Dog Product Review: Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty

Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty

Want your dog to go potty in style? Need somewhere for your dog to take care of business while you’re out at work or gone for the day?

Your dog can now relieve himself on the Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty. It comes with K9 artificial grass that can be easily cleaned. When it rains, the water runs through the drainage tray and is collected in the catch pan for easy removal. Since the Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty’s wooden frame is finished with a weather-resistant paint, the product can also be used for the outdoors.

The dog potty is ideal for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds. This is supposed to be used as an aid for housebreaking a puppy and not as a substitute for exercising or walking your dog. Note that the Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty definitely has a penthouse price — $429 plus an extra $100 for shipping.

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Review 1 of Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty

“I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a high quality, easy to maintain product. The Penthouse Potty has made my life so much easier. Honey, my precious 7 year old Chow Chow took to the potty very quickly. I am so thrilled with the potty that I am recommending it to all the dog owners in our condo association. Thank you for providing those of us without yards with a wonderful alternative for our puppies.”

Review 2 of Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty

“…I received my Penthouse Potty and my two dogs absolutely love it. I have had the dogs for just a week and started housetraining them immediately on using sod. When the potty arrived, my husband set it up and they did their business immediately. I was so surprised because I thought it would take some time for them to adapt to the faux grass. Thank you sooo much for inventing this great product..”

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2 Responses to “Dog Product Review: Penthouse Indoor Dog Potty”

  1. Mary Finlayson says:

    Snazzy Sniffers’ 4-H Dog Club
    Mary Finlayson

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Mary Finlayson and I am the NEW 4-H Dog Club leader of the Snazzy Sniffers’. We are a non-profit organization that teaches kids all about their furry friend (grooming, obedience, agility, health etc..). I took over this club in January of 2008 after the current leader resigned. At that time we had only a few members, almost no money and the club was very inactive. I am very happy to say we have come a long way in such a short period of time but we still have a lot of work to do.
    As a dog club we need to fundraise and put on shows and events for the members in our club as well as others in other dog clubs. We also need to raise money for T-shirts and tuition costs to send our members to dog camp next year.
    This year we are holding a raffle and sponsoring a dog show for 4-H kids at the Belknap County Fair in Belknap New Hampshire. We are looking for donations of dog products to use as raffle items and/or prizes for the kids at the show. Our show will take place on August 9th 2008. If your company would like to donate any items to support our club we will be more than happy to advertise your company at our events.
    Please send any donations to Mary Finlayson at Finlayson’s pet care, 248 Sheep Davis Road unit 8a, Concord N.H, 03301. With your donation please include many copies of your current catalog, brochure and/or business card as we will place them on the prize table next to the item donated. Your business information as well as an example of your products will be available to anyone attending the fair. Thank you for your time.

    Mary Finlayson and the Snazzie Sniffers’

    Suggested items: gift certificates, grooming table, T-shirts, grooming supplies, treats, leashes/collars, X-pens, soft crates, dishes, grooming bags, beds, crate pads, toys, treat bags, bandannas, etc..

  2. Linda says:

    How do you clean the unit?

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