Dog Finds New Home After Surviving River Accident


Last week, we posted up a story about a golden retriever mix that was believed to have drowned but was then later found alive. The dog jumped off the pier when his owners were fishing. A security officer called 911 to report that a dog had fallen in the water. Shortly after, another 911 call was made to cancel the emergency because he said that the dog appeared to have drowned.

30 hours later, someone found the dog stuck in a culvert along the river. Authorities came and were able to rescue the dog.

The dog suffered a dislocated hip, but otherwise he was doing well. His hip was popped into place the next day. The SPCA tried to find his owners, but they were not able to locate them.

In an update to the dog’s story, numerous calls were made to the shelter inquiring about the dog. Now, after the 10 day mandatory waiting period, this golden retriever mix has found a new home. One local woman was first on the waiting list to adopt the dog. Both the woman and the dog were extremely happy to have found each other.

Source: Daily Press

2 Responses to “Dog Finds New Home After Surviving River Accident”

  1. k says:

    It’s good to read that this lovely dog has a new home. You have to wonder, though, about his/her original owners, and why they didn’t come forward to reclaim their pet …

  2. kristy says:

    that is exactly what I was thinking, if my husky-corgi mix or anyones dog was in the water, I would dive in and do all I could, not just say, don’t bother responding he’s already dead, very suspicious

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