Dog Owner Looks To Verizon To Help With Kidnapped Dog, Company Delays Info

DogBill Whiting and Edna, his Beagle mix, were inseparable. The pair went to hospitals to cheer up ill patients, and the two were always seen together.

Whiting adopted Edna ten years ago, and they two were the best of friends ever since. They both loved each other, and everyday, Whiting enjoyed hearing the jingling of Edna’s collar tags as she walked.

This all changed on Halloween night. She disappeared when Whiting was visiting a friend. The dog accidentally slipped out when trick-or-treaters rung the doorbell.

Whiting looked everywhere for his missing dog, and the next morning he put up fliers offering a $500 reward for Edna’s return.

Finally, after ten days, Whiting received a call. Two young males were on the phone. One said he was 16 and the other said he was 9. The boys wanted Whiting to pay $600 for the return of Edna.

The boys told Whiting that he was to bring cash to a location at midnight. Whiting agreed to pay the boys, but did not want to meet them at midnight and wanted to meet them in the morning.

He said the boys threatened to kill the dog and repeated, “You don’t believe me, Mister, let me hurt it so you can hear.”

Whiting heard Edna screaming in pain and his heart dropped knowing that these two boys had his dog and wanted to hurt her.

He begged the boys to not hurt Edna and offered them more money if they would not harm her until he could meet them in the morning. Then the boys hung up.

Whiting called the police and authorities took the complaint and entered it as extortion.

At 3 am, Whiting received a second call from the boys. They said, “I’ve killed your dog, it’s dead.”

Whiting tried to then find the phone number that the boys called from. He called Verizon, his service provider, to release his phone records to the police, but Whiting did not receive any help. He said he kept on getting passed around to various people with no answers.

A detective on the case got a search warrant and faxed it to Verizon on November 16. It took 12 days for the company to send over a list of calls made to Whiting. Verizon also charged the police $150 for the search.

A Verizon spokeman said, “the company charges no fee or a nominal one,” but in a “very small percentage of cases, Verizon will charge reimbursement fees for gathering information it does not routinely maintain.”

The detective said that now he must get another search warrant to connect the phone numbers he has to subscribers. He is unsure of how long it will take or what the charges may be.

Meanwhile, Whiting is heartbroken that his beloved dog was needlessly killed. He will never forget his loving Edna.

But what he wants is phone companies to act faster and to provide free assistance to authorities as a “as a public service. It’s not like they have a narrow profit margin.”

Source: Philadelphia Daily News

(Thanks Mary)

35 Responses to “Dog Owner Looks To Verizon To Help With Kidnapped Dog, Company Delays Info”

  1. Donna says:

    I will plan on canceling my verizon service in protest. VERIZON WHAT AWFUL THING YOU DID ! You could haved helped this man and dog ! Your “put off, not important attitude” cost this man his best friend. I do not want to pay a heartless company.I wiil be changing services. May Christmas bring verizon a plummet in sales. Verizon,……………you disgust me.

  2. Donna says:

    I will plan on canceling my verizon service in protest. VERIZON WHAT AWFUL THING YOU DID ! You could haved helped this man and dog ! Your “put off, not important attitude” cost this man his best friend. I do not want to pay a heartless company.I will be changing services. May Christmas bring verizon a plummet in sales. Verizon,……………you disgust me.

  3. Donna says:

    Sorry for the double post.Attempted to clear it .But failed.

  4. Debby says:

    This is horrible. I’m cancelling my Verizon account. RIP Edna :( I hope these kids (thugs) are eventually caught, but nothing will probably be done to them. This is sad.

  5. Tanya says:

    I am flabergasted anyone could kill *anything* in cold blood, to get money.

    I suspect the cops are on this, “hard core”, cause 16 year olds doing this is not prank, is not “youthful joke”, but is a sign of true issues.

    Next it will be someone’s child. Get people like this off the street.

  6. Nikki says:

    I’m disgusted with Verizon. Will never use their service. Are they this indifferent to all police requests? If it had been a human that had been kidnapped and whose life depended on expediency, would Verizon have acted faster? This is so unacceptable words cannot begin to express my disgust with Verizon.

    I hope these boys are caught, and soon, before they destroy another family and inflict torture on another living creature. And I hope the authorities lock them up and throw away the key. They have forged their own destinies and deserve every ounce of punishment the law books will allow. So far they’ve gotten away with the kidnapping, extortion and murder of an innocent dog. Next time it will be a child, if they are not caught and caught fast. Thanks, Verizon, for your utter lack of compassion and sense of corporate decency. Any blood these two young criminals spill in the future will be entirely on Verizon’s worthless hands.

  7. NH says:

    Verizon only cares about one thing - the almighty dollar.

    For shame Verizon! For shame!

  8. Michelle says:

    I am incredibly disgusted with Verizon. I have never used their service, and after reading this article, never plan to. These boys need to be caught and go to jail. How anyone could be so cruel and heartless, especially to an innocent dog, at 9 and 16 years old, is beyond me. These boys will most likely not get into any trouble, which really saddens me. Horrible job Verizon.

  9. Nora and Rufus says:

    Those kids are sickening devils and not fit for life. They should be euthanized with a heartshot and thrown in a freezer, dead or not. And I am sure that NO ONE would pay a penny to get them back.

  10. Tanya says:

    By the way, if you read other reports, there is a line that the author of said article contacted other cops from other parts of the city who deal with HUMAN KIDNAPPING, and yes, verision treats HUMAN CASES just the same. out of teh “kindness” of thier heart, they don’t charge for the service, though.

    Guess they only charge when a dog is involved.

    Coporations really need to come to grips with the fact that they are there BECAUSE of us and SERVE us, not the other way around.

  11. toni says:

    It wouldn’t matter WHAT time of day it was for me. I would show up for my baby with money in hand. It should have been kidnapping. Verizon is crap

  12. mittens says:

    i was looking for a reason to drop those bastards. i was going to go internet phone but worried about the complications for 911( they cant pinpoint your location immediately unlike with a standard land line)- but clearly verizon isnt even willing to help the police in a timely manner so odds are i’d be dead before they’d deign to track my 911 call anyway….

    what the hell are we coming to when children are involved in extortion and murder a la the sopranos? where are their useless parents?

  13. Amanda says:

    Toni, the kids probably had no plan on giving the man his dog back. Anyone wanting to meet at Midnight and probably in an isolated area are wanting to rob you of your money and anything else you might have(car) and don’t want to do their side of the deal.

    The owner was right to want to meet them in the morning instead. If they could harm a dog and even kill it, their plan was probably to rob and murder this man when he showed up with the money.

    I feel for Edna and I hope they catch these kids ASAP!

  14. Dee says:

    I have to agree with Amanda. Had the man met those boys at midnight in a remote area, he likely still wouldn’t have gotten Edna back—they’d probably BOTH be dead. What he should have done was call the police RIGHT THEN to report it, and they might have sent out an officer in Bill’s car, or had Bill go out there but been hiding until the boys showed so they could catch them.

    Don’t understand the extreme hate against Verizon, though. They couldn’t have prevented Edna’s death, since she was *already dead* before their records were even requested the first time. I’m not defending them, just being realistic. Yes, they absolutely could/should have responded sooner—but somehow I bet the police weren’t exactly prompt about the situation, either.

    Like it or not, the law considers dogs to be property, so such a case would be treated no different than a property crime. :-(
    (which is considered low priority.)

    My heartfelt sympathies to Bill. This should (hopefully) serve as a reminder to others to keep pets properly contained when visiting different environments…so that such a horrific tragedy doesn’t occur to someone else’s beloved pal. I hope those boys get what’s coming to them.

  15. Dee says:

    Upon second reading, apparently Bill DID call the police right away…and they entered it as extortion.

    So, it was THEIR lack of action, not Verizon’s, that caused Edna’s death. That probably goes back to the property crime thing, however.

  16. Dee says:

    Another thought….

    Is Bill the only person on the planet who doesn’t have caller ID these days??? At the very least, he could have done *69 to get their number right then….unless they thought to block it (doubtful they were that smart), in which case neither of the above suggestions would have worked. I’ve used *69 many times when getting crank calls at a place of business that doesn’t have caller ID. You should hear the caught-off-guard-terror in their voices when I call them back!!!!

  17. Sylvia says:

    I would have gone - however, Verizon should be held liable and boycotted, they ae despicable. Hope they ae at least held civilly liable - they should be legally rquiried to release ANY information for FREE involving ANY crime. The conmpany should bve ashamed.

  18. Dee says:

    Sylvia, what would you hold them liable for?

  19. kathy says:

    Dee, there are many people who do not have caller ID. Some of us are even considering letting the phone go in order to pay for the gas we have to have to go to work.

    We all need to not be so judgemental. We live in a horrible time in a horrible world, and most of us do the very best we can.

  20. suzeq says:

    I CAN’T get Verizon where I live,and now am doubly glad I don’t!! I’m hoping that they DIDN’T kill the dog,and just said it to get the money…

  21. nancy says:

    I don’t think Verizon is reading this, people!! We need to complain directly to them……..the creeps! Poor Bill should have done it the way we do things in Chicago……..find someone who works for Verizon and get them to pull the records…….going “thru channels” never seems to get things done in a timely manner.
    These 2 kids need to get caught, get their balls busted and the parents, too! Face it, most people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!

  22. Dee says:

    Kathy, I was not being judgmental. This gentleman could clearly afford caller ID. But even if not, we ALL have access to *69, which gives you a recording of the most recent phone number that dialed into your phone….and it gives it to you right then and there.

    I wish you blessings for your life. Hope things get easier soon. It’s not that horrible a time, and it’s not that horrible a world. Look for the good in this crazy mixed up world of ours, and you WILL find it. :-) Aside from cretins like these two boys, it is out there.

    As to Verizon not reading this, I don’t think people *here* are reading the ARTICLE. How exactly is Verizon at fault for what happened to Edna? (Read the source link for the entire article, which gives more detailed information.) Looks like the police dropped the ball on this one, NOT Verizon.

  23. catmom5 says:

    My biggest concern at this point is that these boys be identified because this likely won’t be the end of their violence and brutality. As someone already said, this wasn’t just a youthful “prank” ~ it was premeditated murder!

    I’m sorry that poor Edna and her owner had to suffer so at the hands of these boys. She sounds like a wonderful dogger.

  24. The Lioness says:

    Dee, the vitriol is aimed at BIG CORPORATIONS, who have lost sight of PEOPLE and care only about DOLLARS. It is my belief–and probably the belief of many others–that when the police approach an entity, be it an individual person or a company–that one must cooperate immediately. When individuals do what Verizon did, it is called OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Why should corporations be treated differently from the rest of us.

    If it wasn’t for my boyfriend (we need to have DSL, because of the work he does, and Verizon, unfortunately, was the only service we could get. Hello, monopoly!) I would cancel all Verizon services to my home.

    I agree these boys need to be caughte an punished AND put under psychiatric care. They are clearly very sick, and I’m guessing they learned it from their parents. *eye roll*

    ~The Lioness

  25. The Lioness says:

    I wish Mr. Whiting peace. I’m so sorry he lost his dear, dear doggie, Edna. She’s so cute, too, from that picture!

    ~The Lioness

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to hear the follow up to this story. Edna the dog mysteriously slipped out when the doorbell rang supposedly from trick or treators. What is the logic there? If thats true - he doesn’t really care whether or not his dog is safe when he wasn’t home.
    How does he know that the kids actually harmed HIS dog? How did he ‘know’ that his dog was now dead?
    And instead of blaming the kids who did this demonic act, the headline reads that Verizon is to blame for the delay. Incredible.
    There are so many holes in this story!
    I’m in forensics.. so this bothers me.

    But if this story is 100% true, then I feel for the man. This is a horrible way to lose a member of the family.

  27. Barbara says:

    Sorry, but I don’t buy the story. My dog is the dearest thing to me and I would stop at nothing to get her back. At one time, I was in police work and saw many stories. First, the boys were probably acting in someone’s behalf and secondly, why didn’t he hire an undercover police or hit man to meet them at midnight. He did not know the boys nor did the boys know him. They could have had hidden undercover all around the meeting place. I’m sorry Verizon responded this way in your behalf but I feel the incident could have been handled so differently and you would probably have your dog back.

  28. MaryP says:

    Don’t give up until you are sure that Edna was killed. Don’t give up finding these 2 kids either. The police should be interested in continuing to locate them as well. I am so sorry for the agony caused to you and to Edna. Please don’t give up until you have Edna back - one way or the other. Just in case she is still with them, or in case they have turned her out on her own in PA. Make sure to involve rescue in PA, just in case she was fortunate enough to have been picked up by one of them.

  29. stephanie says:

    Please sign the petition to help Bill and Edna

    Nearly 400 people have signed since the petition started on Dec 2!

  30. Jenny Bark says:

    Stephanie, thanks for the link.

    People please sign, the next time it could be one of us. I just signed & there is only 402 so far.

  31. Tara says:

    Now that an arrest has been made in this case, does anyone know of any animal welfare groups who will become involved from a legal standpoint? Is there a way to lobby for an Edna’s Law? There are too many people out there who will say,”She’s just a dog.” It’s time for real legal protection for our companion animals.

  32. Darlene says:

    This is a response to Dee about the issue of not having caller ID or *69 on a land line. I don’t have it on my land line and I don’t want it my land line. I’m a psychiatrist in private practice in Charleston SC & I use a landline/fax line to make outgoing calls to some of my patients & 9 times out of 10 they try to call me back on that line & then complain that no one answered & it went to a fax line. I am ALWAYS clear that about what my business phone number is (it’s a cell phone & I’m HAPPY to say it’s not Verizon). Who knows - would another cell phone carrier have acted better than Verizon??? But the fact of the matter is that Verizon sucked in this instance & I also will never use nor will I recommend them to anyone. My last comment is that I am regular supporter to the Animal Legal Defense Fund which works actively to improve laws protecting animals across the country.

  33. Wes says:

    I feel terrible about this terrible act by these two boys. They truly need help. I am a dog owner and can not fathom hearing my buddy get hurt on the telephone. Now a little something about Verizon.
    In the month of June 2007, a young lady by the name of Kelsey Smith was abducted and murdered. Kelsey’s mother pleaded with Verizon to give the authorities the triangulation of cell pings to help in locating Kelsey. They refused on the basis that the cell phone was Kelsey’s. Although the phone was actually in her mothers name. Verizon’s response to Mrs. Smith was that she should have paid an additional ten dollars a month, and only then would Verizon release a location of Kelsey’s phone. Upon notification to the police that Verizon would not assist Kelsey’s parents, they to were refused. After 3 and a half days missing, Kelsey’s body was recovered at a park. An F.B.I. warrant was required for Verizon to give assistance to authorities. Literally hundreds of family and friends searched for Kelsey for days. The national media covered the search as well as local outlets. After Kelsey was laid to rest, Mrs. Smith met with Verizon. She was greeted by several representatives, that were all lawyers. I understand fully about a persons right to privacy. But let’s use a little common sense. When authorities contact you after the parents, one would assume that there is an emergency. Sprint, who was not contracted to the Smith family, stepped up to the plate. They gave cell phones and all the air time that was needed to the Smith family and search party…for free. This was not offered by Verizon, who were the Smith family carrier. Hmm. I guess it takes an additional ten dollars a month to get any compassion from Verizon. Well maybe they did not help, because of some law? That’s not the case. The law was asking for help. Then I see a commercial on television talking about DEAD ZONES. Now we know what that is. An area that does not get a sufficient signal. You can only imagine the Smith family and friends take on that commercial. Then the other commercials, you have this huge group of people, helicopters…! All of those people supporting Kelsey! I guess as she was getting raped and murdered, these folks stood by and watched? My point is this. The commercials are not representative of the company. They do not care about you. They do not even care about authority. I think it is time for the Smith family to sue this company. This company issued a phone and service to Mrs. Smith and refused to help her in a time of need. Then turn around and make a commercial that tears her heart out. Now, this is not an isolated incident. A lady had crashed her car and was stranded for over a week, Her husband had gone to Verizon for help too. Once again they refused. This woman almost died. Imagine yourself stranded, family searching for you, and the little phone company refuses to help. Oh, I almost forgot. About Sprint, as I mentioned earlier. They did not give the Smith family phones at the beginning. For the first couple of days of the search, the Smith family was using their Verizon phones. As you can imagine, there was a lot of minutes used. Mrs. Smith asked Verizon to please help her with making the payments in increments because the bill was so high. The answer was…… no! Now folks, you may think I have an agenda to just make Verizon look bad. You are welcome to validate what I have said by writing to the Kelsey Smith Foundation or going to and simply asking for yourself. By the way, there is a recording by the police, asking Verizon for help that last about forty minutes. Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you for reading,

    Weston Whitten

  34. dera shearin says:

    it happened to me too. my local mail carrier stole my pit/lab mix whom i raised from a baby bottle took her across the statline and sold her into a dog fighting ring. there has got to more that police etc can do to aid the victims of lost or stolen pets. my dutchess was the closet thing to my own child that i had and a cold hearted mail carrier took that from me. if know of any organizations i can contact for help please contact me. i would be glad to help start one if none exist.

  35. sad liz says:

    This happened to my terrier mix. We roamed the neighborhood and was lucky enough to find the bastards. This is NOT the first time Verizon has been uncooperative with police efforts. Verizon is morally corrupt!!

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