Dog Picture: Do You Think This Dog Is Innocent?


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10 Responses to “Dog Picture: Do You Think This Dog Is Innocent?”

  1. nora and rufus says:

    Those big dark eyes, that face, those cute skinny little legs, How could you ever suspect……..

  2. Carol says:

    absolutely adorable!!

  3. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    She looks innocent to me! It’s the owner’s fault. I always blame myself if my babies get into mischief. Our world is a big candy store to them.

  4. Bridgett says:

    What a sweetie pie! She can’t help it. If her mama uses it, it must be okay.

  5. bonnie says:

    of course not if mama left it out then it was fare game.

  6. Nancy says:

    I’ve seen this look before, on the face of my male Havanese, Oscar. He chewed up the yellow hi-lite pen I had on my desk after the cat knocked it on the floor! It glowed on his white fur and my ivory carpet!
    This little one looks like a maltese, I have one and she is always into something, like she’s chewing my shoe over by the door as I’m typing this! Gotta go, Bye!

  7. furmom says:

    She looks innocent to me. What happened to the “presumption of innocence” in this world?

  8. Rosie says:

    I am a lucky little white chihuahua adopted from The Poodle Preserve found on PetFinder.
    Of course the little white poodle is innocent. It is ALWAYS a people problem NEVER an animal problem. We do things that we think is fun or what is bred in us. It is up to you to know your pet, train your pet and make sure we are secured so we don’t hurt anyone and things are put up so we don’t get into anything like this that will make a mess or make us sick. Please take care of your loved ones and we will take care of you.
    Wet kisses to you all.
    And please remember to spay and neuter your pets.

  9. says:

    so not guilty

  10. Hannah says:

    i am inasent

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