Dog Owner Who Sent In Mixed Dog Food Sample To Expertox Responds

The person who sent in the mixed sample of dog food to Expertox, which was found to have acetaminophen in the sample, emailed us this response:

I picked up the bags on July 4th from my dealer, who is 100 miles away. Several of us here feed Canidae and make one big order every couple of months, and the dealer either meets us about 35 miles away or we go there, depending on everyone’s schedules.

My friend kept bugging me to test the foods I feed to be sure they were safe because of all the troubles with other foods, so I finally did. I sent 2 samples to be tested: one was a composite of Canidae Lamb/Rice (manufactured June 6th) and the original All Life Stages (manufactured June 7). The other was a composite of California Natural adult lamb/rice and puppy lamb/rice.

Originally the lab, reading composite on the order, combined samples form both bags and ran a composite of all 4 foods. That came back showing acetaminophen. They realized that I had ordered two tests of two different composites, redid the tests, one of Canidae and the other of California Natural. The CA Natural came back fine; the Canidae showed acetaminophen.

I contacted my dealer first, and she wanted to contact her rep. I told her I’d wait until the next day to call the Canidae main office. She was leaving for dog shows and evidently didn’t get hold of her rep, because Canidae began getting calls and e-mails before I had a chance to call them. I’m in daily contact with Canidae, gave them permission to send part of my sample for further testing. We’re also discussing my sending them an unopened bag from the same batch for more testing. Wish everybody would leave them alone and give them some peace so we can work on this.

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  1. JJ in IL says:

    E. - gotta luv the elec. seat too! In gas room they grope and scratch at the air trying to get a breath. That might be a real good exp. for them to have and if they can survive it then guess they’d need a lil jolt in the ole chair afterwards, wouldn’t they?

  2. jane says:

    Concerning plastic, My cat died in May, she was diabetic and had all the toxic symptoms. I was using a long, under the bed plastic storage container for a litter box to make it easier for her to get in and out of. As I was scraping a block of urine from the corner and side of the container ( clumping litter) I noticed it being strange. The clump was encased in a plastic wall, thick white plastic all around the urine. In fact, it actually stood up alone. Did not appear to be from the container or litter. Decided it must have been a reaction from the urine and the container. Vet agreed as there was no other explanation at the time, and she was having a lot of problems at that time. Continued to use same container, it never happened again. I also use these containers for other cats and have never had a problem. I’ve always wondered if the poison food she was on could have been the cause. Also, does anyone know how to get a reddish, orange stain out of a carpet. She had missed the litter box and this stain will not come out, almost looks like a dye. This poor cat went through hell, many vet trips, and I still miss her so much. Yes, I hold the pet food co. responsible and don’t understand how it can continue on and on.

  3. Trudy Jackson says:

    The plastic I have came from The Friskies can. I think it was 3 different cans of savory salmon. I have a 20 year old cat who just had all Her teeth out, and she would eat something real soft.
    Anyway, I just checked on My plastic peices in My baggie where I keep them. they are drying out and look little and very sharp, and very hard.

  4. purringfur says:

    For those researching plastic ear or tail tags???

    Some ear tags contain insecticides. Some say designed to remain flexible in any temperatures. Several colors.

  5. Trudy Jackson says:

    And these were very flexible until I put them in the baggie. Some of Mine are different colors. Blue and some black.

  6. E. Hamilton says:

    There is a thread in the forum for info on the plastic pieces.

    I am almost sorry that I brought it up because this is bound to degenerate into another “this lot of that food over some other brand of overpriced poison labeled as premium pet food” and there will be many excuses made for each company involved, when as far as I can tell the pet food companies are real good at making excuses for themselves, an inventive bunch, those guys.

    And someone is bound to get all pissy over HOW the research is being done, not to their exacting standards. Geez, people who will call a pet food company and take the word of some anonymous customer service rep paid by a proven poisoner , sometimes the very company that killed their pets and has not paid the vet bill, will then get all bent out of shape over the lab used for the testing and why the person who paid for the testing is not posting, under their real name , all the info, in every detail that the pissy person wants.

    It makes no nevermind to me because I aint buying any pet food , I was just curious because there is a staggering amount of plastic pieces in pet food and that seems…bad.

    But hey, let the games begin, what is a little more crap and grief and hurt after the last 6 months?

  7. Katie says:

    E. I’m glad you brought the topic up. I’m home cooking but have friends who still want to feed commercial. It won’t be until they have a sick or dying pet that they will finally come to their senses. But the info. on the blue plastic and clumping of vitamins/minerals is something I try to caution them about so they will at least monitor what the kibble and canned food looks like while dishing it out.

    Caution and alertness keeps us all safe.


  8. Kristi says:

    Blue plastic? I’ve been out of the livestock business for a while, but I know that there used to be ear tags in beef cattle that released powerful doses of insecticide to deal with all the flies, etc. in feedlots. Still around? That would be just great in dog food too.

  9. Macy says:

    When this contaminated dog food thing started, I decided that I would home cook for my dog. I felt that if this thing happened once, it could very well happen again.

    As far as having the dog food tested, what will that begin to mean, you have to send out a sample before you feed your dog from the bag of food. Even if you did that, what if they tell you the food is safe to feed and it isn’t. You can not trust any of them, with anything. They make mistakes, they blame it on someone else, they lie, they tell someone else to lie for them. Positively absurd.

    We have seen how nasty and corrupt all of this has turned out to be

    It takes more time for me to home cook, I enjoy doing it … I am relaxed, I am not a nervous wreck, I am not scared when I see my dog eating his food. I am not thinking the whole time he is eating, what if there is something wrong with it — what if this bag is safe, what about the next bag or the bag after that. When will your luck run out

    I researched it well, my dog gets good food .. his calcium, his vitamins, his green blend, his omega 3 etc, etc

    It is the only way to go. I love him far too much for anything else.

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