money for more than $700 worth of fresh bills at her local bank. She is holding onto one piece of a $100 bill in hopes that she will recover the other half.


“She’s always been naughty, and when she was little it was ‘you’re lucky you’re so cute, you’d be gone otherwise.’ But she’s just a cute little dog. She has personality, but she has issues also,” owner Debbie Hulleman said.

“She’s eaten lipstick, so lipstick gets all over the carpet, ball point pens all over the carpet, toothpaste, shampoo,” Hulleman recalled. “She’s done a lot, Kleenex, she’ll eat a whole box of Kleenex if she can get it.”

“She goes from room to room, looking to get into trouble.”

6 Responses to “Dog Eats More Than $800 In Cash”

  1. Lynne says:

    Who has $800 in cash?

  2. Ann H says:

    Gives new meaning to rich in fiber ROFL

  3. Captn' Carl says:

    $800.00 in Cash? Is grandma’s friend a drug dealer, or just suffering from senile dementia? Either way if she was warned and carelessly left it lying about anyway, she got what she deserved. Ditz!

  4. ~Carol says:

    More than two decades ago my husband had a business trip scheduled to Beijing. Normally he had to pay all travel expenses on his own credit card and then turn in an expense report ea month. Due to unusually high cost of this particular trip, the company cut a check for $3,000.00 advance. Husband left check on either a counter top or dresser expecting to take it to the bank to deposit the next morning on his way to work. LOL, but one of our Labs actually “shopped” on the counter and ate the check! Husband’s travel always seemed to bring out the mischief in her. I think she didn’t care to see him go. When he had to report the need for yet but another check, I’m certain it must’ve gone over worse than any “but the dog ate my homework” kind of statement.

  5. 2CatMOM says:

    Sounds like its time for a little money laundering

  6. petslave says:

    I still have a taped together $20 bill one of my dogs ate years ago. I was too embarrassed to take it in to the bank & tell them the story to get a new bill.

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