Dog Owner Looking For Answers Of Why Dog Died On Plane

CalebCharity Young wants to know why her dog, Caleb, died on a plane from Atlanta to Buffalo.

This English Bulldog died on a Delta airlines flight when he was in the cargo area. Young said that no one at Delta knows how exactly Caleb died. She stated, “We feel like this is just another lost bag to them.”

Initially, the cargo handler told Young that Caleb was fine, but an hour later, she was notified that he had died. She said, “How do you not notice a dog that’s in that condition. There was blood and vomit in his crate. There was blood dripping from his mouth.”

A spokeswoman for Delta Airlines said they are looking into Caleb’s death. Young said that it took the airline ten days to get back to her after numerous phone calls.

An autopsy showed Caleb suffered from an unknown heart condition. Young said that her vet told it is something dogs can manage, and Caleb had flown previously before in the passenger area without any problems.

Source: WKBW

14 Responses to “Dog Owner Looking For Answers Of Why Dog Died On Plane”

  1. Michelle says:

    That is so sad. I cant believe Delta Airlines for taking so long to get back to the dog’s owner. I hope Young can recover from her dog’s death peacefully.

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    This sounds like the dog was kicked or his crate slammed so violently that he had internal injuries that resulted in death. Much too similiar to the previously reported on Itchmo Air Flight Dog death where the poor little creature died of a neck injury.

  3. NH says:

    I would drive a million miles before I flew any of my pets.

  4. Nora and Rufus says:

    NH, I completely agree with you

  5. Andrea Dickson says:

    I had to fly my dogs back from China. Fortunately, it was on Japan Airlines, and they were insanely careful with my boys. They loaded them in a special section of the cargo hold and notified me by coming on board and bowing to me while I was sitting in my seat, telling me that they were warm and comfy.

    I’m ASSUMING they were telling the truth.

    It was a long flight (9 hours). The dogs did really well, but got carsick on the trip from the plane to the luggage pick-up area. My poor Peke barfed immediately after getting out of the crate. Thank goodness he waited until after inspection. When he yaks, he foams at the mouth first. :)

  6. CINDY says:

    This is a very tragic story, and no one will probably ever know what really happened. She needs to not feel guilty, and accept what has happened and try to move on. Just remember the good times she spent with her dog, and not think about the bad stuff. If not it can consume you. Sometimes things happen that you can’t explain. Very Sad.

  7. The Lioness says:

    My only question is why was he in the cargo hold this time? It said he had flown in the passenger cabin in the past.

    If I had a dog with a heart condition and I could get permission to take him/her in the passenger cabin with me, that’s what I would do.

    Not to minimize the hurt she’s going through. I feel for her. Airlines are so careless!

    ~The Lioness

  8. Lynn says:

    The article doesn’t say what time of the year it happened. Have you ever been on a tarmac? It’s extremely hot in the summer and horribly cold in the winter, depending upon the city.

    No amount of money would be enough to get to let my dogs go in the cargo hold. None.

    And dogs with heart conditions should never fly. True, the cabins and cargo holds are pressurized, but places with high elevations are another issue. Also, while cargo holds are pressurized, they are not heated or cooled to comfortable temperatures.

    I wouldn’t believe a word about a pet being warm and comfty. You fell for that? How would YOU feel in a dark prison with strange smells, with your human nowhere to be found, and you’re locked up in a cage? And on top of that the temperature is far from ideal.

    Either drive, get a pet sitter, or stay home.

    That said, that’s pretty ruthless of Delta to not deal with the matter promptly.

    And here’s a hint: when things like this go wrong, make calls directly to the Chairman of the Board.

  9. Lynn says:

    Here’s info on the Chairman of the Board, President, etc., of Delta.

  10. mimio says:

    This story is very suspicious. No heart problem will cause blood to drip from the mouth. I agree with Nora and Rufus. Caleb was either kicked very hard causing internal injuries, or his crate wasn’t securely tied by the Delta personnel causing the crate to slam hard against something rock solid. I would pursue this case if I were Caleb’s mom.

  11. Sharon says:

    Sue Delta. They obviously lied and are trying to cover their asses. Why did she let the animal fly in the cargo section instead of the passenger section, too cheap to buy a ticket?

  12. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Sharon - Maybe Delta wouldn’t let the dog in the passenger cabin this trip.

  13. Akru says:

    I have a rottweiler and they dont let me fly her in the cabin, plus i have to pay about $400 extra, it has nothing to do with being cheap, you CANT FLY A DOG MORE THAN 6 K?LOS(12 pounds) IN THE CABIN.

    The dog is dead, nothing will bring him back, oh god i hope the people responsible for this poor baby’s death die slow painful deaths.

  14. Jenny says:

    Pug nosed breeds should never fly in the cargo hold of a plane. The way there noses are can inhibit their breathing.

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