Dog Hair Considered To Be Litter In The UK

Who knew that brushing the hair off of your dog in public would cause you to be fined?

A pet owner in the UK has been banned from brushing his dog in public because pet hair is considered to be litter.

Denis Basford, a dog owner, was brushing his collie Poppy inside of his car. A trash patrolman came up to him and said that he could face a $140 fine for littering.

He said that some of Poppy’s hair was coming out of the window and landing on the ground outside. The patrolman said that since the dog hair was being discarded on public ground, it was littering and he could face a fine.

Basford said this ban is ridiculous and was completely shocked when the patrolman came up to him. He said that he was told to stop or he would receive a fine.

Basford also pointed out that there were empty pizza boxes and cans next to a full garbage can to the patrolman. But he told Basford he couldn’t do anything with that. Basford added: “Tufts of dog hair left lying on the ground make good material for birds to line their nests.”

The council said the officer was correct in telling Basford that he could receive a fine for littering and to be more conscientious about what he was doing.

Source: The People

2 Responses to “Dog Hair Considered To Be Litter In The UK”

  1. 2CatMom says:

    Good to see that UK law enforcement has its priorities straight. Why worry about terrorists blowing up buses or tube stations when you’ve got dog hair litter to worry about.

  2. furmom says:

    Yikes, my Golden around about June would be littering just walking down the street then. The hair drops off him even if he’s been brushed that day. On the other hand some people stopped to totally brush out their long haired dog at the dog park, and didn’t make any effort to clean it up. Really bad form. Isn’t there some reasonable middle ground, what’s wrong with common sense?

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