Dog Owner Who Sent In Mixed Dog Food Sample To Expertox Responds

The person who sent in the mixed sample of dog food to Expertox, which was found to have acetaminophen in the sample, emailed us this response:

I picked up the bags on July 4th from my dealer, who is 100 miles away. Several of us here feed Canidae and make one big order every couple of months, and the dealer either meets us about 35 miles away or we go there, depending on everyone’s schedules.

My friend kept bugging me to test the foods I feed to be sure they were safe because of all the troubles with other foods, so I finally did. I sent 2 samples to be tested: one was a composite of Canidae Lamb/Rice (manufactured June 6th) and the original All Life Stages (manufactured June 7). The other was a composite of California Natural adult lamb/rice and puppy lamb/rice.

Originally the lab, reading composite on the order, combined samples form both bags and ran a composite of all 4 foods. That came back showing acetaminophen. They realized that I had ordered two tests of two different composites, redid the tests, one of Canidae and the other of California Natural. The CA Natural came back fine; the Canidae showed acetaminophen.

I contacted my dealer first, and she wanted to contact her rep. I told her I’d wait until the next day to call the Canidae main office. She was leaving for dog shows and evidently didn’t get hold of her rep, because Canidae began getting calls and e-mails before I had a chance to call them. I’m in daily contact with Canidae, gave them permission to send part of my sample for further testing. We’re also discussing my sending them an unopened bag from the same batch for more testing. Wish everybody would leave them alone and give them some peace so we can work on this.

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  1. danielle says:

    Ok, at least now we have the back story. I’m still troubled by the fact that the lab apparently mixed two different samples that presumably were marked with different brands into one test. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Such a mistake doesn’t instill confidence in their testing procedures.

    But anyway, if they do find acetaminophen in the re-tests I hope to God that they can isolate it to the vitamin pre-mix and finally nail whoever is adding this to the vitamins. The response I’d like to see is not denial, but I hope Canidae instead sues the pants off the manufacturer of the vitamins and publicly attack them.

    My other thought is that if there is acetaminophen in the food, it must be in trace amounts if there are no reports of death. I read in one of the forums that a 50 lb dog would have to injest 7 500 mg. tablets to be fatal. At least we aren’t dealing with melamine/aminopterin/cyanuric acid which is much more dangerous in smaller amounts.

  2. straybaby says:

    danielle, i think the lab mistake is less troubling as they readily admitted it and re-tested. many people were sending in for combined tests because of the price factor. it’s no that far of a reach to think she wanted the samples tested as one and then sep if the combo came up positive. it would make sense to send them in sep by brand. she took away the first step by combining the formulas, which may have caused the lab some confusion since blended testing was requested. more troubling for me is the way the brands handle retesting . . .

  3. E. Hamilton says:

    People who are PAYING for the food AND PAYING for the testing, that should be done by the pet food companies in a way that can be trusted, REALLY do not deserve to be getting GRIEF for how it is being done.

    If someone has a problem with how the people footing the BILLS are getting something done, then they are welcome to test any pet food they like, at any lab they can find and PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

    If people want the food tested, making it nasty and painful and horrid for people to do a PUBLIC service is hardly the way to do that.

  4. nora says:

    I just want to vomit. This whole”Is it tainted- is it not “game has made me so crazed and paranoid of any commercial food, and Canidae was just about the only one I thought MIGHT be safe. Guess they all had us fooled. Twice BURNT. I have given up on ALL OF THEM. Even California Naturals……They are manufactured in the state where more euthanized companion animals than any other are taken by the barrels full from the vets offices and by the truckloads to the rendering plants to be ground up for pet food. Excuse me, while I go throw up.

  5. purringfur says:

    I can see blending the brands/flavors also. If the poisons are present in the mixed sample of, let’s say, four foods… Yes, then go ahead to test each individual brand/flavor to see which one(s) are poisonous. By combining different foods, you can test 4 or more foods with one payment. If all is negative, then you’ll know that those 4 foods are safe — just a way to save money if the findings come back negative. This owner said that a lot of people go in on a bulk buy.

  6. purringfur says:

    I’d never heard about the huge vitamin/supplement scandal until a few days ago. It also involved animal feed vitamin pre-mix.

  7. danielle says:

    Ok, I guess that makes sense about the economy of testing (except when you have a positive result you are paying for two tests anyway, so why not be as precise as possible the first time). I apologize. But unlike E. Hamilton’s attack on me, I wasn’t criticizing the person PAYING for the food and PAYING for the test. I was criticizing the lab, who didn’t do what the person PAYING for the test even wanted when she requested the test. SHE ORDERED TWO TESTS. The lab screwed it up and combined them.

    I try to be civil to people on this board, and respect other people’s opinions even when I disagree. But others are not so respectful. Just because I am asking questions and commenting on this particular incident, the details of which have been less than clear from the beginning, I’ll probably be branded a troll now.

    I’m sorry, but I can barely afford to feed myself, let alone three dogs with medical issues, and I do the best I can to find a middle ground. I don’t see the point of home cooking which E. repeatedly states is the only way to keep my dogs safe, when I would have to supplement the food with vitamins from China which are probably the source of the poisonings.

    I’m done. Enjoy tearing me apart now.

  8. Roberto P. says:

    I also read on the forum that 7 extra strength tablets to a 50 lb dog would be fatal. But that doesn’t mean that 6 1/2 tablets are safe. This other website http://www.always-healthy-peop.....r-dog.html says “…Some canine care guides do indicate healthy adult dogs may be given up to 8 mg of acetaminophen per pound of body weight not more than once every 8 hours. Following that guideline, a 10 lb dog given up to 8mg. per pound of body weight would take NO more than 80mg which is just under 1/4 Regular Strength tablet only once every 8 hours.”

    So a 50 lb HEALTHY dog could safely take 400 mg every 8 hours. What happens between 400 mg and 3500 mg? Your dog gets sick! Liver and sometimes kidney damage.

    And I am curious about Felidae. Acetaminophen is highly toxic to cats.

  9. Lis says:

    I do find it interesting that Expertox, and only Expertox, keeps finding acetaminophen in high-end foods that people have switched to because of the melamine contamination. How is the acetaminophen getting in the food? The melamine had an obvious motivation: it’s way cheaper than using real wheat gluten. Who has a motive to add acetaminophen, a relatively expensive substance that doesn’t appear to mimic anything that should be in the food? Someone who wants to poison pets? Someone who wants to poison pets, AND has access to the different, separate facilities manufacturing Innova, Natural Balance, and Canidae?

    I say hoax–someone’s getting off on the spectacle of pet lovers going crazy trying to figure out what to feed pets.

  10. Lynn says:

    If this is indeed a hoax [and I am not saying it is] then there’s an easy way to prove it. But it will cost.

    I think Expertox has been involved with a lot of these findings simply because this was the lab [subcontracted by AccuTrace] that was most frequently named on the pet blogs during the pet food recall.

    If you decide to send identical samples to two different labs, make sure you know what their testing parameters are. And get the exact values found for any positive findings.

  11. catbird says:

    I can think of any number of ways that acetaminophen could get into vitamin supplements, either deliberately or by accident: Contaminated water(I’ve seen articles about how drugs are found in water supplies), cross-contamination in a plant that handles both supplements and acetaminophen and doesn’t clean equipment adequately between runs, human error, deliberate adulteration because acetaminophen is probably cheaper than some vitamins or supplements, etc., etc.

    I intend to keep an open mind.

  12. Anonymous says:


    BYE BYE!!!

  13. Roberto P. says:

    I googled acetaminophen (actual chemical name 4-acetamidophenol) and cyanuric acid (frequently used for NPN in animal feed, and to spike protein levels). Both are made in the same factory by chemical companies and acetaminophen powder is cheaper than cyanuric acid. Mix-up, money saver, unclean equipment? Acetaminophen is also cheaper than glucosamine. In the 70’s a toxin was “accidentally” substituted for a feed ingredient, and people are still suffering the consequences.

  14. KimS says:

    I just hope Canidae does the right thing and looks into this seriously.
    Until there are answers, if you feel uncomfortable with using the food, just don’t use that food. It’s not rocket science.

  15. Jenny Bark says:

    Roberto P., Thanks for the link. Really good reading, makes one think. Thanks again.

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jenny Bark, E, etc. can You all go back and read what I wrote on the purina incident? It’s on the page 2 now. I wrote the last 3 things. i wondered why no one answered? Now I know you were all over here. thanks,

  17. Louie W. says:

    Human activity creates tons of waste products and materials that are unfit for human consumption. Scraps from slaughter houses, spoiled/contaminated grain, tainted drugs, just to name a few.

    Unfortunately, pet food companies routinely use products that are not traceable to the original source, and they fail to perform adequate testing.

    Here are two recent examples of contaminated acetaminophen:

    Contaminated Anti-Fever Drug Kills at Least 30 Children in Haiti:

    Huge Acetaminophen Recall Announced:

    Recently, food grade guar gum from India was found to be contaminated with dioxin:

    IMO, it’s not difficult to see how any number of toxins may continue to be found in pet food. The March recalls were just the tip of the iceberg.

  18. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Okay. I fold.

    Bunny the Pit Bull is getting “people food” indefinitely. *sigh* It will be no small task for me because I rarely cook for myself and am going to have to figure out what the heck I’m doing, what she requires, and how to get it all done — every day — without having to quit my job to make time to cook for the canine. Crap. I hate this world we live in.

    I guess I’d better get the food tested, also. (Alas, it’s a open bag — with different dates than the above tested sample — but at least I’ll know if I’ve been poisoning her or not.)

  19. Trudy Jackson says:

    Purringfur, Roberto and Louie, thanks for the Great links. I didn’t know about this stuff either.

  20. E. Hamilton says:

    There is only ONE lab in this country that WILL do the private testing so far as I know, so there is that and unless someone can find another AND PAY FOR THE TESTING then I do not think that attacking the person who went to the effort and PAID for it should get a lot of lip from people who are NOT doing this public service. I say nothing about any one by name but if the broom fits..?

    The pet food companies pulled one heck of a “hoax” with the “all the food is safe now” lie and pets are dying from THAT crap, so go spend some time giving the PFI and the pet food companies crap.

    NO PETS HAVE BEEN HARMED BY pet parents PAYING FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS FOR TESTING, and considering some of the plain bullcrap they have to wade through when they DO try to help others by posting the results, it is pretty clear what “some” posters are after.
    They want to DISCOURAGE testing. And who would want to do that?

  21. E. Hamilton says:

    Let me be clear on something.
    NO pet parent who has PAID for testing deserves the total PFI and troll like stuff that has gone on.
    That is as polite as I can be without mentioning the horse you rode in on and screen doors.

    If you can do it better, then by all means, Godspeed, good luck and don’t forget to SHARE the results of what you learn and get torn apart for it.
    Until you ARE doing it better, I aint all that impressed with what you think.
    And neither are a lot of other folks.

    It is BRAVE to get food tested_AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE_ for the benefit of people and their pets. It is beyond brave to face all the criticism and crap here and post the results.
    It is cowardly, base, slither on the ground like a rattlesnake COWARDLY to attack people who are doing a lot more to save pets than the lying pet food companies.

    If THIS is not clear, then there are remedial reading classes available.

  22. straybaby says:

    Pit Bull Lover says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    it’s not that hard and for one dog will not be that much more than buying premium food (may be the same). you can premix your own supplements with whole sources from the health food store and avoid china ;) for my 5 cats, i mix up a weeks worth of food at a time if not more. the dog i hand a raw body part to and she gets eggs, organs and yogurt with supplements dumped in. it takes a bit more time at first for the learning curve, but once you get it down, it’s NOT rocket science, it goes pretty fast. i cook for myself and prepare for my pets on the weekend if i’m up to my ears in work as usual.

    for meats, you can shop sales at the store or join a co-op.

    check in the forums in the home prepared section for any questions and reference material :)

    you will sleep better at night ;)

  23. 5CatMom says:

    Pit Bull Lover writes “Okay. I fold.”

    PBL, I came here many months ago as a skeptic - a skeptic with a dead cat.

    Didn’t take long to have an epiphany.

  24. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I need to informally poll you guys.

    I’ve carefully saved the food I was feeding when the recalls started (Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice dry), for the “someday” when I’d have the money/need/whatever to have it tested. Now I want to have the current bag of Canidae Lamb and Rice dry food tested and have never before considered combining foods for a test (to — potentially — save money) if I can’t find a state lab to do the analyses for free or a lot less.

    Combined or separate? (Unfortunately, cost *is* an issue…)

  25. Pit Bull Lover says:

    And am I the only one is giving FITS today? I keep getting script errors and it’s so slow and I’m so frustrated, my head’s beginning to whistle like a teakettle.

  26. 5CatMom says:


    Sounds like you’re no longer using Nutro, and are now feeding Canidae?????

    If I were paying the bill, I’d test the Canidae.

  27. E. Hamilton says:

    Once a month, several friends get together and cook or prepare raw diet, as preferred for well over 20 individual pets. It is not only FUN and STRESS FREE but very reasonable in price, as easy to feed as the POISON and seems to make the pets happy . It does, for sure, make the pet parents sleep better at night.
    They simply are no longer concerned with whatever “taint O the Month” the pet food companies feel like tossing in the mix and that ALONE is priceless.

    I have attended these sessions that my friends have, last month, someone had to take care of family matters and the others did her part for her. One person does the same thing for her pets , once a month, with her husband and finds it something they LOOK FORWARD TO.

    These folks are not going to EVER start feeding a commercial pet food .
    Not with what they know now and all the PROOF they see every day , here on this website and others, about how underhanded and dishonest the PFI and the pet food companies are. Oh yeah, we send each other the posts made by the obvious trolls and laugh at how stupid it is to keep that crap up when the JIG IS UP!
    No new pet brought into those homes will ever eat POISON labeled as premium pet food.

    Hard to feed your pets with homemade food? No, what is hard is watching them die in agony because you didn’t.

    Everyone has to make their own choice.

  28. Rocky says:

    There’s a vet in town who’s a holistic vet. She has an arrangement with a retired lady who makes homecooked food to her (the vet’s) specifications.

    The vet does this so that she can have confidence in the food she precribes for her clients.

    It’s also a good for the retired lady who loves to cook.

    Best of all, pets benefit from truly healthful foods that aren’t contaminated with toxins.

  29. Ann H says:

    Worth Repeat 1000 times:

    [quote]E. Hamilton September 7th, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    Let me be clear on something.
    NO pet parent who has PAID for testing deserves the total PFI and troll like stuff that has gone on.
    That is as polite as I can be without mentioning the horse you rode in on and screen doors.

    If you can do it better, then by all means, Godspeed, good luck and don’t forget to SHARE the results of what you learn and get torn apart for it.
    Until you ARE doing it better, I aint all that impressed with what you think.
    And neither are a lot of other folks.

    It is BRAVE to get food tested_AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE_ for the benefit of people and their pets. It is beyond brave to face all the criticism and crap here and post the results.
    It is cowardly, base, slither on the ground like a rattlesnake COWARDLY to attack people who are doing a lot more to save pets than the lying pet food companies.

    If THIS is not clear, then there are remedial reading classes available.[/quote]

    Hopefully the pet food companies realize that forums and blogs can become armpits in dire need of washing.

    That will NOT stem the efforts to get the pet food industry regulated and pet food companies held accountable for the products they sell.

    To those of you who speak more nicely to pet food companies than you do fellow pet owners trying to keep their pets healthy, or spend more time enmeshed in mindless & hurtful gossip - re-read the above quote and and ask yourself if you a) want safer pet foods (regulations/laws/enforcement/pet food company due diligence) or if you b) would rather risk your animals while you waste time conjuring dissent.

    Those who want a) will most likely go to private forums and leave those , who prefer the drama of b , stranded & mucking around not knowing what is happening or what tests have been run while you wallow in sludge of your own creation.

  30. Trudy Jackson says:

    Pitt Bull Lover, that’s a good question. I still have the Beneful dog food here, and wish I could have it tested some day.
    I guess You might want to go with what you are going to be feeding?

  31. Cathy says:

    Pit Bull Lover, My guy died - Nutro Lamb and Rice. I gave the rest of the bag to my vet - his dog got sick. He threw the food away, but gave me the label. Do you have the codes from the bag you still have?

    On another note, I have been reading Dr. Pitcarin’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Even though I don’t have a pet right now, when I’m ready, I want to know how to feed it right this time. What an eyeopener. I cried all the way through Chapter 2. It told me just how I poisoned my dog. This man wrote the original of this book years ago. What’s happening today with pet food has been going on for years - it’s just getting worse. Good read for anyone who wants to home cook, but is afraid they won’t get it right.

  32. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I have to admit, I’ve felt some guilt over not cooking Bunny’s food since the week the recalls started, so this will at least get *that* weight off my shoulders. I recently got Dr. Pitcairn’s book from my library, so that’s where I’ll start — then off to the grocery store I go. You know what’s funny? I won’t feel especially betrayed by Canidae even if the (possible) acetaminophen contamination is widespread, because my “trust” in any commercial food and manufacturer would be, and was, tentative. The System revealed itself to be a rotting house of cards back in March, so another scare — and a final decision to prepare my dog’s food with my own hands — was inevitable.

    5CatMom, I fed Nutro for years until the first recalls, then I immediately stopped feeding it even though that particular type was not recalled. I dropped Nutro products and ruled out several other companies’ products because they were somehow — and it didn’t matter how minor the relationship — were affiliated with Menu Foods. It’s worth noting that Bunny had had some recurring health problems that I never suspected could be caused by her food — at least not until the recalls began and I switched to Canidae — then every one of her gastrointestinal symptoms, the marked lethargy, and her reluctance to eat, immediately disappeared. The decision to go with Canidae was the result of days of worry and compulsive research but, like I said before (above), this moment was inevitable. Really. It was just a matter of time.

  33. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Cathy, yes I have a large sample (6-8 cups) double freezer-bagged — along with UPC, ingredient list, and manufacturing codes — in my refrigerator. I’m sorry your boy died…and realize how lucky I am that my girl is still with me.

  34. E. Hamilton says:

    Pit Bull Lover says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    I wish I had known in time to save my pets, you will never know how much I wish that, and you are entirely correct, it IS a matter of time, you are going to have the time with your Bunny that a lot of us won’t have with our much missed pets.

    And time that others are going to give away, along with money and worry and sickness and unbearable sorrow when they think trusting a pet food company is the QUICK way to feed their pets. It is not going to save a dime and it will cost far more than they imagine.
    Stephen King could not write this horror story.

    You won’t regret the choice and take my word for it, the last 6 months have taught me a lot about regret.

  35. Cathy says:

    Pit Bull Lover, Just a stretch here. These are codes from my label. Any chance your label is the same?

    UPC 79105 21102

    Under Made in USA - 60334-02

    best if used by: 27 JAN 2007
    B1:06 2CR4 JP

  36. kb says:

    Bad words, bad words, bad words. I thought we had been spared with half raw, half Canidae. But until the source of the acetaminophen is determined is adding any vitamins to the raw safe? What if Canidae says they can’t find any acetaminophen like happened to Don?

  37. Trudy Jackson says:

    I was telling Jenny Bark and a few others on another topic- My friend bought a bag of Purina Sensitive stomach for Her cats. They all threw up all day. she got rid of the food, but this sounds like it’s starting all over again. It came from Wal Mart.

  38. Cathy says:

    No WalMart, No Kroger, No Processed Crap Food. Trudy, what is your friend doing? I guess she’s not listening. Some of my friends aren’t listening either.

  39. Trudy Jackson says:

    I know. I keep trying to tell Her. But She is so far away from anything.
    We just have to keep trying.

  40. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Cathy, I’m sorry, it’s not an exact match.

    Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Meal & Rice Formula - 40 lb. bag
    UPC 79105 20102
    Under “Made in USA” - NCAD40-01
    Best if used by: 31 May 2008
    12:51 2BG4 JP

    FWIW, Bunny’s symptoms *were* worse in October/November/December 2006 and January 2007, when I was feeding her Nutro from batches/bags that are now long gone.

    straybaby, thanks for the encouragement. Oh, I can’t bear the thought of serving up a raw limb of some sort, followed by a gizzard or other organ. Ay! :P Maybe I’ll discover some basic meals that can be modified for dog and human.

    And fearless E., I hope you know I’ve never forgotten the day you wrote about your Catahoula, the sweet tree, and the job she was sent ahead to do. And later, when your fourth and last kitty was near the end, you wrote “and now I have no more pets.” I know I’m damned lucky, and I figure it’s felt to you like those of us who continued to buy “premium” commercial pet food were working against you. I’m sorry for that, also. My current perspective can best be summed up by a line from The Godfather, when Michael Corleone leans over the hospital bed of his critically injured father, Don Corleone, and says “I’m with you now…”

  41. Jenny Bark says:

    Pit Bull Lover, everybody is telling you the truth, you will sleep better at night. In a couple of weeks cooking will start feeling like you always did it for her. It sounds like you are going to home cook instead of raw, I believe either is ok. I use the same book as Cathy but I also use his other book “Home-prepared Dog & Cat Diets” paperback is about $10.00 at Amazon. I like it a lot.

    I don’t know about you but when I grew up our pets where feed from the table & they lived a long life & we could not afford much vet care. Now I, like everybody else take our babies to the vet all the time & their life & qualty isn’t near as long or good, imo. Just something to think about when you get scared like the rest of us did at first that you arn’t doing good enough. Imo anything you ddo is one He!! of a lot better than whatever you are feeding. Good Luck.

  42. straybaby says:

    kb says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    kb. you can make your own supplement mix with whole food sources from the health food store. look at pitcarin and others for supplement mixes. or you can join something like

    some raw lists are against supplementing, but many people prefer to. i have been ordering some things online as it’s easier to check them out vs in the store. i know what’s available around me, so i try and stick to those so i have an immediate source in the future. i ordered nutritional yeast, dried whole egg and a few other things in bulk and have them stashed in the freezer. i also read what’s in some of the supplement mixes specifically made for raw diets. i try and buy large amounts of what will keep in the cupboard or freezer just in case . . . lol!~ me paranoid?!

  43. kb says:

    Pitbull Lover, just a couple of less squimish ideas for raw - preground raw diet such as Bravo, just like handling ground beef, or Honest Kitchen, a dehydrated raw diet. Just add hot water. Smells delicious.

  44. Jenny Bark says:

    E. I’m so glad you are posting. I don’t know what state you live in but I would really like to take you out to dinner at a place of your choice.

  45. straybaby says:

    “Maybe I’ll discover some basic meals that can be modified for dog and human.”

    pull out the crock pot! we share stews and many other lovely things like egg dishes, meatball dishes, fruits, pasta salads and the list goes on. every meal doesn’t have to be 100% balanced and complete. you want an overall balanced and complete diet. i rotate meats, fish types etc. for all the pets and myself. kinda like feeding a healthy diet to a human family. also kinda like the old days! LOL!~ back when i fed canned to the cats, i always rotated the food/flavors. vets have started suggesting it over the past few years to help with a balanced diet and other reasons.

    btw, do ya think we all need to start sending mr fda who can’t home cook the glowing reports are pets get from the vet?! hehehehe . ..

  46. kb says:

    Thanks! I just ordered the Pitcarin book and have an appointment with a holistic vet mid October, takes that long to get in. I’ll check out the yahoo group, too. And what could possibly make us paranoid?

  47. straybaby says:

    i think pitcarin cooks, but you can use the same model for raw. there’s another book called the ultemit diet that also has a good food/supplement plan to follow. it’s got meal schedules mapped out so you can get an idea of feeding raw over a week/month. i used it to help wrap my head around everything. you can drive yourself nuts researching until you hit overload. this was simple to follow, even if you don’t use the exact diet, for balancing and variety.

  48. straybaby says:

    i should add, that i also have 2 editions of the pitcarin book and use it! didn’t want to make it sound like i didn’t! and now i’m trying to remember if he cooks or it’s strombeck. OY! very tired here . . .

  49. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Hey, I just discovered *another* library book I’d checked out and forgotten about: Food Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin. Good thing, because I really don’t want to feed any raw meat to the dog, and Pitcairn appears to be pro-raw. (I’ve had a lot on my plate — har! har! — lately, but maybe will find time soon to post in the forums and hash out — lol! — the reasons I’m reluctant to feed raw meat to my beloved canine.)

  50. kb says:

    I just found an interesting website,, National Animal Supplement Council. I haven’t had time to look at it in detail yet.
    PBL - love bad puns!

  51. Jenny Bark says:

    Pit Bull Lover, Ann Martins book is really good. I use it to get people off of pfi food. Get ready to do a lot of crying but now I know for shure you won’t use pfi food after reading it.

  52. llp says:

    Is anyone using Balance It Vitamins? This was recommended by the Nutritionist from Pet Diets.

  53. straybaby says:

    llp, i don’t know anything about the vitamins, but the vet that owns the site/vitamins consults with walmart and the pfi and was just hired by Natura. he is a nutritionist, but i would want to know the source of EVERYTHING in his blend. again, i know nothing about the vitamins, his background/education seems fine otherwise, but who he associates with is something i take into consideration these days. i also thought his site was expensive. much cheaper to buy a book!

  54. CarolPW says:


    When the pet food excrement hit the fan (for me on April 14th), I paid for the cat and dog food recipes and bought their recommended supplement from Balance-It. They are probably excellent in terms of nutritional value, but they seem to be entirely synthetic (not derived from whole food sources). I couldn’t stand the smell, and my impression was that they gave the pet food a ‘chemical’ taste (yes, I taste the pet food I make).

  55. llp says:

    straybaby, thanks for the info. I paid PetDiets for a homecooked diet recommendation, they included the Balance It Supplement in their recommendations. I will e-mail them with more questions. I have all the books, paid a fortune for them, the bone meal made the dog sick, she kept losing weight. All started from cpf poisioning. I needed a specific diet which included all medical history from the vet.

  56. llp says:

    Carol, what are you using now? I am not happy about synthetic vitamins! I would like to know how to duplicate the recommendations with natural vitamin sources. Have you found any?

  57. Katie says:

    llp, I don’t use Balance It but talk to your vet. It is possible that you can substitute a baby vitamin or half of an adult vitamin - depending upon your dog’s weight.

    I agree with you all, home cooking at first - I was terrified and driving myself nuts worrying about every little vitamin and mineral. What I found with the help of others is: balance over time.

    Some ideas: This past week I made a big batch of doggie meatballs. Ground Beef, raw glutinous rice, raw grated carrots, and egg whites mixed, formed into 4oz meatballs baked in muffin tins. I made three dozen and now they are in the freezer. Quick meals. When fed, I’ll mix with oatmeal and sweet potato - only because my dog needs some carbs. Every pet is different.

    I also learned; it’s okay if within the meat source there is some tendon or a little fat or some skin, etc. If you speak with your store’s butcher they will give you a wholesale price on bulk because they don’t need to make small packages. Buy on sale!
    Pets don’t need really expensive meat cuts. Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt; all count as protein sources.

    If you are unable to cook for your pets, don’t feel bad. We can all only do what we are physically and monetarily able to do. If you need to buy pet food, read your labels, call and ask questions, hound the companies.

    E. I love what your friends are doing. That sounds like a lot of fun, a group cooking for their dogs. I love it!


  58. straybaby says:


    you can save egg shells and grind them for calcium or try oyster shell calcium. i feed with raw bones, but include eggshells in the diet when it needs balance depending on what’s being fed. i have a dedicated coffee grinder for shells and such. you can also pop a whole egg in a food processor or one of the smaller food choppers and process it and mix it in with ground meat. you can also do up a dozen at a time and freeze them in ice cube trays and then bag the cubes for storage in the freezer. you may be able to find powdered eggshell. i found one supplement that was eggshell, but had D and magnesium (sp?!) added. all usa origins, but i haven’t checked out yet whether the added stuff are ok for the cats/dog with what i’m feeding for balance.

  59. E. Hamilton says:

    Pit Bull Lover, I am light years from fearless, and I have WANTED to quit this fight and turn away so many times, but I did not send a good dog to hell to quit on MY part of the deal. Simple as that.

    Jenny, when this mess quits messing with my appetite and ability to keep what I can eat I will be delighted to take you up on that! I am near to daring the FDA to sue ME by publishing the gag a maggot FDA diet, absolutely guaranteed to kill your desire for food and cause weightloss faster than drinking tap water in Juarez.

    I DREAM about getting some people under oath and in front of a jury. Sad, isn’t it? My subconscious wants Duane on the stand more than it wants Russell Crowe without pants right now.

    Testing the food is STILL something I want to get done , mainly because I think testing will nail some of these a$$holes to the wall.

  60. JJ in IL says:

    Just wanted to ask if all the people who are keeping their pet food til the day they can afford testing - are you storing it in the frig or freezer so it does not go bad or turn moldy? Might that alter the tests you eventually can afford to have done?
    I stopped feeding after the Innova posts so home cook now and my dogs coat is so healthy, soft and shiny. Straybaby good minds think alike - I too home cook like you suggest and rotate but did look up what vitamins and minerals they need and buy the food that has these vitamins and nutrients in it rather than trust vitamins and supplements since I have no idea where they might be from and what they exactly contain. Rather be safe than sorry later.

  61. JJ in IL says:

    E. under oath? Nah, lets just skip that and have a gas chamber handy. Either you fess up or in you go - your choice.

  62. CarolPW says:


    I’m hyper-sensitive about how things smell so I might not be a good guide, but my favorite (and the pet’s have no objections) is Nature’s Logic All Food Fortifier. Smells like food, natural food sources, and the pet food tastes like food (although if I were eating it I would want more salt and some pepper).

  63. straybaby says:


    yup, i try and have most everything come from whole food sources. cats get clams for taurine along with hearts. and other body parts for essential vitamins/etc. same with the dog. i do supplement, but i buy whole food single supplements and mix my own. it must be something i recognize as a food source like eggshells, nutritional yeast, whole egg powder etc. these are bought after checking the source/origin with the company (mostly organic) and then i buy bulk and store. if my dog and i share stew, for breakfast the next morning she’ll get raw eggs w/shells and some yogurt and whateverelse to balance the missing calcium in the stew. i keep a sort of casual eye on the overall balance. but i’ve been doing it for over 5 years now. i used to use some vitamins, but stopped all vitamins in the home after ChemNutra’s name became public at the begining of April. scary that you can’t even trust buying Vitamin C at the health food store!

    oh, i forgot to mention to all you home feeders and home feeders to be! my dog LOVES smoothies!! berry banana is her fav. we share them after a park romp. used to be only in the summers, but now i have a freezer full of fresh local organic fruits, so we can go until next summer!l lot’s of good stuff in a fruit/yogurt smoothie. i add a whole egg (with shell) in the dogs portion. free range from a local small source. check your farmer’s markets!

  64. E. Hamilton says:

    JJ in IL

    I LIKE that idea!
    Do they twitch and flop in the gas chamber? I kind of have my heart set on the twitching and flopping and may look on Ebay for an “old Sparky” model electric chair. Just in case.

    I hear that if “clerical errors” or “suppliers from China” or some other lame excuse can be made up that the fun can last for hours.
    I wonder, how long does it take between questioning ..yeah thats it , totally legal questioning in that safe FDA approved chair over there before you can trot in the next one? Should I pack a picnic, make a day of it?

    I have quite the list of potential sizzlers.
    Or gas would be fine, I can be reasonable.

  65. Jenny Bark says:

    E. You got a date. Maybe when this part of the food is over with a lot of us would like to get together & meet but your dinner is on me. Imo the food problem is just starting I think more & more humans are going to start geeting sick. I want to be wrong.

    On Lou Dobbs the other day someone wrote in & wanted to know if it was possible to sue the FDA. Lou laughed & said “now that’s something I would like to see”. I think a lot of people hate Duane besides the pet people. I believe & hope that he will be talked about & in books for years & years to come about all the ugly, evil, hateful ways he did his job.

  66. Pit Bull Lover says:

    What? Another raw vs. cooked debate?


  67. Jenny Bark says:

    E. I told you before you come up with the ideas & I’ll do my best to help. You have a lot of us that will do the best we can for you & our babies.

  68. Jenny Bark says:

    E. I’ll go along with the gas chamber if we can have the tv stations their too. All America needs to see that.

  69. Jenny Bark says:

    Pit Bull Lover, No I bet if we ask E. she let one little part raw. I’ll let you ask her.

  70. E. Hamilton says:

    Then Lou ought to be getting a lot of emails letting him know that somebody IS suing the FDA, Don is fighting the good fight and Lou needs to get on board!

    Not getting into the raw versus cooked debate, NOPE, not goin there.

    Toss a mouse in the blender and call it a snack for kitty.
    There was, oh months ago, a thread on petconnection with some things like rat flambe, roadkill delight, pigeon pie,or stuff like that, I lost a really nice pair of panties to that thread. Good luck on finding it now.

  71. Jenny Bark says:

    I did e-mail him about Don, will do it again sure won’t hurt. Might be a good idea if some other people did too. I don’t always express myself that good on the computer. Well do it in the morning because thanks to you & your gas chamber & mouse in the blender I have to clean up before I go to bed.

  72. 5CatMom says:

    Some of the comments about REAL FOOD are great. I started a new thread in the forums. Please help others - share your knowledge and experience.

    See Pet Food Info: News (Recall Related): Real Food - Your Best Defense

  73. Rescue4Life says:

    Hi. new here–sick over this–was one of the duped millions using Iams until my eyes were oepned when my precious Freddy was disgnose with HSA and I reseached and found out about the pet food horror. Went to newman’s Own organics–then they were linked with a controversial additive. Adopted two dogs with extreme sensitivities/allergies… Canidae has made them healthy, symptom free and they love it–I used canned lamb & rice mixed with Sr Dry…. Now this. I had tried home-cooked but it didn’t work too well. My husband and I work long hours and eat crap ourselves–I worry about hwta the babies eat far more than myself. I need a reliable, GOOD, prepared pet food. My question is this; IS THERE NOTHING LEFT??????? Is there not even one brand we can trust. ANd of course–now I have $800 worth of Candidae in cans stockpiled b/c of the shortage recently–was terrified to be without it–still payig off credit card bill I used to pay for online order.

    If you really caan’t do home cooked, what is there? Thanks!

  74. E. Hamilton says:

    Rescue4Life says

    There are plenty of folks who are in your situation, I wish I had a good answer for you, I don’t. The desperation and fear and worry part is real familiar, and just as we know about how awful this nightmare is, the pet food companies know what they have done, they just don’t give a damn.

    There are sections in the forum that deal with pet food, you can find help there.
    People will be happy to tell you what they know, welcome to the site and I hope things work out for you and your pets.

  75. Roberto P. says:

    I honestly thought homecooked was impossible, but my wife and I are doing it. Some people have done serious research and they can help you. Please don’t give up!

  76. Moosemarcy says:

    I also stopped Canidae. So now am home feeding. What do you all think about oatmeal? Is tuna okay? Can anyone give me more idea’s. We eat healthy so I end up giving them what we are eating for dinner. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

  77. Trudy Jackson says:

    All I know is a little tuna won’t hurt. But it does have mercury in it. so i’m careful with it.

  78. E. Hamilton says:

    If you want clean food and water, move to another planet.
    That is my conclusion.

    Here is the biggest tip I give folks about home cooking for pets.

    Don’t put POISON in the food and you are already doing a better job than the “experts” who somehow managed to bungle the job.

  79. Jenny Bark says:

    Moosemarcy, my 3 dogs had oatmeal with a little bit of cottage cheese for breakfest. My cat had chicken. I don’t know if it is good for them or not but they sure like it. Oatmeal is in Dr. Strombeck’s book. Tonight for supper they will get more protein with thir meal. I give my dogs oatmeal about 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t used canned fish of any kind. I will give all of them a little bit of fresh wild tuna (not from china) off and on. I don’t know as much as a lot of posters on here so you will get more answers. I think as long as you balance the food out over a few days your ok. My babiess blood work is ok. Good luck

  80. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with what E, Hamilton says. Anything is better than what ever you buy from pfi.

  81. Shadoe says:

    Rescue for life

    I am also new here, but to my knowledge nothing has been proven about Canidae food being tainted. It is all speculation at this point. I have fed Canidae All Life for over 3 years now. When the recall hit, I made phone calls and actually got to speak with a representative of the company! There is a 1-800 number on the cans I suggest you call the company. From these postings, the alleged “tainted” food was a dry kibble anyway. I have not heard that they have tested cans?? Call Canidae. There is not a conspiracy to hurt our animals!

  82. E. Hamilton says:

    Since there sure as hell IS a conspiracy to lie about the death toll and cover up the news, and not pay vet bills like they SAID they would and “silent” recalls and so many other things how, exactly, do you make the leap to trusting a pet food company to tell the truth?

    I have some lovely waterfront land in Las Vegas for sale that might be of interest to you. Healthy for your pets too, the very same healthy pets shown on the big bucks TV ads that the pet food companies are spending money on, instead of paying for the damage caused by POISON sold as premium pet food, can survive being photographed on the only slightly “tainted” with radiation former A-bomb testing site. Now called PFI Acres, the land has very diverse wildlife, some with 3 eyes and 5 legs, bring the kids for a tour!

  83. Jenny Bark says:

    Shadoe, I never have fed Canidae. I use to feed Eulanuba & then after the trouble to National Balance. I have been burnt 2 times & will never feed any commercial again. This is America and you are free to feed anything you feel safe with and so am I. It all comes down to a matter of what anybody trusts. I do also have to say I trust ExperTox labs & so do the courts in USA. Nobody is telling you what to feed. Good Luck.

  84. kb says:

    We’re looking for people to share the expense of testing an unopened bag of Canidae over in the forums.

  85. Denise says:

    I STOPPED feeding Canidae several years ago when I discovered a LARGE piece of blue plastic in the canned food. I contacted the store, the wholesaler and the manufacturer. The store offered to replace the can and then notified the supplier and the manufacturer.

    I notified the manufacturer. They really didn’t care. They told me to send the plastic to them. I sent them pictures of the plastic in the can food as I was opening it and then spread out the plastic on the table, took more pictues, and showed it with a ruler so they could see how big it was. They said maybe it could have been from an ingredients bag that accidently got into the food. Well, I thought, no freakin’ kidding! I didn’t send the plastic. That was the only proof. They could have thrown it out and said it never happened.

    They may have thought I was trying to scam them or something??? I don’t know. But I was feeding 6 large dogs at the time both canned and dry Canidae mixed. I spent hundreds of dollars every two weeks at the feed store. Because of their non response and not caring I switched to another brand. They lo$t a good cu$tomer.

  86. E. Hamilton says:

    What _is_ it with this blue plastic crap in pet food?

    I have seen soooo many things about this blue plastic, weird, just weird. Maybe the blue plastic is what they keep the poison in, or whatever.

    I had a friend find some in a can of pet food and she has it and the can in a bag, saved in the freezer. Freaked her into home cooking.

    Blue plastic, too many times this blue plastic is showing up in pet food.

    I have seen and examined the piece of plastic, this is NOT bag plastic, too hard and thick to be a BAG.

    Maybe we are on to something here.

  87. Denise says:

    Maybe! The plastic I found was thicker than “a normal” plastic bag too. It could be the “viamin or mineral bag” or some other additive. I was glad I found it. I could have accidently fed it and killed a dog!

  88. Katie says:


    My dog eats 2 - 4 oz of oatmeal every AM, mixed in with her other meal ingredients. My dog requires carbs and cannot exist on a excessively high protein diet. She loss 10% of her body weight on excessively high protein. Vet is working with me and she is now eating 42% protein 24% fat 34% carbs. She is a 12 yr old golden retriever. Oatmeal is good for dogs. Very easy to digest and rich in vitamins and minerals. Some dogs have trouble with raw oatmeal and do better on cooked, higher water content (more gruel like). Another thing I do is mix white rice,brown rice, barley and cook in my slow cooker and add the oatmeal during the last hour to really soften it up. It’s like a gruel to which I add the proteins and/or veggies. My dog has now gained back her weight loss ( she dropped from 45 lbs to 40 lbs in a month, thats how we knew high protein wasn’t working) all animals metabolism is different so keep track of weight gain and loss. I will say on home cooked she has beautiful coat, no itchies, finally normal bloodwork!, clear eyes and good energy level.

    I don’t know about tuna, but I’ve used sardines (blended in the blender) canned salmon, white fish (cod and halibut) with no problems. Some dogs do develop itchies on salmon, if it happens just remove from diet.

    You can make up a big batch of grated vegtables in a processor, freeze in portions and feed raw or lightly cooked depending upon your preference or animals. Watch the animals poop, if the veggies come out as they went in, you need to process more or cook and puree. May sound complicated, but after you find what works for your animal it becomes really simple and quick! And, it is amazing to see the difference between commercial and home cooked.


  89. Katie says:

    Royal Canin:
    I heard from some golden retriever breeders that a select group of breed judges and breeders have been invited to Chicago (all expenses paid by Royal Canin) to a seminar where Royal Canin wants their input on developing a commercial food just for goldens. I don’t know if they have plans to do this for the other breeds. But it sounded like they want to produce a breed specific food.

    Me thinks the commercial pet food companies are working the PR in high gear.


  90. Trudy Jackson says:

    Yes, Remember I kept finding the blue plastic in the cans of Friskies I was feeding. I kept them all.

  91. E. Hamilton says:

    Trudy, the brand of can that the blue plastic was found in was not that one, I will not post here what brand it was, troll attraction that brand names have, but it is a “supposed to be safe, EXPENSIVE brand” and man, was she ticked to find it!

    I have to go see how many references I can find to this blue plastic in pet food.

  92. Denise says:

    What size dog?

  93. Denise says:

    45 lbs for a Golden seems waaay light.

  94. E. Hamilton says:

    I started a thread about the blue plastic in the forums.

    I am finding a whole lot of reports about this plastic, this one color blue from the pics and it all seems to be the same material, ALL of it, no matter what brand.

  95. MarySmith says:

    re: blue plastic

    I’ve read somewhere in the past, that this blue plastic may be ‘ear tags’ from the hogs and cows that are sent to the rendering plants and then find their way into the pet food.

  96. Trudy Jackson says:

    I have to say something about the food We eat. We have a lot of perdue chicken houses in this town. The Mexicans take these buses they cut down and take the baby chickens to the farms. The buses are deisel. My husband is a deisel mechanic. So, when the bus breaks down they bring it to His work. Last year they found a baby chicken left on the bus. i think it got in the glove compartment. this happens all the time, because the babies escape. The guys at work find them everywhere. And under anything you can imagine. After the guys have dropped the babies off they can’t just bring one back and say it got loose. So, they usually leave it and it dies. All the guys have been bringing them home. Last year My husband ended up with one. We had chickens so that was fine. I had to put it in a large cage I have until it got big enough to go out. It started to grow real weired. It got huge in the breast but no where else. and so fast I couldn’t believe it. It could hardly stand up after a while. The body part was just to big to support. I went out to feed it one day and it was dead, tipped upside down. the other guys had the same things happen. I think it got so big so fast that it was too big to support the heart.
    So yesterday, He found another one and it would have been left for the weekend to die so He brought it home. I’m going to watch this one even closer. And take pictures if it does this again.
    They are usually killed at a very early age, so I guess mine was too old. And yet it was still a baby.
    So, since it never had a mother , what in the Hell did they inject into the eggs to get these chickens to grow so fast? Nothing very good, I’m sure. this is really a terrible thing. This is also what We are eating. More chemicals and garbadge.It sure makes You wonder??

  97. Katie says:


    My golden’s competition weight in her younger years was 49lb. She is a small golden. At 7 years of age she was diagnosed with reactive histiocytosis (possibly systemic) so she is on long term prednisone to keep the disease under control. She has lost all her muscle mass - so she is even a lighter weight dog now. When the recall came….she ended up with kidney problems… on home cooking her autoimmune disease became completely stabilized, her lesions are gone, and her kidney function tests are back to normal. But my vet and I found she needs carbs in the way of some grains to maintain body weight. She is a very active 12 year old. Reason I found it is really important to remember when home cooking or even buying commercial dog food that all dogs can be different metabolically and have different needs. I found with my dog, while I could take a diet “template”, I needed to watch her weight and activity level and add or delete food items. Something else that is different for her, and I don’t know if it is the result of the cont. food in Feb. or just the years on commercial food - but in order for her to benefit from a home cooked diet, I need to puree all grains and veggies to a gruel form and shred my chicken or turkey. She does better on grd hamburger than on beef stew meat. Maybe all the years of commercial food messed up her GI tract!


  98. Denise says:

    The blue plastic I found was a ragged sheet approx 12″ x 5″. It was probably only a piece of a larger sheet. It was stretched and torn a bit on the edges, like it was ripped off. In the can it was sort of spiraled and twisted tightly.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if an ear tag made it in. It would be more like a poker chip type fragment I think.

  99. Katie says:

    Is the blue plastic like the recyclable bags used in some places?


  100. E. Hamilton says:

    Katie, no it is stiffer than bag material. I just got back from looking at the piece I know about and that thing has a wicked sharp edge on it , it could very well perforate MY stomach if I ate it and whether it is ear tags from cattle or not that does NOT belong in pet food.
    And I am going out tomorrow to look at an assortment of “ear tags” because I really do not think that is what it is.

    I have talked to several people today who have some ideas.

    Geez, the more you look the more you find I guess, too bad the industry that makes the crap food is not all that concerned. But we knew that already.


  101. JJ in IL says:

    E. - gotta luv the elec. seat too! In gas room they grope and scratch at the air trying to get a breath. That might be a real good exp. for them to have and if they can survive it then guess they’d need a lil jolt in the ole chair afterwards, wouldn’t they?

  102. jane says:

    Concerning plastic, My cat died in May, she was diabetic and had all the toxic symptoms. I was using a long, under the bed plastic storage container for a litter box to make it easier for her to get in and out of. As I was scraping a block of urine from the corner and side of the container ( clumping litter) I noticed it being strange. The clump was encased in a plastic wall, thick white plastic all around the urine. In fact, it actually stood up alone. Did not appear to be from the container or litter. Decided it must have been a reaction from the urine and the container. Vet agreed as there was no other explanation at the time, and she was having a lot of problems at that time. Continued to use same container, it never happened again. I also use these containers for other cats and have never had a problem. I’ve always wondered if the poison food she was on could have been the cause. Also, does anyone know how to get a reddish, orange stain out of a carpet. She had missed the litter box and this stain will not come out, almost looks like a dye. This poor cat went through hell, many vet trips, and I still miss her so much. Yes, I hold the pet food co. responsible and don’t understand how it can continue on and on.

  103. Trudy Jackson says:

    The plastic I have came from The Friskies can. I think it was 3 different cans of savory salmon. I have a 20 year old cat who just had all Her teeth out, and she would eat something real soft.
    Anyway, I just checked on My plastic peices in My baggie where I keep them. they are drying out and look little and very sharp, and very hard.

  104. purringfur says:

    For those researching plastic ear or tail tags???

    Some ear tags contain insecticides. Some say designed to remain flexible in any temperatures. Several colors.

  105. Trudy Jackson says:

    And these were very flexible until I put them in the baggie. Some of Mine are different colors. Blue and some black.

  106. E. Hamilton says:

    There is a thread in the forum for info on the plastic pieces.

    I am almost sorry that I brought it up because this is bound to degenerate into another “this lot of that food over some other brand of overpriced poison labeled as premium pet food” and there will be many excuses made for each company involved, when as far as I can tell the pet food companies are real good at making excuses for themselves, an inventive bunch, those guys.

    And someone is bound to get all pissy over HOW the research is being done, not to their exacting standards. Geez, people who will call a pet food company and take the word of some anonymous customer service rep paid by a proven poisoner , sometimes the very company that killed their pets and has not paid the vet bill, will then get all bent out of shape over the lab used for the testing and why the person who paid for the testing is not posting, under their real name , all the info, in every detail that the pissy person wants.

    It makes no nevermind to me because I aint buying any pet food , I was just curious because there is a staggering amount of plastic pieces in pet food and that seems…bad.

    But hey, let the games begin, what is a little more crap and grief and hurt after the last 6 months?

  107. Katie says:

    E. I’m glad you brought the topic up. I’m home cooking but have friends who still want to feed commercial. It won’t be until they have a sick or dying pet that they will finally come to their senses. But the info. on the blue plastic and clumping of vitamins/minerals is something I try to caution them about so they will at least monitor what the kibble and canned food looks like while dishing it out.

    Caution and alertness keeps us all safe.


  108. Kristi says:

    Blue plastic? I’ve been out of the livestock business for a while, but I know that there used to be ear tags in beef cattle that released powerful doses of insecticide to deal with all the flies, etc. in feedlots. Still around? That would be just great in dog food too.

  109. Macy says:

    When this contaminated dog food thing started, I decided that I would home cook for my dog. I felt that if this thing happened once, it could very well happen again.

    As far as having the dog food tested, what will that begin to mean, you have to send out a sample before you feed your dog from the bag of food. Even if you did that, what if they tell you the food is safe to feed and it isn’t. You can not trust any of them, with anything. They make mistakes, they blame it on someone else, they lie, they tell someone else to lie for them. Positively absurd.

    We have seen how nasty and corrupt all of this has turned out to be

    It takes more time for me to home cook, I enjoy doing it … I am relaxed, I am not a nervous wreck, I am not scared when I see my dog eating his food. I am not thinking the whole time he is eating, what if there is something wrong with it — what if this bag is safe, what about the next bag or the bag after that. When will your luck run out

    I researched it well, my dog gets good food .. his calcium, his vitamins, his green blend, his omega 3 etc, etc

    It is the only way to go. I love him far too much for anything else.

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