Dog Escapes From PetSmart While Being Groomed

Pet owners brought Athena, their six-year-old dog, to PetSmart to get groomed and now she is missing.

During the grooming appointment, Athena escaped from the main door of the Ventura, California store. PetSmart employees admitted that she was off leash while she was being groomed and said that was a mistake. PetSmart is currently searching for Athena.

8 Responses to “Dog Escapes From PetSmart While Being Groomed”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    I would be beside myself in panic and grief! WTH!

  2. kaefamily says:

    We had a horrific bloody mess of an experience with Petsmart/Banfield Animal hospital a few months ago. Their medical incompetency almost killed our dog!

  3. Katie says:

    PetSmart again! I would be so worried and scared and in a panic like you Nora.


  4. MaineMom says:

    Hope Athena is quickly found and returned to the Anayas. In the mean time - another nail in PetsMarts coffin.

  5. The Lioness says:

    I hope Athena finds her way home, safe and sound.

    I shop there, but I will never, ever, ever have any of my cats groomed there, I will never board there, and I will probably never use Banfield.

    Criminy! How many times does this kind of thing have to happen before they are ORDERED not to run a groomery any more?

    ~The Lioness

  6. Nancy VB says:

    Petsmart AGAIN!!! I used to go there for grooming but quit bringing my 3 dogs there as soon as a small grooming shop opened in my area. I was never comfortable leaving my dogs there and I would sit in the parking lot and watch while my pets were there.

  7. groom mgr says:

    I am a groom mgr at a PetSmart on the East coast. I have worked at the store for 2 years. I am having difficulty understanding how this dog escaped the grooming salon! We have a heavy glass door that opens into the salon. There is no way for a dog to push out. Also, there is a gate inside the dog has to get over before even reaching the door!

    PetSmart has the highest safety regulations in the industry. Doors must be shut at all times. Cage dryers have NO heat involved and automatically shut off after 15 minutes so you are forced to check on the dog before continuing to dry. NO dogs are allowed to be walked when left at the salon. Only PS approved shampoos and rinses are allowed, along with colognes and other groom aids. Eyes are rinsed out before and after the bath. Tables and cages are cleaned with a disinfectant between every dog or cat. Groomer tools are inspected every week.

    I am currently training a groomer to be and a new bather. The training is heavy in safety and the entire process is closely monitored by the groom mgr.

    I have to say that PS is so obsessed with every detail of safety and actually goes overboard. There are many times I could get things done quicker and more efficiently but the rules don’t allow it.

    I am the cat groomer in the salon too. I have been in cat rescue over 35 yrs and have no fear of cats. I love them to pieces! Seldom do I get a cat that I can’t groom but it does happen on occasion. My primary concern is the cat’s safety and stress levels. I will NEVER groom or finish a groom on a very stressed cat!

    The PS you go to is only as good as the managers, district managers and so forth. I encourage you to contact the corporate office if you see any safety issues being ignored.

    I am proud to work in my store. I am proud of the charity work that PS does. I love the fact that they will not sell pups and kittens and discourage breeding. They give precious retail space to have homeless cats on show for adoption.

  8. k9kiss says:

    Everyone wants to blame Petsmart but as a loyal Petsmart customer, I couldn’t be happier then with the services I receive here. I still do not know how a dog could escape being that the dog would have to make it through 2 to 4 different doors, but in that same thought these are animals and accidents can happen, especially when owners are not responsible and do not expose their animals to new situations and expeirences causeing their animals to freak out and act strangly, this incident is oviously pure accident and I don’t think anyone is totally to blame, please don’t discount Petsmart because of a few accidents, they do more good then harm, but you never hear about this in the news.

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