Dog Owners Complain About Mayor Who Commented On Dog Poop

Dog Waste SignMayor Ralph Wiseman is in some deep dog poop.

This mayor of a town in Canada made inappropriate remarks about how to deal with dog waste around the area. At a council meeting in August, Wiseman suggested that one way to deal with dog waste in a park was to euthanize dogs and get baseball bats for dealing with the dog owners.

He later apologized for his remarks, but he is still feeling the frustration and anger from dog owners. Many feel that he should resign for his insensitive remarks and attitude.

“Ralph came in to council and came out with this outrageous harangue. I feel I think the man should resign.… He is unfit for office at this point,” a dog owner said. “I think he has promoted violence … and abuse of animals.”

During a council meeting, dog owners brought their dogs and put up signs that said “Ralph Not-So-Wiseman” and “The mayor needs a muzzle.”

One person even brought dog poop into the meeting.

Wiseman said he has apologized for his comments and will not resign over what he said. But this may bite him later on because protesters said they will bring up his comments again when he goes up for re-election.

Source: CBC News

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29 Responses to “Dog Owners Complain About Mayor Who Commented On Dog Poop”

  1. Lynne says:

    Okay, the mayor is a boob. That sign is funny, though.

  2. E. Hamilton says:

    First, having pets euthanized is not cruel and I, myself, have OFTEN had the urge to take a baseball bat to people who do not clean up after their pets.

    Ruining a nice walk in the park with piles of poop is probably not going to make people feel all warm and fuzzy about animals in general and all the people getting upset should laugh, be glad the mayor HAS a sense of humor and then get after anyone who fails to clean up after their pet.

    The people freaking out about this are just making themselves look stupid.
    SOLVING the problem might be a better choice but why do that when you can make the world a little more politically correct?

  3. nora says:

    The sign is cute but the mayor’s comment proves he is UNFIT for office. And E. if you think that all instances of euthanizing a pet is NOT cruel, try telling that to the man and his son who’s dog was mistakenly put down WHILE they were in the waiting room of the Williamson County Animal Shelter where they found her, waiting to take their fur kid home. And yes, everyone should clean up after their doggies, but Jesus, I hardly find the jerk mayor’s comment FUNNY. Only an animal hater would say something like that.

  4. E. Hamilton says:

    Euthanasia, done correctly is NOT a cruel process. Mistakes in what happens at shelters do happen, and the animals put down at shelters probably do not suffer NEAR as much as the hundreds of thousands who died or are suffering yet due to the poison. I am aware that this is not the case at all shelters.

    I would rather people had animals put down than dumped, want to argue about that?

    The mayor, as I read the story , said baseball bats should be used on the irresponsible pet owners. The man must be a heck of an orator if herds of people are now running amok bashing people who have let their dogs or cats poop all over the city.

  5. kaefamily says:

    During an aggravating frustration, we all say things out loud when we should only think about. I think the man’s words resonated lots of pet owners (myself included) and non-pet owners’s wishful thinking. He should have chosen his words MORE carefully.

    Regardless of my being a very responsible pet owner, I almost cursed the hell of an irresponsible pet owner whose pets went diarrhea on my lawn last week! Baseball bats are harsh. Use a garden hose on those people would be more fun and humane!

  6. kaefamily says:

    Man, not much time to save a modified post :-(
    I meant to say “use the garden hose to water the offenders; not their pets. It’s no fault of the children if their parents are the rotten ones. “

  7. nora says:

    no E, because that all that you want to do is argue. So, go ahead and say that the man in a govering position is correct in saying all dogs who defecate and are not cleaned up after shoud be euthanized. THAT is the ISSUE.

  8. JustMe says:

    Sorry, the mayor sounds like a Neanderthal to me. No offense to those funny “cavemen” in the GEICO commericals.

  9. nora says:

    no E, because that is all that you want to do is argue. So, go ahead and say that the man in a govering position is correct in saying all dogs who defecate and are not cleaned up after shoud be euthanized. THAT is the ISSUE.

  10. shibadiva says:

    To be fair to the Vancouverites whose sign is pictured, Ralph Wiseman is mayor of a city at the other end of the country.

  11. 3FURS says:

    I don’t think the mayor really meant all dogs who poo in public places should be killed or their owners beaten with bats. I see it as a frustrated man ,possably receiving numerous complaints from citizens. Never the less he did get his point across.!! Maybe it will encourage more people to speak up, when they see dog owners leave feces on the ground. It’s really not difficult to clean up after your dog. Dog feces is not only smelly and nasty to get off your shoes, but it can carry worms to another dog or child if it gets into their mouth. I wish more city mayors would become more vocal on this issue. Anyone who thinks that it’s repulsive to pick up after their dog, shouldn’t have a dog, in my opinion.

  12. Lis says:

    So, E. thinks that having pets killed because their owners didn’t pick up after them is not cruel, and that in fact suggesting killing the pets and beating the owners with baseball bats for this shows a healthy sense of humor.

    E. thinks that pets whose original owners either can’t or won’t keep them should be killed immediately rather than getting even a slim chance to find a new home.

    And E. calls other people “trolls” for not instantly swallowing whole every claim that yet another super-premium food is poisoned, regardless of the eixstence or non-existence of supporting evidence.

    She’s not a pet lover; she’s an animal rights troll.

  13. E. Hamilton says:

    No, the ISSUE is wading through steaming piles of poo , which is a problem in too many places.

    I truly admire this guy for speaking his mind, hammered by “don’t you dare say an UN-politically correct thing” fanatics though he will be.

  14. nora says:

    NO ONE HERE THINKS IT IS NOT OK TO PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET!!!!!! You guys are total cry babies about steaming piles of poo. Watch where you walk crybabies. You could fall off a cliff too. Whoops, there you go!

  15. mittens says:

    people who are WAY too sensitive and have no sense of humour need to be beat with baseball bats then euthanized. it’s really for the best for the genetic pool if we’re to survive as a species.

  16. CGP says:

    I think the mayor’s remarks are in extremely poor taste - politically correct or not. Making comments about euthanasia for such minor offenses - generally because of a problem with the owner and not the dog - is unacceptable. Doesn’t he have a city to run with bigger problems than that? It would seem the problem can be rectified without making idiotic statements.

  17. Lis says:

    E., nobody steps in my dog’s poop, because I pick it up. And yes, I’m annoyed when I encounter piles of poop from dogs whose owners DIDN’T pick it up.

    I think you and your buddy the mayor need to get over yourselves. A pile of poop is not a death penalty offense. It’s an inconvenience. It deserves a fine, not over-the-top rhetoric about killing the dogs and battering the owners with baseball bats.

    I do note with interest that you are using the phrase “politically correct” in its now-standard usage: to defend rudeness, indecency, and general offensiveness as “humor” which those objecting to it, object to only on the grounds that they lack “a sense of humor.” E., if you want people to laugh at your jokes, try telling some. Truly.

    But in the meantime, thank you for confirming that you are not, in fact, a pet lover.

  18. E. Hamilton says:

    Thanks for playing, trolls, you are busted. Bigtime busted

  19. pheephee35 says:

    E. Hamilton — you and the mayor both make me sick. Shame on you!!

    When I had a neighbor that consistently brought his dog to my property to have a good poop right next to the fence in my dog’s face, I did not threaten him or his dog. Instead, I waited for them, then said, “Why do you do that every day?”

    He justified it, “WEEEELLLLL, the dog’s gotta poop!”

    I said, “Well then, do what civilized people do, and clean up after him. Its not my job and I am tired of it up. I don’t bring my dog to your yard!”

    After that, he walked the dog on the other side of the street because he saw me watching.

    OKAY? You can get what you want without being a jerk or an ass.

  20. pheephee35 says:

    Lis — Right on. Well, said.

  21. KimS says:

    Obviously the mayor should have chosen better words. He apologized though. If you are in politics you probably shouldn’t say certain things out loud. However, some dog owners need to be a lot more courteous. Most dog owners I know are great about cleaning up.
    He was obviously being flip about it and probably not serious. Man, the comments on this subject contain a lot of righteous indignation.

    Nobody is perfect. People say unkind things. Foot in mouth type things.

    Nobody deserves to get beat up.

    Nobody should kill animals.

    And people, try not getting too hysterical about this. It is really not worth all the hate.

  22. Pukanuba says:

    KimS: Right on……

    I carry a bunch of extra bags because I always see crap on the grass where I play ball with my dog & also where lots of children play. It makes me mad as hell to have to pick up after other irresponsible dog owners…..but I’d rather pick it up than one of us step in it.

    And allow me to say that I’m sick & tired of my neighbors letting their cats run free as they are always over here crapping in my yard. I don’t let my dog run into their yard & crap over there. So it isn’t just dog owners. Dogs just make bigger piles but cat crap still has to be picked up.

    I think this guy spoke out of anger & we all know when you’re angry you say a lot of things you shouldn’t. Ask one who knows (but I’m not a politician & don’t speak publicly).

  23. Lis says:

    E. Hamilton says:

    September 10th, 2007 at 6:34 pm
    Thanks for playing, trolls, you are busted. Bigtime busted


    I looked, and am mystified. Presumably you mean something by this, but your obscurantism defeats me.

  24. Carol Johnson says:

    Dog owners who allow their animals to mess and don’t clean it up are thoughtless and rude. The dogs;however are not responsible for the actions of the humans.

    So the mayor wants to kill the dogs for the irresponsible actions of the owners…and then beat the owners……beating with a baseball bat is more that a little exteme for this.

    As to the remarks of E……????

  25. Carol Johnson says:


    Please do not insult those of us who are truly for animal rights by giving E that label.

    I share your contempt for this person ignorant rants….but they certainly do not represent any animal rights person I know.

    I do not know what E is….but it certainly is nothing that involves care or compassion for animals.

    Remarks about beating and killing are NOT funny….they are simply in the worse possible taste. There is far too much violence to humans and animals for some witless politician to try to make such remarks a “joke”

  26. Carol Johnson says:

    Question for E…what are you doing on a web site for those who care for animals? You obviously HATE animals….and also do not appear to care for people very much either.

    Sorry…but I don’t find anything remotely funny about killing dogs and using baseball bats on people.

    Please don’t try to defend idiotic remarks by claiming “they were just kidding…and we are too sensitive”

  27. KimS says:

    I’m a lot confused here- I went back and read all of E’s comments for myself and I don’t read anything where it’s obvous that E hates animals.
    I didn’t read anything even close to that.
    And Carol, 3 rants in a row in the space of 15 minutes. You seem to be getting off on your anger to E.
    Anger is a drug and perhaps you are indulging a bit too much.

  28. nora says:

    Kim S, please step back and read again, because CAROL IS CORRECT.

  29. KimS says:

    E said having pets euthanized is not cruel, but seemed to say it in general.
    Fine, Carol is correct. But rather obsessed. Oh well, either let it roll off your back or make a career out of it, one or the other.

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