Dog Owners Celebrate Pit Bulls With March

Pit bullTo counter the bad rap that pit bulls usually get, pit bull owners and their dogs marched in a Luv-a-Bully march to show that pit bulls are wonderful and loving dogs.

The second annual Luv-a-Bully March took place this past Saturday in various states: Indiana, California, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

In Indianapolis, about 200 people and their pit bulls, many dressed in Halloween costumes, gathered downtown to protest breed-specific legislation and shatter the negative stereotype of pit bulls.

A spokeswoman for the Indiana march said, “We have city-county councilors educated enough to know it’s not the dogs that are the problem, it’s the owners. What we do is gather as responsible dog owners and march because we need something fun for these dogs.”

One dog owner who marched with his two pit bulls stated, “I just want people to see these dogs are wonderful animals, not the monsters people think they are and the media sometimes portrays them to be. It’s important for people to see they are loving, sweet animals.”

Source: WTHR

9 Responses to “Dog Owners Celebrate Pit Bulls With March”

  1. Lynne says:

    Good for them! I wonder if any of the dogs/owners came dressed as Buster Brown?

  2. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Yeahhhh! I totally ruvs da bullies! :-D

  3. catmom5 says:


  4. Lynn says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Amazing what a little pink bow can do.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Boy is this great. The article said this happened in other states how come none of us heard of it. I bet a lot of us would have supported them. I know one older lady who would love to take her Pit mix & another older lady who wouldn’t be able to do it but proberly would love me to take her Pit. Hope we hear about it next year. Does any know if it happened in Pa.?

  6. Nora and Rufus says:

    Wish there would have been one here in my town. Two weekends ago there was a 2 day Pet Expo with over 80 vendors and lots of exhibitions and whatnot of fun to take your doggies to. There were various pitt bulls there with their owners and the Bullies were some of the most friendly, biggest tail waggers and smiling happy doggies at the Pet Expo. And the pet parents were VERY proud.

  7. Mary says:

    For all that want to get involved in the future, there are wonderful groups out there that promote responsible dog ownership for all breeds.
    There is the Love A Bull site, and Pit bull rescue site as well as fight BSL.
    All you have to do is want to educate the mass media, and be dedicated to stopping breed specific legislation. Even if you are not a pit bull lover, these laws effect everyone. As one breed falls to regulations, restrictions and bans - so too will others. Currently there are 56 breeds listed on breed specific legislation. Many people think its Just a Pit Bull problem, but its not. Promoting responsible dog ownership no matter the breed is the only way to stop dog incidents and accidents. That includes being a responsible parent and always supervising children around dogs.
    Thank you for supporting all our dogs!

  8. Jennifer Evans says:

    This is a great idea! Responsible ownership must be promoted and breed-neutral dangerous dog ordinances need to be given to officials so they have an alternative. there are lots of non-breed-specific laws out there that actually work to keep communities safer. BSL does NOT work and does NOT make communities safer. It only hurts responsible owners with well-socialized, good dogs! There are actually 75 different breeds banned throughout the country in various places so BSL truly does affect all dog owners, not just pit bull owners!

    Anyone who owns a dog needs to write to their city councilmen, mayors, police chief and esp candidates up for election. Let them know you oppose BSL and will not support or vote for any candidates that are in favor of BSL. Our dogs live’s depend on it!

  9. Robert Davis says:

    This is a wonderful idea and I’m so glad to see some good publicity!

    Robert Davis

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