Dog Needs Viagara Donations To Stay Alive


Have extra Viagra pills lying around the house? If you do, then Ingrid, a 4-year-old pit bull, needs them.

Ingrid was rescued in April by a Long Island animal shelter after being near death from heartworms. A vet suggested giving Viagra to Ingrid to keep her blood vessels open.

“We were really worried she wouldn’t make it,” Stein said during a phone interview with “There was such a turnaround after or week or so of the Viagra; she just became a new dog. She perked up and was lively, just like any other dog.”

More on Ingrid and how Viagra has saved her life after the jump.


Now, the shelter is seeking Viagra donations from local residents to help keep Ingrid alive. The shelter cannot afford to pay $10 for each Viagra pill that Ingrid needs on a daily basis.

“If 200 people could send us just one pill, that would be good for seven months,” Stein [a spokesperson for the shelter] said.

Stein said that when Ingrid is adopted, the shelter will provide a lifetime supply of Viagra to the owner.

The shelter is also accepting cash donations to purchase the little blue pills.

“Ingrid is a sweetheart of a dog that anyone would be proud or happy to own,” Stein said.

5 Responses to “Dog Needs Viagara Donations To Stay Alive”

  1. dog collar addict says:

    didn’t know that viagara would be good for that!

  2. furball mom says:

    Does this mean that Ingrid still has heartworms living in her heart/arteries?? Won’t they continue to increase in number? Is she contagious to other dogs because of the heartworm? I am not knowledgable on the subject…can someone enlighten me?

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    No more heartworms, but her heart is damaged because of them. The first link above,, explains more.

  4. furball mom says:

    Thanks, PBL! :)

  5. Heartworm Prevention For Dogs | Itchmo says:

    […] 60% of dogs are protected from mosquito transmitted heartworm disease which means the other 40% is susceptible to heartworm. And this is unacceptable to Dr. Thomas Nelson, president of the American Heartworm […]

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