Dog Found With Pound Of Grass In Stomach

Does your dog have a tendency to chomp on grass occasionally? Or does your dog think that he is a cow because he is addicted to eating grass?

Pie was a grass chomping fiend. This Rottweiler-Alsatian mix was found as a stray dog last month. When he was brought in, this dog was not a small slice of pie. (sorry, cheesy joke). He weighed a massive 209 pounds.

His new owner, Annabelle Pottle, put Pie on a special food diet to get him down to his ideal weight. But, soon Pie began to eat less and less and finally, he stopped eating completely. His owner became worried and took him to the vet. Pie’s owner discovered the real problem - he had a pound of grass in his stomach.

“I was getting worried because he was not eating his special diet food. He usually loves his food and he was just turning his nose up at it. I could not believe it when the vet told me it was grass bunging him up. He must have thought he was a cow rather than a dog to eat so much of the stuff,” Pottle said.

The veterinarian performed a life-saving operation to remove the grass from his stomach. Pie is recovering well from the $1,600 surgery, but he is left with a long scar from the operation.

Pie’s owner, who runs a dog rescue operation in the UK, took in Pie after he was found with his stomach dragging on the ground. She said that he should only weigh about 70 pounds.

Pie’s veterinarian said when dogs eat a large amount of grass, it expands in their stomach and they can’t digest it. She said it was probably very painful for Pie, but he is now doing well and recovering.


5 Responses to “Dog Found With Pound Of Grass In Stomach”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I must admit, when I read this headline, I was expecting the story to be about drug smuggling. I’m glad I was wrong and that Pie is recovering. I wonder if there’s some underlying problem that would cause him to eat that much grass.

  2. Debra says:

    Oops, didn’t mean to be anonymous.

  3. Thel Josenhans says:

    The problem ………… pie is eating grass because……….
    the pet food you are feeding Him ……….is most likely poison ,
    a lot of times, they eat grass , to throw up.
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  4. Thel Josenhans says:

    made a mistake on spelling , OTHER ” BRANDS “, have corn , soy ,rice fillers.

  5. Richard Green says:

    after my dog eats her food, a lot of times she will go out side and start eating grass. she wont eat a lot but I don’t understand why she is eating grass after she as just eating her dog food or sometimes the same foods that we eat. should I stop feeding her human foods and just keep her on her regler dog food which is biniciful healthey diet. I don’t want her getting sick from the human foods that I give her such as chicken or stakes or other human foods Please contact me at about my dogs grass eating habits. Think You Sincerely Richard Green

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