Dog Owner Said Police Officer Crossed The Line When He Shot And Killed Dog

DogMichael Zgudzinskyj, a Rockford, Illinois man, said police officers went too far when they shot and killed his dog.

Neighbors said that his dog, Collie, a Shar Pei and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, would run around loose in the neighborhood and go into other people’s yards.

One neighbor called Winnebago County Animal Services because she was afraid that the dog, which she thought was a pit bull, could be a danger to the children in the neighborhood.

When Animal Services arrived, they shot him with a tranquilizer dart. That wore off and Collie became agitated, and then Rockford police officers took control of the situation. Zgudzinskyj said they shot Collie five or six times in the head, and he added that “he was laying there still wagging his tail, trying to say goodbye.”

Zgudzinskyj stated that then officers came up to him and put handcuffs on him and said he was going to jail. He was issued a ticket for obstructing a police officer.

Zgudzinskyj said he simply wants justice for his dog and that Collie had never hurt anyone and didn’t deserve to have been killed.

Rockford Police said the situation was handled appropriately according to the filed documentation.

Source: WREX

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33 Responses to “Dog Owner Said Police Officer Crossed The Line When He Shot And Killed Dog”

  1. Macushla says:

    Good dog plus bad owner equals tragedy.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Poor dog…when will owners understand that leashes and fences need to be utilized for dogs…this poor dog had to pay the price of his ignorant owner who didn’t care enough to keep him on his own property. May the poor dog rest in peace!! Hopefully this guy will not get another dog or will at least learn from his mistakes…

  3. janet says:

    It’s usually the owners of the large, aggressive breeds that let their dogs run loose striking terror into the heart of the person walking their beloved dog on a leash. Even if the dog was very friendly, how could one know in advance? These people are terrorists. People living in their neighborhood couldn’t even let their kids play outside or walk their own dogs on leash. I feel terrible about the poor dog. People like this are assholes

  4. Nikki says:

    Another dog dies needlessly due to the irresponsibility of its guardian. I have no sympathy for the dog’s guardian, only for the dog — that it was his sad misfortune to have landed in the home of someone who has no obvious respect for the law, his neighbors or his dog’s welfare.

  5. Linda says:

    What is happening in this country? Is everything settled with a gunshot to the head? Tazering even pregnant women? What has happened to empathy, grace?

  6. Lynn says:

    Agree with Nikki. But I must add that this business of trigger-happy cops is getting really old. Cops gone mad.

  7. Steph says:

    Shame on the owner of the dog, he needed to be a responsible owner. A pitbull charged after my dog (who was on a leash) and all I could do was pull that pit’s back legs backwards to get him away from her. At the time all I thought was it was going to kill her, but came to realize that it was just nuzzling my dogs neck. I can’t say I wouldn’t of done all I could do to save my dog. Owners of agressive breeds need to practice responsibility. Putbulls and other large breeds diserve a good life like everyone else. Don’t get one if you can’t take care of it. Shame on that cop that shot it 6 times in the head. If he/she didn’t think twice about doing that, there is something wrong. I’m sick of hearing about these cops…

  8. mikken says:

    Yes, the owner should have had better control of his dog, but the shooting of a drugged animal that *should* have been under the control of the AC officer seems very over the top.

    Which is why it’s so important to let the good cops know that we appreciate them! Remember these guys -

    Those cops need people to call them and let them know that we’re glad they’re out there, doing right! Their contact info is in the comments section - take a moment and call the non-emergency number and tell them that you saw their story on Itchmo and you want to say thankyou!

  9. Anna says:

    I was speaking to some professional people who are indigenous to that region, and they told me that unbeknownst to “outsiders” there is a tremendous amount of vindictiveness and cruelty, that goes on for generations in that region, and the uniformed service people play into that. Shooting 5 or 6 times is an act of personal revenge, I could care less if they were in a uniform.

    If the dog’s owner had shot back and killed that worthless officer, I would not have lost any sleep. Animal cruelty is becoming sport in this country.

  10. Nora and Rufus says:

    The dog did not need 6 bullits to the head and that is just horrific of those cops to take care of the situation that way. The dog would not hurt any of those kids and I hope those cops got their manly thrill by killing a gentle and good dog that day. That poor dog needed to be taken home, thats all. Shame on the owner and the cops and the stupid neighbor being ignorant and idiots beyond belief!

  11. CGP says:

    This is completely disgusting. Is everything solved by gunshots? The fact that the dog was loose is the responsibility of the owner and doesn’t excuse the fact of extreme cruelty. Get a lawyer.

  12. mittens says:

    letting your dog run loose where ever it wants is part of the problem. if youre gonna do whatever the hell you want and screw everyone else don’t be surprised if they act with the same disregard for you and yours. then it’s all crocodile tears and everyone else is wrong when something equally outrageous happens to you. keep your damn dog in your yard or on a leash then when it’s not run over in the street and not shot by a neighbor while it lingers around their chicken coop on their property we wont have to hear you whine and moan about how much you loved your animal and how cruel everyone else is. if you loved it youd protect it by not allowing it to free range the neighborhood getting into trouble and annoying people.

    every one claims their problem animal is the sweetest thing on earth and wouldnt hurt a fly should be aware that the rest of us are under no obligation to believe it especially when it trespasses on our property continuously. you should also understand that your undisciplined animal that runs haywire is highly likely to be rightly viewed as untrained and owned by an irresponsible person who really doesnt care about their animal and could care less about their neighbors.i have personally been involved in an incident with someone’s alleged sweet as pie family dog that used to run wild in a pack and ended up killing our livestock. years of complaining to animal control did no good as they portrayed their out of control pet as a frisbee catching child’s dog that was kept in at night( outright lie). when it comes down to it this dog, which we ended up shooting, was another victim of bad self selfish owners who use their animals as an extension of themselves in a deranged pissing contest with their neighbors-” no one’s gonna tell ME to keep my dog out of their yard….”. grow up. you’re only in the end hurting the dog in a failing effort to prove you’re the area alpha male instead of a pathetic loser.

    my observation is that this person would have never controlled their animal- no matter how authorities were involved. shooting it or taking it away would have been the only recourse pigheaded owners such as this. the animal always suffers for stupid people. if you care about your dog it’s your obligation to keep it out of other people’s yards.

  13. Nancy G. says:

    Let’s put it this way. There are laws on the books that cover vicious dogs. What they are, what they do, what to do about them. IMO this dog in no way violated any provision of a vicious dog law. Running at large may be a violation of laws governing keeping a dog under control, but it is not a killing offense. “Thinking” a dog “looks like” a pit bull is not a legally lethal offense either. This cop overreacted, and like others here say, this “shoot first ask questions later” mentality among too many policemen has got to stop. With humans, it’s a Taser; with dogs, it’s a bullet [or 5 or 6!]. Last time I checked, police were as bound by laws as the rest of us. This isn’t the Wild West. Is it?

  14. kathy says:

    We love our dogs, and we have every right to do so. But not everyone loves dogs, many are terrified of them. As responsible dog “owners” we have no right to impose our dogs on anyone else, especially not by letting them run wherever we want to. Many think that they are doing the dog a kindness by doing so, in fact in my town you can tell the minute the animal control officer has gone off duty you can see many dogs running loose.

    It is illegal to discharge a firearm in town, in fact two little boys were arrested for shooting a bb gun in town recently. If little boys can be arrested (I thought their parents should have been as well), then cops are also arrestable for the same offense. Yet, I see cops driving way more than 10 mph over the speed limit through town without lights or sirens all the time. That’s not legal either.

    It seems to me that it is up to us, the dog owners, to educate other dog owners. I know it’s not easy, they don’t listen, they don’t want to hear, but we have to keep trying because if we don’t do it who will???? I myself have been over to my neighbors 3 times in the last month to talk to them about their dog (did you know she goes out in the street a lot?, did you know another neighbor’s dog was stolen Saturday?, you do know don’t you that the deer will happily trample a dog to death if it barks at them???, as well as untangling the dog from a lawn chair that she had wound her chain around. Today, they took the dog to work with them. She will be safe there, don’t know why it took them so long to figure it out, but I’m glad my patience has paid off. And they probably won’t need to borrow the crate I offered to loan them, a good thing because I need it now.

    As for the cops, we need to complain to someone who can do something about it–the police chief, city council, state justice department, governor’s advocates, I don’t know. This is what happens when we hire power hungry personality types to do our dirty work for us!

  15. Denise Miller says:

    I agree people that don’t like animails don’t understand them and get very scared of them. why on earth would the owner let this dog run free like that it cost him his life. This police officer shot that poor dog 6 times come on what is your problem officer. I have been biten by dogs before when i was a kid and i am still here give me a break. The poor pup did not deserve this. Some of these officers and I don’t mean all but a few think they can do anything they want and get away with it because they wear a uniform. I beleive in what goes around comes around and he’s got one comming too.

  16. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Poor dog. What a crummy pet owner and neighbor this guy is/was. Surely he was not ignorant of the “look” of the dog and the reputation and history of the Chinese fighter and African lion warrior, respectively, Shar-Pei and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Perhaps the neighbors were justifiably annoyed - and fearful…

    But why was animal control so inept? (Ever hear of two AC officers using two catch-poles - possibly in concert with a tranquilizer dart - to capture and restrain a strong, aggressive, dog?). And why were “nuisance animal”/”leash” laws so poorly enforced? This situation should never have been allowed to escalate to the point it did, and Rockford police officers should NEVER have shot this dog. Five or six - or *one* - time.

    Steph, thank you for your comments. Most people would never imagine that a “pit bull” type dog…CHARGING toward another dog being walked by its owner…would do so in exuberant friendliness/playfulness. I’m aware that even my friendly, gentle, but zoom!-prone, Bunny (the APBT) would most likely be viewed as a horrifying threat by anyone not familiar with her — IF I were the type to risk *her* life by letting her run free.

    And mittens, your point of view sounds “harsh” but I appreciate the unvarnished truth of it. Plus, I remember your comments from months ago about your traumatic run-ins with pit bulls, running amok and attacking (and killing) farm animals/pets on your uncle’s rural property, and pets and people in a city you live(d) in. I agree with you, when the failures of irresponsible owners, animal control, and law enforcement, converge to create a dangerous and potentially deadly situation, there is sometimes no other way but for the public to take matters into their own hands…in an emergency.

    I’m simply disgusted by the tragic news stories of unrestrained and poorly trained pit bull-type dogs victimizing people and pets, further harming the reputation of breeds once known as faithful, affectionate, family dogs. Even the present-day, responsible, owners of such dogs are too often misjudged and penalized (Have you had your homeowners/renters insurance canceled or denied, or have you been forced to move from, or had your rental application denied by, an otherwise animal-friendly property?), simply for having a “dangerous, four-legged, killing machine” as a pet. And only criminals and dogfighters would have one of these animals, anyway. Right? (NOT!)

    I believe several people and organizations are at fault for what happened to Collie: Michael Zgudzinskyj, the irresponsible/inconsiderate owner; the poorly trained Winnebago County Animal Control employee; and the cruel and cowardly Rockford police officers who executed the dog. What a sad, scary, and unnecessarily violent, way to end Collie’s life.

    Oh, Nancy G? Heck, yeah, this *is* the Wild West. All over again. (To paraphrase Dickens, “It was the [worst] of times, [definitely] the worst of times.”)

  17. Steph says:

    I agree with Kathy. I feel sooooooo sorry for the dog. I absolutley adore my dog(and cat)and as much as my dog would love to roam any and every where she wants to,I keep her on a leash b/c I would die if something happened to her. As far as the cop goes…..that is ridiculous and a shame. He/she will get what is coming to them!! I feel sorry for poor souls that get off for being mean to animals. I am just glad I wasn’t made like that!!!!

  18. J says:

    Shame on the owner. Shame on the Animal Control DEPARTMENT. Shame on the police, Six shots ? Need more training on fire arms and aiming. But, could a Taser have been used, are there other non-lethal methods for controlling a dog that is coming out of sedation ????

  19. Don Earl says:

    I have a little trouble with the idea of shooting a dog with a tranquilizer, then standing about like a bunch of dummies waiting for it to wake up and get rowdy.

    I also have trouble with the idea of police officers who are such pathetic marksmen that at close range, they can’t get the job done with one shot. They shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun unless they know how to use the damn thing.

    In the mean time, 4 million people are bitten by someone’s “nice, friendly, family dog” each and every year in the US. Some of those 4 million people die in those attacks. Many more are maimed for life.

    The first thing a responsible dog owner should do is automatically assume their dog has the potential to attack someone, then do everything necessary to make sure it is impossible for that to happen. It’s basically the same principal used in firearm safety in assuming a gun is always loaded.

    A person who allows their dog to run loose on the assumption it won’t hurt anyone, is no different than a person who points a gun at people and pulls the trigger on the assumption the gun isn’t loaded.

    If you point a gun at a cop, he’s not going to ask you if it’s loaded, he’s going to shoot you. If you point a dog at a cop, he’s not going to ask you if the dog is friendly, he’s going to shoot it.

    From the source article, the dog owner is quoted: “He didn’t have to shoot the dog. He was just standing there barking at the policeman.”


  20. Furbabies says:

    One more story of out of control cops! Shoot first then ask questions. The cops of today need better training in gun handling.Like when to shoot to kill and when to shoot to disable. And when NOT to kill dogs. Power hungry monsters.

  21. Goody 4 Paws says:

    Stupid owner. Stupid cops. Dumbasses all the way around. Poor dog paid the price.

  22. Peace2us says:

    Interesting how no neighbors were interviewed for this story. How many previous complaints against this guy were there? Had anyone talked to him in person in an attempt to resolve the situation? Had the dog attacked any other animals in the neighborhood. It’s an incomplete story when only the dog owner’s point of view is presented.

    That dog owner has the full responsibility for ensuring his dog is safe and healthy. Obviously the neighbors took issue with his dog running loose because one of them took the time to call animal control.

    The irresponsible owner is the solely responsible for the death of his dog. He is the one that allowed circumstances to escalate to the point they did and he had no right to impose his animal on that neighborhood.

  23. Robert Davis says:

    Don wrote “The first thing a responsible dog owner should do is automatically assume their dog has the potential to attack someone, then do everything necessary to make sure it is impossible for that to happen. It’s basically the same principal used in firearm safety in assuming a gun is always loaded.”

    AMEN! I couldn’t agree more.

    Steph wrote “Owners of agressive breeds need to practice responsibility.” According to the AVMA there is NOT ONE BREED that is MORE aggressive than another. And any dog of any breed can be bad. I agree with what Don wrote - dog owners, regardless of the breed, need to be responsible.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Davis

  24. Natalae says:

    I just discovered this website and I can not believe what I am reading. I have to say that Peace2us on Dec. 5th wrote that this was an incomplete story and he/she is correct. Let me tell you the “REAL” story. I was driving by this mans home on the very day that this all happened. I was dropping off a friend of mine, who happens to be Michael’s neighbors. We saw Animal Control in Michael’s yard and the dog too. I dropped off my friend and as I drove by, I decided to stop and ask the AC Officer if she needed help. I wanted to help her because she was all alone at this time and I didn’t want this dog to get hit by a car. At this time I had no idea that the dog lived in this house/yard. She accepted my help and we were both trying to catch the dog. This old man appeared and I asked him if he knew who the dog belonged to. He told me that it was his dog and she had escaped from the “FENCED IN BACK YARD”. Collie kept coming very close to us and each time we tried to grab her she would jet backwards. Like most dogs, she was leary of both the AC Officer and myself. After all, we were strangers. Michael (who I had never met until that day), had said that if we just sat still she might come to him. We tried to coax her into the fenced area and you could tell that she really wanted to but again, she was to leary of us. She would come very close to us but we were inside the fence and she stayed outside of the fence. She absolutely was not running the neighborhood. If we went towards her, she would either cross the street (the house is on a corner) or go to the yard right next to theirs. She NEVER ran to far from us. After the chase continued for about a hour, the AC officer said that she was going to call another AC officer to help her. She seemed very nice but she did not seem to experienced and didn’t even have dog treats in the van for bait! She did have the pole with the nuse but the dog was really frighten of that. At one point, I was on my hands and knees and I was looking down at the ground talking to Collie. She came so close to me that she could’ve bitten my face off. She at no time showed any signs of aggresion. I grabbed for her and she was still to quick. You could tell that she was starting to get tired. The AC officer told me that I could leave because her back up would be there any minute. I wanted to stay to help because my main concern was to just capture the dog for her own safety. I was so afraid that she may cross the street again just to get away from us. The AC officer said that everything would be fine and he back up would be more prepared. It was a very cold day and I was not dressed for this. I asked her again if she was sure she didn’t want me to stay. She assured me that all would be okay. I never had much contact with the owner, Michael, but I figured that he may have to pay a fine and all would be okay. Much to my HORROR, the very next evening I had the local news on and they ran the story (short) and I saw the picture of the dog. I could not believe my eyes and ears. I am a very normal person but this blew me away. I was so emotional and I could not help but feel somewhat responsible for this. Maybe if I would’ve stayed this would not have happened!! Maybe I could’ve prevented it. I couldn’t understand why the police had been called????? Two days later I felt compelled to go to the man’s home and talk with him about what happened. He was so very upset that he could not speak for a bit. He explained that after I left, the second AC officer came and they shot the dog with a tranquilizer. After she was shot with the tranq. she ran down the sidewalk for quite a ways. Then she dropped. The officers told Michael to go get her. He then got on his bicycle and drove to her. He left his bike and picked her up (she was about 30-35 lbs) keep in mind that this is an old man. Because he was tired, he walked slowly and had to stop a few times to rest. By this time the police arrived. Once he got home in his front yard, one of the two police officers instructed him to lay the dog down. He asked if he could just take her into his house. Both the police officer and the AC officer said “No” because they were going to take the dog to the AC facility and he would have to come to the facility and pay the fine to have her released. Michael asked why he could not just pay the fine and keep her right then because he does not drive. I guess they went back and forth and by this time the tranquilizer was starting to wear off. I’ve worked at a Veterinary Clinic for many years and I know that when an animal is starting to wake up, they sometimes make “scarey” noises and they are not of clear mind. AC should know this!! When Collie was starting to wake up, Michael said that one of the officers was standing over her and she started to bark at him (which would be any dogs reaction) he then shot her in the head a few times and then officer #2 shot her some more!!! Just as any pet owner would respond to this, Michael was very upset and probably said some things to the officers. They had just killed his dog (in it’s own yard) right in front of him. The dog was not even standing!!! The police officers then cuffed Michael and said they were going to arrest him as well. Now, since this has happened, I have interviewed several of the neighbors and found out that Michael is elderly, hard of hearing, doesn’t drive and is indeed very good to his dog. A lot of you are really slamming him and you do not have all of the facts. I have 2 dogs that are my life and I never let them run at large. However, one time someone (without my knowledge) had opened my gate and my dog got out. It was an awful experience for me trying to find her in the dark and not knowing which way to start my search!! I was terrified!! Some of my neighbors (who did not know me at the time) heard me calling and screaming for her and instead of calling AC, they came out to help me. We found her within about 15 minutes but it felt like a lifetime to me. I’m saying this because no matter how careful you may be, sometimes accidents do happen to responsible pet owners. I also found out by several neighbors in that area, that the woman that called is not a normal person. She is not stabile and has had some run ins with the law herself. Several years ago, one of the neighbors recalled that her (the caller) Lab was loose and this particular neighbor actually helped her retrieve her dog. Why could she do the same?? It is really unfortunate that everyone is attacking this man and his dog escaped and he could not catch her by himself. He said that this had happen one other time and Collie checked out a few yards (to some dogs this is an adventure) and she came right back. He may have not even realized that she had escaped right away. The neighbors told me that Michael is a very kind person and never bothers anyone. He has never done anything wrong in his life and Collie has never been aggressive with or to anyone. AC has no record of any calls on her in the past. This was her first offense and she was killed. I also agree with one of you about the Animal Control Officers. Are they that inexperienced??? If so, why do they send one officer out in the field with nothing but a catch pole?? And why were the police called??? In the Winnebago County area, we have had several “Dog shootings” by the police. If a dog is loose do they automatically think it is vicious???? This is not fair. I have volunteered with many animal organizations and do you know how many people loose a pet by accident???? I do realize that there are many, many irresponsible pet owners in our area but Michael is not one of them. He actually rescued her. His Vet said that they thought that she “MAY BE” a Shar-Pei and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She most certainly was part Shar-Pei but she was not a big dog. Even if she was big or even a Pit Bull, the police should not just shoot her because they feel that she could be dangerous. We just had another shooting yesterday. Again, it was a Pitt Bull and the news said the officers were involved in an arguement/arrest with the homeowner, when the officer opened the homeowners door, 2 Pit Bulls ran out of the door and the officer shot and killed one of them. He said that it was vicious. I do not know who to believe. But, in all of my years of experience with animals, not every Pit Bull or large dog is vicious!!!! I would like to know if a new law has been passed in this county that a police officer can shoot and kill any animal that is loose? If that is the case, why do we need Animal Control?????? I am at a loss!! Once I did my research with Michael and many, many neighbors, I can not help but feel bad for Michael and soooooooooooo bad for Collie. She did not deserve any of it!!! I need to help but I don’t know what to do. The officers will say they had “Just Cause” and how can you prove them wrong?????? I hope that after you’ve read this, some of you may change your mind about your harsh words. If I had not been there and research the facts, I too may have misjudged. I am usually always behind the pets and I am very judgemental about a lot of pet owners. In this case, I would trust him with my own pets. If you knew me at all you would know that I would not make this statement if I did not believe it with all of my heart. I also think that our police have much bigger fish to fry in this city with all of the robberies, shootings, killings, prostitution, drug dealers and gangs. Do they really need to be running around town killing dogs/pets?????? If anyone involved with Law Enforcement could give me any positive tips on how I can help the pets and animals of Winnebago County, please comment on this. And please keep in mind that some dogs and cats do escape even though the owner is very responsible!!!
    Thank you!

  25. Mark says:

    We were shocked to read in horror an article online that stated Rockford police dept shot and killed an innocent dog last Dec in front of citizens because a neighbor complained the dog, a Sha Pai was wandering the neighborhood and she thought it was a pitbull(btw pits r very sweet). Why would police officers do something so inhumane as to violently shoot(5 times in the head) someone’s pet which I understand from reading was very sweet until confronted by gun toting cops–I would have been agitated too if approached by intimidating cops and I guess I would have been shot as well?? Our families have been in law enforcement for years and I know that we would never have handled a situation like that. What a real disgrace to that city’s image. We would never want to live or visit somewhere with that kind of violence from public safety although I am finding that sort of police brutality is spreading to other communities across America because of the Bush admin. I hope those cops r real proud. Shame on them and that city for allowing such actions. U folks should b sending comments to the mayor there–
    God bless America! Arm civilians and dogs for that matter.

    MA Citizen

  26. Mark says:

    We were shocked to read in horror an article online that stated Rockford police dept shot and killed an innocent dog last Dec in front of citizens because a neighbor complained the dog, a Sha Pai was wandering the neighborhood and she thought it was a pitbull(btw pits r very sweet). Why would police officers do something so inhumane as to violently shoot(5 times in the head) someone’s pet which I understand from reading was very sweet until confronted by gun toting cops–I would have been agitated too if approached by intimidating cops and I guess I would have been shot as well?? Our families have been in law enforcement for years and I know that we would never have handled a situation like that. What a real disgrace to that city’s image. We would never want to live or visit somewhere with that kind of violence from public safety although I am finding that sort of police brutality is spreading to other communities across America because of the Bush admin. I hope those cops r real proud. Shame on them and that city for allowing such actions. U folks should b sending comments to the mayor there–
    God bless America! Arm civilians and dogs for that matter.

    MA Citizen

  27. Vera's Lisa Tru... says:

    Does anyone know Michael Zgudzinskyj? He is my uncle and Godfather and we have been searching for him for years. My mother alienated him from me because of her own mental problems. PLEASE any info will be extremely grateful!!! My e-mail address is: THANK YOU.
    p.s. Has anyone thought of the fact that the dog might me a “runner”? We have a Beagle and his natural instict is to run as soon as the front/back door is opened a crack. Yes, he wears a coller withe tags and is even microchiped, but cats have breakaway collers so they don’t hang themselves when they jump off of furniture…Nobody knows how this dog is inside…As the old saying goes…Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors!

  28. Jen says:

    This is absolutely horrific. This makes me HATE that police officer. To some people, especially if they are alone, their pet is like their child. This made me cry. Bad cop, no donut.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Stupid cops. What right do they have? Are they such pussies to resort to that? IQ=0. like all U.S. patrolmen! I live abroad and if ever I run into an American cop on vacation where I live now I will bitch slap the dickhead! The spineless prick will have no authority here so we can see how tough he is then. Assholes!

  30. amanda says:

    my dog was just shot by the neighbor for no reason. he was a full blooded husky, but he was almost blind. we cant do anything about it because he wasnt on a leash. and if we call the cop the will give my dog a ticket and make a big mess in the neighborhood. but im srry the police had no right to shot your dog nor anything else she has to go through. i really wish you come have justice. im really sorry for youre loss.

  31. Rollin60s says:

    I would took him to court for shootin my dog, It means the world to me when it comes to my pilbull. I have my papers on my pit and she is a part of my family I have twin girls and my pit is like a child to me she sleep in the bed whit me and my wife. She even lets us know when my 2yr, girls are up and when they are getting in to stiff that they are not aloud in. If any one harets my dog I will be seeing them in court…… thats just me!!!! There are not to meany dog lover out there that will go out there ways for them like me:-) :-) LOVE YOUR DOG THE RIGHT WAY AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU BACK TO :-) :-)

  32. jamie and bethany says:

    that cop was a idiot he should of never shoot that poor dog and the ownertttsnt a crummy owner he took care of his dog and taught it well and he should of keeped his dog home and it was just a dog he couldnt do nothing that bad and pitbulls arent bad dogs either it was a good dog (jamie). it was a dog not a monster way would a cop shot dog anyway and is just a dog just like i said it is not a monster and there just like people they have feelings but you don,t hurt them (Bethany).

  33. JD says:

    Let’s look at the breed.

    Cross between a Sharpei and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
    Sharpei: a breed from China, once held for meat, and: bodyguards to several emperors.
    Source: I live in China, and come across many dogs of this breed.
    Rhodesian Ridgeback: a breed from Rhodesia. Use: hunting dog for BIG animals, and ‘mansharp’.
    To define ‘man sharp’: used by police or forrest rangers, to capture crooks.

    Definitely a kind of dog to beware of.

    For the owner: stupid enough to let his dog roam around, and be a possible danger. Too many dogs are straying because of owner’s negligence.
    For the officer that shot the dog: “in case of a ‘known dangerous dog’ all measures at hand are allowed to subdue the aforesaid animal”

    Public safety is the key.
    Officers don’t shoot a dog that just got free from its pen. They shoot animals that pose a threat.

    And if you want to see the threat dogs can pose, just google police dogs, or security dogs, or watch a show that features dogs catching people. Or watch the news….

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