Dog Helps Save Two Cats From Drainage Pipe

KittensWho ever said that dogs and cats don’t get along?

A dalmatian named Bomber helped rescue two kittens stuck in a drainage pipe. He is the reason that they are safe and sound.

Residents in a Texas neighborhood heard incessant meowing, but they couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from.

Bomber was out for a walk with his owner. He kept on sniffing a four-inch drainage pipe which caused his owner, Tim Huler, to know that something was going on inside the drainage pipe.

Huler looked inside the pipe with a flashlight and saw a lodged bottle. The bottle kept on moving and he saw a cat inside. He called authorities, and rescuers rushed to the scene. They tried all types of things to remove all the trash that had piled on top of the kittens inside the pipe.

After six hours, the kittens were eventually brought to safety. Despite being wet, they were fine. They both are in good health and were checked out by a veterinarian.

One cat has been named Brook because it was found at the Greenbrook Apartments and the second was named Piper, well, for being in a pipe.

Good job Bomber! Cats around the world will know you as the cat-saving dog.

Source: My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth

3 Responses to “Dog Helps Save Two Cats From Drainage Pipe”

  1. Julie says:

    Great job Bomber! I am so glad the kittens are OK! And Brook and Piper sound like very appropriate names. I hope that they are in good homes.

  2. mittens says:

    our dogs were always devoted to our cats no matter how many times they may have gotten smacked in the gob with a paw full of claws.

    and the rescue dogs like the ones used in 911( who all ended up giving their lives )-real heros. humans tend to continually disappoint me. it’s the animals that constantly amaze me and give me hope.

  3. Tealcsmommy says:

    Well said, Mittens!

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