Dog Finds His Way Home After Two Years

Arnie, an 11-year-old Tibetan terrier, disappeared from the yard of his home almost two years ago. His owner believed that Arnie had been stolen for breeding purposes. She said that Arnie was playing out in the garden one minute and then was gone the next minute. The family went around the county trying to find Arnie and contacted animal shelters and dog wardens, but Arnie was nowhere to be found. During their search, the family found a stray dog named Lucky and rescued him from death’s door.

While the family was on vacation, a neighbor had noticed a dog that looked like Arnie hanging outside the house. Family members confirmed that the dog was Arnie. He had lost a lot of weight but should recover. Arnie met Lucky and the two are getting along well and are both trying to prove that they are the alpha dog of the house. Home sweet home.

One Response to “Dog Finds His Way Home After Two Years”

  1. Captn' Carl says:

    This story had a happy ending. Most do not.

    Pets are members of your family just like your children. They need to be watched just like your children. Neither just mysteriously “disappear”.

    Would you allow your child out in the backyard, unsupervised for an extended period of time? Why not? Why would anyone treat a pet any differently?

    With crime on the rise in this country, there is no deterrent to crime.

    Strong language and verbal censuring, probation, parole and plea-bargaining have destroyed what used to be a functioning legal system.

    There is no recourse. Take no chances with the safety and security of your pets.

    Guard and treasure them as you would your own child. Like children, they also look to you for food, safety and protection from harm.

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