Dog Owners in Geneva Required To Take Special Training Course

Dog Training Courses

A new local law in Geneva is requiring dog owners to take a special course to learn how to handle their dogs. The law was put into effect after a series of fatal dog attacks on people.

Under the new law, owners of guard dogs will have to get certificates stating that they are adults and that their pets are properly trained. Vicious breeds will be limited to one per household and their cross-breeding will be banned.

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The proposal was backed by 81.7 percent of the electorate who turned up to cast their ballot in the western Swiss canton of Geneva.

It will force some 30,000 dog owners to attend a compulsory course on how to handle their pets. The move comes after a series of fatal canine attacks on people.


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7 Responses to “Dog Owners in Geneva Required To Take Special Training Course”

  1. Lynne says:

    Sounds like a good law to me.

  2. Stella says:

    Sounds like an excellent law to me.People need to understand that dogs are a pack animal and need a leader - “cute” 10 pound puppies are easy to lead- 80 pound adult dogs with no training are not.

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    It’s too bad *owner* training courses aren’t mandated more often.

    I don’t know the details of the law besides what is reporting, but the restrictions (limit # of dogs of certain breeds that can be owned in one household, and no cross-breeding) seem reasonable as an alternative to an outright ban. I hope there’s a grandfather clause, though. Imagine having to decide *which* of your two or three dogs to keep?

    Another concern is the designation “vicious breed.” Of course.

  4. Katie says:

    The idea of requiring dog owners to take a class to learn how to train and work with their dogs sounds like a really good idea.


  5. Carol says:

    More info here:

    I think ALL dog owners should have to take a course, personally. And I’m not opposed to mandatory CGC testing for dogs who use off leash parks, either.


  6. Shawnia says:

    I think that some consideration should be put into compulsory training. Some people are responsible pet owners, who have learned how to train their dogs by self teaching or simply because they grew up with dogs and learned how to train them appropriatley from their parents.

    Some questions I have are is there a cost for this training, and what were the factors that lead to the fatal attacks? Were the animals abused, neglected? Not much is mentioned other than there were several fatal attacks. Is this compulsory training really the solution to preventing pets from attacking people? It’s true that some people shouldn’t own pets, but to force responsible pet owners to take or even pay for a training course to teach them what they already know and are doing? It seems a little big brother to me.

    I only hope the electorate in Geneva had all the facts of the attacks, and that this legislation will truly solve this problem.

  7. kae family says:

    They should also mandate that every dog must be chipped before adoption.

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