Dog Left At Day Care Dies In Hot Van


A Florida couple left Pauly, their five-year-old Boston terrier, at a doggy day care facility in Melbourne, Florida. They were going to a wedding in Pennsylvania and trusted the day care to take care of their beloved dog. But sadly, Pauly died during his time at the boarding facility.

Four days into their trip, an employee at the Woof Play Care Center called Pauly’s owners. She told them that their dog had died when he was left in a hot day care van.

Pauly’s owners asked what happened and the day care employee said: “my girls left them in the van.” The owners said they couldn’t speak to her at that moment because they were so distraught and did not even want to think about their dog dying in the back of a hot van.

Woof Play Care Center released a statement about the horrible situation: “It’s tragic, our hearts go out to them. We’re grieving over this too, and we’ll never forget it.”

The day care has been in business for three years and has handled many dogs, including dogs from Hurricane Katrina.


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20 Responses to “Dog Left At Day Care Dies In Hot Van”

  1. nora says:

    This is so disgusting and unacceptable that it is beyond belief. Whomever was responsible for this at that Doggie Day Care should not only be fired but prosecuted severely. I hope to God that they are not resposible for other pets now in danger of more of their death inducing neglect and carelessness. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING.

  2. Robert Davis says:

    I had trusted my shepherds years ago with a roomate while I was out of town on emergency….strangly I could never get him on the phone so I rushed back home (over 12 hour drive)….for almost 3 days they had been locked in their dog cages (kennels)….it was filled with feces and urine….their legs were just shaking when I walked in the house - they looked so relieved to see me….I was so pissed off….I had him evicted….I was ignorant of animal cruetly laws and should have called the police….but since they were out of the cages there was no way for me to “know for sure” how long they had been in there…well the inch of pee and poop was an indicator. I had to wait 30 days though to get him out - its the law in Gwinnett County, GA…..but the Sheriff came out and helped me drag his stuff out onto the street (garbage day of course!).
    I have never been able to trust anyone with my babes…..until my new cotton and louis had to stay with cotton’s trainer…and that was in a training facility…..and the people there were good to them. It took all my might just to drop them off…I was so nervous! But they were treated well.
    I’m so sad to hear about this….that person should be locked up - animal neglect. Just like the K-9 officers leaving their dogs in the patrol cars. I know people forget but that is no excuse when lives are in the balance.

  3. Bridgett says:

    It is called a head count people! Certain number of dogs go in the van, the same number should come out. It really isn’t that hard.

    I hope the owners of the dog go after the doggie day care place. They need to pay.

  4. Trudy Jackson says:

    This is so horrible. That’s why we don’t go anywhere. the poor little dog and the people who loved him. what a sad thing. I would go after them full steam ahead.

  5. Soho says:

    Poor Pauly and his owners! I cannot believe that the day care was SO NEGLECTFUL. This is why we only trust responsible, dog-owning family and friends to look after our little guy!

  6. Carol Johnson says:

    Prosecute these idiots…I hope they close their doors as they should not be trusted with a pet rock.

  7. Ruth says:

    Thats so sad to read. But also so sad too is that day care centers have also left children in the vans due to an over site. Don’t know what these people were thinking. Like Bridgett said”head count”. Is that so hard?

    My sympathy to the pet owners.

  8. Tanya says:

    good god people, have you ever heard of waiting till all the information is in, before condemning?

    Accidents do happen. even by people who are loving, trustworthy, etc.

    If you never leave your pet with anyone, i feel sorry for you being unable to every go anywhere.

    This is an extremely sad tragedy, but talk about overreaction on this board.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is an extremely sad tragedy, but talk about overreaction on this board.”

    Exactly what do you call overreaction….a beloved dog was left in the care of people (that were being paid for their services). Pauly died while in the care of Woof Play Care Center, from being forgotten in a hot van. How on earth can you call the comments overreacting??

  10. Bridgett says:

    I suppose leaving a letting a child die in a hot car is just an accident too. Same thing.

  11. Sharon says:

    What a tragedy, but have one question - if the dog was dropped off at the day care facility by its owners, why did the center put him in a van? Where were they taking him??

  12. Storm says:

    This just infuriates me!! WTF were they thinking!!
    No amount of legal action will bring this poor baby back…

    But they need to pay the price for neglect.. that is for sure!

  13. Lynn says:

    I’m sorry for piling on more misery upon the parents of this dog by making this comment, but it needs to be said:

    Accidents DO happen, but it’s up to YOU to THOROUGHLY CHECK OUT any facility you board your pet at. Have a detailed list of questions and do not leave until you get every question answered. Check the BBB. Inquire about their personnel, their backgrounds, experience, etc. In short, go in there ahead of time and act like the FBI.

    Can’t decide if it’s a good place to leave your pet at? Remember this: When in doubt, DON’T!

    While I do not advocate pets flying in aircraft, I certainly am all for taking them with you in the car. Soooo many hotels will gladly welcome your pet as a guest. Just check with the hotel beforehand.

    And what was he doing in the van???

  14. BobG says:

    It is unfortunate, but the vast majority of hotels and bed & breakfasts in this country still do not accept pets, particularly in resort locations … and many of those that do have unreasonably high fees, especially for retirees. Pet owners need to unite to stop this blatant discrimation against us!

  15. Wendy says:

    I heard about a guy who ate his girlfriends dog to be spiteful after she wouldnt sleep with him

  16. Anonymous says:

    THis is terrible would you leave your kids in a car no i don’t think so a dog is just like a child and it wasnt the girls’s place to watch the dog

  17. Stephanie Nicole says:

    Why was the dog in a van to begin with? There is no excuse for this. The person/people responsible should be fired. Was the dog going to the owner’s home for a sleepover? Don’t you count the dogs? Check the van carefully. What a horrible end this poor Boston must have suffered. While I have seen this pet daycare facility and everyone is very nice. I feel the owners should be given a settlement (though nothing could bring back their baby) at least three times the cost of another Boston. Nothing will bring the baby back, but this would include some pain and suffering. What is being done to see this never happens again?

  18. Stephanie Nicole says:

    This is just horrible. How could anyone be overreacting. They basically killed these people’s baby. It’s not an accident like something turned over, a dog fight, the dog developed an allergic reaction. Leaving the dog in a van? My guess is the dog was being taken to the owner’s home for a “sleep over.’ Do you make sure the van is empty? There is no excuse for this. I think the facility owner should pay the owners of the Boston terrier, who must have had such an awful end, at least 3 times the cost of another Boston. This won’t bring their baby back, but is some restitution. They also owe it to the Boston’s parents to show them what they are doing so that this never happens again. The people responsible should have been immediately fired, with a negative reference for another job with similar responsibilities.

  19. Julie Marshall says:

    I would like to tell the owners of the dog that my heart breaks for you. To have lost your baby like that when you thought you where giving him the best
    I am glad I came across this because I was looking for a place to take my 2 pups to play not sure if I want to take the chance.

    I will say a special prayer for you.

    Mrs. Marshall

  20. Katiedoodie says:

    I have taken my dog to this facility one time. They take the dogs home with the empolyees at night so they don’t have to be put in crates. They mean well, but a head count should have been taken. Sorry for your loss!

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