Dog Picture: Happiest Dog Ever


Oh, I love life. Everything is so perfect. I love my mommy and daddy. I love my tennis ball. I love this grass. I love the bug on the grass (oh wait… maybe I don’t love the bug because I think it’s a flea). I even love the cat. The world is so great.

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5 Responses to “Dog Picture: Happiest Dog Ever”

  1. Sue Sefton says:

    My caption to the happiest dog in the world:

    “Oh, I’m so glad I remembered my sunscreen!”

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    Wow am I happy, I have a wonderful home & family.

    Itchmo respect & big hug sent to you, thank you.

  3. badgerdog1887 says:

    “I just love the warm sunshine! My family loves me when I’m good and when I’m bad. Ohhhh, it’s sooo hard to be good when you’re a dachshund! There’s a whole lot to see down here so close to the ground, things to eat, creatures to terrorize. And if it’s outside the fence, I make sure it knows it better than to come around here…gotta protect the family, ya know! I may be little, but my heart is as big as my smile.”

  4. Ruth says:

    “Doggone-it, I forgot my sunglasses, can’t you see I need to sunbathe.”

    What a cute little dog. This pet owner is so lucky to have such a cute fur-baby.

  5. Bridgett says:

    Well that picture is now my desktop background. What a happy dog!

    “I love my mama, I love my papa, I love the sun, I love the grass, I love the breeze, I love to run, I love to play, I love to give kisses, I love to wag my tail, I love to roll in great smells. Every minute is my favorite minute of the day. I LOVE being a DOG!

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