Dog Product Review: PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Bark Busting Bird House

Birdhouse BarkWe have all heard the expression “fences make good neighbors”, but can the same be said for PetSafe’s new ultrasonic faux bird house that emits an ultrasonic sound when dogs bark?

Here is what PetSafe has to say about their new product:

When the Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse unit is placed within range of a constant barking dog, an internal microphone detects the barking sounds and the unit is activated. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse unit emits an ultrasonic sound to stop dogs barking. The ultrasonic sound can only be heard by the dog. When the dog is startled by the high-pitched sound, it should stop barking as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control unit has 4 settings which includes 3 Sensitivity Levels and a Test Mode. This unit is effective for bark control up to 50 feet.

The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control unit should be placed facing the barking dog and within fifty feet of the dog. This unit is designed with provisions for hanging or wall mounting and it should not be positioned any higher than 5 feet. For optimum bark control results, the area between where the Outdoor Bark Control unit is placed and where the dog is should be free of any large objects or obstacles.

On the surface it may seem like a relatively non invasive pet product. But is it, and more importantly, does it work?

Last week I was called to the house of a seven-year-old Labrador who is slowly losing his hearing. The hearing loss had led to an increase of outdoor barking, most likely brought on by a new sense of insecurity. The owners who called me to help get the barking under control were incensed that their neighbors had bought PetSafe’s new Ultrasonic Bird House and placed it facing the area where her 8-year-old dog and new puppy go to the bathroom in the far corner of her yard.

When my client’s dog barked, a red light flashed, indicating that a sound was being emitted. In the short time I was there, the product flashed for horns, kids playing, other people’s barking dogs, airplanes, and worst of all the light came on when it detected the roar of the crowd of the local high school football game that was nearly one mile away. There is a sensitivity setting, but the following question came up: “How does the neighbor with the barking dog approach the neighbor who prefers to go high tech rather than a good old fashion face to face confrontation?”

The puppy’s sensitive ears were clearly affected and the product sent out an audio sound nearly constantly while I was there. After much observation, I concluded that the PetSafe Bird House did absolutely nothing for the old dog who couldn’t even hear it, and the puppy actually barked at it several times. The puppy now avoids that corner of the yard and poops in the middle of the lawn. In my brief experience with the product that afternoon, it was nothing more than an annoying experience, both for the puppy and the home owner.

Later the same week, I came home to find a PetSafe Bird House facing my own yard. My neighbors did not heed the instructions to place the product at five feet off the ground, and instead they put it up in a tree about ten feet off the ground.

In the past three weeks, I have observed both the bird house and many different dogs’ reactions to the bird house at length. Not once did I see a dog stop barking from the tones, and I can honestly say it had absolutely no effect on a variety of barking dogs that we brought into the yard to experiment with the product.

What we did witness time and time again was the bird house picking up stray noises, and emitting sounds when the dogs were quiet. This in turn led to avoidance of that part of the yard for the most part.

The manufacturer claims that the product is good for up to 50 feet. Thankfully, my yard is quite a bit larger than 50 feet, but I can’t help but feel it may be downright cruel for numerous dogs in small yards or kennel runs who cannot escape the annoying tones. A dog’s hearing is so much more sensitive than ours.

So what is the solution to the problem of your neighbor’s barking dogs?

The answer is simple. It involves good old fashion communication, training and management. None of which is for sale on the Internet.

Don’t waste your money on outdoor barking devices for someone else’s dogs. In the case of my barking Collie, I suppose the bird house has accomplished the goal of controlling barking in my yard only because now that I am aware that my neighbors have an issue, I have worked diligently to keep my Collie from barking at squirrels. The decrease in barking has absolutely nothing to do with the effectiveness, or should I say ineffectiveness of PetSafe’s new product.

Have you ever used an ultrasonic device to control barking?

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  1. Mikken says:

    Why does my dog need bark control? My dog barks when there is a reason to bark - and I listen to him. I know the difference between “the kid is home!” excited bark and “there’s a strange truck coming up the driveway!” warning bark.

    Blasting my dog with sound waves (just because I can’t hear them doesn’t mean they don’t cause the dog discomfort) for doing his job seems foolish.

  2. Stefani says:

    Some dogs do need bark control. My mom lives in a condo and just got a noise complaint filed against her because her elderly Yorkie, who is nearly entirely deaf, blind, and appears to have some dementia (but is otherwise still as adorable as can be and eating fine with no major disease) has taken to barking incessantly in the middle of the night and nothing she does calms him. We don’t know why he is doing this.

    If anyone has a safe and kind remedly (like a supplement that is totally safe that will make him tired enough to sleep all night) please tell me. He’s a little guy, about 6 pounds.

  3. Don Earl says:

    I’ll probably lose friends on this one, but anyone who doesn’t know that barking bothers their neighbors is a full blown jerk. Demanding special consideration and common courtesy of others when not doing the same for them just makes that person an even bigger jerk. If a person isn’t responsible enough to keep a pet from bothering others, they aren’t responsible enough to own a pet.

    Enough said.

  4. Ashley says:

    I agree with Don Earl. I bought a different unit from this company for my own yard. I have five dog “kids” in an area where I am only allowed to have two, so it is very important to me NOT to bother my neighbors. The unit I have has two settings (audible with or without ultrasonic) with two levels (low and high). The company says that the ultrasonic sound works best on large dogs and the audible works best on small dogs. The ultrasonic works great on my collie (who DOES bark for absolutely no reason), but the audible does not work on one of my shelties. I have one aussie who is terrified of the noise, so I don’t turn the unit on unless he is with me at work or is sleeping inside upstairs. When he is out, we listen for the dogs and if they are barking excessively, we call them into the house (we have a dog door). The unit does NOT go off with other noises and, in fact, does not go off if my dogs are barking in the side yard around the corner of my house (the unit is hung right on my back porch). I have been very satisfied with it and wish that some of my neighbors with their own excessively barking dogs would buy one.

  5. Mikken says:

    Don, I suppose there are people out there who leave their dogs in the yard all the time without supervision and the dog, being bored or lonely, does bark excessively. But the answer there is to teach people to take better care of their dogs…

    My dogs (and my neighbor’s dogs) bark for reasons. When I heard my neighbor’s Golden barking in an alarmed way, I went to investigate. A deer had been hit by a car and was lying injured near the dog’s yard and the dog didn’t know what to do about the “intruder”.

    I see barking as a useful communication.

    Stefani, this is something to talk to a vet about. Some deaf animals vocalize a lot because they cannot hear themselves. The dementia may add another level to it, though. I don’t know if something like melatonin would be safe for a small, elderly dog, but I’m sure that there’s something out there that would help (even if it’s a kong of frozen peanut butter!). Best of luck to your mom.

  6. Deb says:

    Some dogs do need bark control.
    When my own need it I use training and if need be the tri tronics bark collar.
    If one of these birdhouse contraptions ever showed up near my fence I’d use a 22 caliber on it.
    I live in the country and my acreage is all fenced in and the gate is locked.
    Yes I would shoot the birdhouse. With no remorse.
    After the review I just read on this so called product it should be pulled from the shelves and ditched.
    But the people who would buy this to start with wouldnt be the same people that would see this review.

  7. Don Earl says:


    I’ve lived next to some great dog owners and some of the world’s worst.

    The worst ones left a lasting impression. My sympathy is with the desperate neighbor shelling out money trying to deal with a problem they by no rights should have to deal with in the first place.

    Dogs are fairly high maintenance. They need training, lots of attention, plenty of room, regular exercise, etc.

    If a person doesn’t have the time or energy to put in on that sort of thing, they’d be better off with a guinea pig, or perhaps a nice house plant. Maybe start with the house plant and move up to the g-pig when they get the hang of taking care of something.

  8. Ailene says:

    We bought the same type of product from another company. The issue was a rescue dog that had extreme seperation anxiety and would bark til he was hoarse if we left him alone. When we discovered a heart problem we needed to curb as much stress from him as possible. I tried everything the training books tell you and it didn’t work. We bought this similar product and it has helped tremendously. Does it go off when it’s not suppose to? Yes, but not alot. It has helped and it’s not used all that often as I am home most days. I have three doxies and it works on all three to varing degrees. I still say it was worth the money spent.

  9. Another Deb says:

    This concept upsets me. I am not at issue with the use of this device to help a dog owner control their dog’s barking. If used intelligently, I suppose it could be helpful. However I feel my privacy rights would be violsted if a neighbor installed one of these aimed at my dog yard. I try very hard to be a conscientious and responsible dog owner. I have six dogs. I have a large 5′ chain link dog yard, set well back from the roads as we are on a corner 1 1/2 acre lot. This was done to minimize the ‘fencing running’ behavior and give the person(s) using the roads a significant safety zone. I have planted rose bushes and such to screen the yard, but it’s going to take a few more years before they become effective summertime blockades, when foot traffic is at it’s highest. I never let my dogs out in the yard and leave them unattended. I am always close by so I can hear them when a barkfest gets going, and the best methods I have found to stop them is to either engage them in a game, or call them in the house for a group sit/cookie fest until the walker/jogger/bicyclist has gotten out of sight.
    I do want my dogs to bark at a perceived threat. I don’t want to discourage them completely. I want to know when there is something Out There. As their owner, it’s my judgement call, not my neighbors. I don’t leave my dogs out after dark, I crate them when I leave if I am not planning to take them with me. In short, I try to do all the things a sensible, responsible dog owner should do. However, if a dog hating person buys the house for sale across the street, I would be helpless if they chose to install such a device, and I see it as a violation of my rights as a property owner. Dogs are considered property so i feel I would be violated on multiple counts.

  10. Nancy Freedman-Smith says:

    Hi Don Earl-
    I thought about just letting your insulting comment slide, but alas I could not. I have two dogs, and one is a Collie and yup he barks. He barks at squirrels (we have tons!) and he barks at strangers in the neighborhood. He is never alone in the yard and never allowed to bark and never left out unattended. He is never out unless I am right there. He is the first dog that I have ever owned who “barks” He barks because he comes genetically equipped to bark. Collies have been bred to bark. Barking is how Collies herd sheep.
    Surrounding my yard in nearly every direction are barking dogs. I assume my neighbor thinks all barking comes from my yard. We have an 8 foot stockade fence between us. We live next door to beagles who bay on an invisible fence most of the day, and a lab who barks, “throw the ball” whenever she is out. I take in occasional foster dogs and some of them bark, but again, it is never for long and never allowed.
    I am sorry that you lived near uncaring neighbors, but I am not one of them. Closer to my “alleged barking dogs” lives a family with a baby and a 3 year old child. They have told me time and time again when I asked if my dogs bother them, that they never hear my dogs. Their kid’s bedroom window is much closer than the neighbor who erected the birdhouse. I would like to ask, why is it not ok for a dog to bark now and again, but the noise polution of leaf blowers and obsessive lawn mowers is acceptable?
    By the way, we have already have 3 guinea pigs.

  11. Sarah says:

    I like dogs, but a barking dog is almost as annoying as a screaming baby. ANY loud, repetitive, non-stop noise that you have no control over is annoying. Moreover, if your dog is barking so much that your neighbor has to go BUY something to fix the problem, you aren’t paying enough attention.

  12. Marie says:

    I think buying a product to aim at a neighbor is rude and akin to an assault. What about speaking to the neighbor who’s dogs are a problem? If that doesn’t resolve the issue there is always animal control. Not working? Video the actual offenders and let them know you have proof that they aren’t addressing the issue. But be NICE about it. Maybe they need to see the video before they really understand why it is so bothersome. If they are gone during the day they might have no idea. I used to have a barker across the street from me. The poor dog was tied out almost all the time. My solution was to take some nyla-bones for the dog to chew on over to her. Worked like a charm. There are many other ways to deal with “jerky” neighbors. None of them are this product. Imagine if it were something to stop YOUR kids behavior? Would you be as ok about it then?

  13. Susanne says:

    I had a neighbor complain about my dogs barking. Yes, they bark when there is a reason to. The neighbor behind me has many visitors all day that walk right along our fenceline to get to his house so yes, the girls bark. I have been more diligent in correcting them when they do it but I work during the day. They are in my bedroom at night so there isn’t anything to worry about at night. I am considering an ultrasonic device but I don’t want to hurt my girls if the thing goes off for every other sound (the teenagers riding by on their dirtbikes). Does anyone have experience with specific products? Which ones seem less likely to go off for sounds the dogs are not creating?? Thank you!

  14. Orange says:

    Wow, there are a lot of inconsiderate dog owners - all who people who are “sure” your dogs don’t bother anyone, think again! I am a dog owner myself, and I have carefully trained my dog not to bark. Sorry, but when you live in a city around other people, it’s your responsibility to train your animal to behave courteously. It *is* up to your neighbors to decide when they don’t like the barking!

    I’m surrounded by jerky neighbors who let their dogs start up at 6am about 5 feet from my bedroom. I’ve asked nicely, I’ve asked not nicely, I’ve called animal control - at this point, all I can figure is that there are a lot of people out there with a real lack of consideration for others. I don’t make noise, I don’t play loud music, run leafblowers, lawn mowers, or have screaming children. We all deserve a little peace and quiet. It is not reasonable to assume that just because you don’t mind your barking dog, no one else does.

  15. Matt says:

    Is there a difference between the noise from a barking dog that upsets neighbors and a noise from the neighbors aimed to curb the barking? In terms of rights and privacy violation, of course not. Can you really train a healthy happy dog to never bark? Not anymore than you can train a healthy happy person never to talk. If your dog is driving your neighbors crazy then it’s your responsibility to deal with it. Granted I would expect a neighbor to talk to me prior to setting one of these up. However, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that my neighbor doesn’t need to come talk to me. I live in a fairly close quartered neighborhood, and just adopted my second dog who, unfortunately has the world’s most obnoxious bark. There isn’t a chance I would keep a dog in a crate all day while I’m at work, so my two dogs are outside running around and playing while I’m gone. It is my neighbor’s right to be annoyed at barking and it is my right to let my dog run around outside. Therefore, I bought a bark collar to attempt to control unreasonable repetitive barking at the population of 342 squirrels that live in my back yard. Time will tell if that actually works…

  16. Annoyed says:

    All you great dog owners out there.. KUDOS to you! Because I think those of us anti-barkers who are reading these reviews are FED UP with your other-half (aka LOUSY dog owners). I personally have two large barking dogs next door that wake my toddler at obscene hours and are left outside 24/7. They, of course, don’t bark while the owners are home. But once the owners are away they let loose. Many people DO the right thing, as we have, to approach the owners politely and request their cooperation. Met with hostility and denial, our options are then severely limited. A fine from animal control and these “FREAKS” might just unleash on our children or home! Why should we be made to suffer the wrath of their nuissance animals or their poor manners and consideration for their fellow neighbors? If my own animals or children were responsible for such outrageous annoyances, I would certainly be man enough to claim my own responsibility. Is it so unheard of to request that others have the same sense of human decency?

  17. Thogek says:

    Like Susanne, I would love to hear about any specific products with which anyone has experience that do curb out-of-hand dog barking. We have two large dogs, very friendly and playful, but who do tend to bark — both quite deeply and loudly — at almost any noises or appearances of neighbors, passers-by, or the occasional squirrel or rabbit. We’re working on various different methods of curbing the barking, and we know that at least two of our neighbors are less than happy with the noise, but we’re not making a whole lot of progress so far. If one of these electronic/sonic devices can effectively help the process along (such as perhaps the unnamed model Ashley describes above), I’d very much love to hear about it, preferably before a neighbor attaches the wrong one to his tree.

  18. Lakyn says:

    We own a big dog and we have trained her not to bark. If she does start barking, we bring her back into the house. Our neighbors have a dog that barks constantly. We walk out into our yard, it barks. It barks early in the morning. It’s barks at 10 o’clock at night. It just barks. We can’t enjoy walking around our trees because it stands there and barks. The neighbors are outside, and they let their dog stand there and bark. We have every right to put one of these out if it makes their dog keep quiet, so we can enjoy being outside too. We should not have to suffer because of irresponsible owners.

  19. Frustrated Neighbor says:

    I am the neighbor that is up all night because the owners do not want the dog to be in the house with their cats. We have tried the “old fashioned” confrontation. Has it worked, no. We have called the sheriff’s department in the middle of the night. However, I do not believe they come out to check on the situation.

    We have a dog as well. When the dog starts barking, usually because of our neighbor’s dog, we bring him in right away. My school age son does not get enough sleep nor do I.

    So any suggestions on how we can cope with this situation without purchasing the product you write about not getting?

    We have lived in our house for 17 years with no problems with our neighbors until the new neighbors with the barking dog moved in 6 months ago.

  20. linsey says:

    dear mikken
    i agree what you are trying to say about dogs communicating, but i don’t agree you calling us a bad dog owner for buying this product whe we are trying control the situation. If i had the money, to go somewhere where i don’t have to worry about the dogs barking, i would. Training isn’t as easy as you make it out to be, because how you contradicted yourself a dog has to bark for a reason.
    ,but you are suggesting that i get kicked out of where i live, send my dog to the pound because it has no where to go because i’m a bad owner for buying this. not to mention
    not many people will take dogs these day.
    and i respect the ones who do their best to take care of their dog and giving them the best of attention.
    and for people wanting to buy this product being the most humane product out there with out shocking your dog to death.
    if you have a problem with how people are taking care of my dog then you need to settle this with me.
    because i don’t appreciate you commenting to other people judging them as bad pet owners because you have the money to take care of dogs.
    i’m only 21 and have 4 dogs going to school work 40 hours a week.
    my room mate and i do out best to watch the dogs.
    most of the dogs we took were unwanted and needed to be rescued.
    so do us a favor and give us a break and stop posting your pathetic comments on here.

  21. Dawn says:

    Until you’ve lived with the noise of various neighbours’ dogs barking all day long (and sometimes at night too) you can have no idea how hellish this is. In my neighbourhood practically everyone has at least one dog and practically no one bothers to try to put a stop to the barking.

    It’s all very well people saying THEIR dog only barks when it has a reason to - they seem to be unaware that every dog owner says the same but that they all bark at different things and at different times, thus leading to almost non-stop barking when there are numerous dogs in the neighbourhood. And of course when one dog starts barking the others often join in.

    There is no excuse for this. Any dog owner who allows his/her dog to bark unchecked is ducking out of his/her responsibilities. The worst owners are those who leave their dogs outside, then head off and leave the dogs to bark as much as they like, while the poor neighbours who just want peace and quiet are forced to listen to a cacophany of barking. Why do dog owners assume they have a right to disturb my life like this? I wouldn’t dream of invading their privacy and right to a quiet life with loud music or revving up a motorbike or any othe antisocial activity, yet dog owners think it’s ok to ruin my peace with their animals’ noise. This is a very cruel thing to do to anyone, yet when someone is driven to taking their own measures to stop the continuous din they are deemed cruel - how one-sided and ridiculous is that?

    My mother, who is in her 80’s, was often in tears because of her neighbour’s two dogs which barked loudly all day in the garden. She asked her neighbour if he could try to keep them quiet, but he just laughed and said they only barked when disturbed by other noise (yes, honestly, that’s what he said). So I bought an ultrasonic bark stopper and trained it on my mother’s neighbour’s garden - the result was wonderful! Both dogs stopped barking within a few days, indeed one stopped after one day. My mother could hardly believe it was that simple, but it was! So finally, after years of misery, an old lady can read a magazine or watch tv or listen to music without the background din of barking dogs. Who was cruel - me or the neighbour?

    So, let me ask ALL dog owners to train their dogs not to bark. It is easy to do and it is necessary to do it, both from a moral and legal point of view. Also, until you know your dog won’t bark, don’t go away and leave it outside to annoy the whole neighbourhood with its barking - that really is a contemptible thing to do, especially if there are elderly or sick people in the area, or maybe shift workers or young babies who need sleep in the daytime. Yes, dogs are wonderful and they are precious, but they are not as important as human beings. The rights our dogs have are subordinate to the rights of people, but there is no reason we can’t all live in harmony.

  22. jdiddley says:

    INCONSIDERATE SELFISH PEOPLE. Dogs are innocent just like children. It is the responsibility of the pet owners to train their dogs properly. A dog that is properly trained, cared for and has considerate owners will not be allowed to bark excessively. I shouldn’t have to hear your dog bark. I shouldn’t have to ask you to quiet your dogs. While I’m at it, I shouldn’t have to smell your dog’s hot steamy poo in August because you don’t pick up your lawn It’s common courtesy. What would you think if I sent my kids out at 3:oo AM every morning to scream at your fence? No big deal, just for 30-45 minutes per day. Is that alright? You are the same people that fart in the cabin of an air plane mid flight and then pretend you don’t smell anything. Really, you disgust me.

  23. John says:

    For all you anti-barkers. Why don’t you start a no dog neighborhood? I have had a neighbor move into the neighborhood and suddenly decide they didn’t like my dog’s barking. I asked all of the neighbors and all but that one said that they never even heard the dogs. That same neighbor has their lawn done at 7 in the morning on Saturday when I am sleeping, but I can’t call animal control on the leaf blowers.

    What is really annoying about dog rules is that many municipalities leave out a time frame on purpose for the sake of people that work at night. I am diligent about making sure my dogs are inside when “normal people” are trying to sleep. It is ridiculous that I should suffer because someone finds dogs barking more annoying than the various noises that annoy me. Construction and life happen during the hours most people are at work so why does someone who stays at home those hours have the right to dictate my neighborhood and my life.

    If you move into a neighborhood with barking dogs that were already there, I think you didn’t do your homework when you selected where to live.

    Dogs bark and leaf blowers go off at 7 in the morning and Construction happens when it is most inconvenient, neighbors rev their motorcycles for 30 minutes straight, kids play loudly in the neighborhood, chainsaws and lawnmowers are noisy. So why do barking dogs qualify as a situation that is worse than noisy birthday parties? I think if it happens between 7am and 9 pm, you are a bad neighbor for making it an issue and need to find some other way to grow as a person and vent your frustrations in a positive way.

    Why don’t you try calling the police on a high school foot ball game down the street that causes just as much noise? Apparently dog owners are second class citizens when it comes to the law. A neighbor that calls animal control without trying to contact the dog owner first is a much worse problem for the neighborhood than a few barking sessions throughout the day.

    It would be ironic if those people that complain about normal dog barking got robbed in the middle of the day and the neighbor’s dog was inside because of the noise complaints made by them.

  24. RM says:

    I found this interesting as I’ve been looking for better ways to control my dogs barking. I typically walk out with him, but sometimes I can’t. The big problem has been when it’s late, if he sees someone in the street, he will bark before I can stop him, and the neighbors bedroom windows are only about 10 feet away. I’ve tried a spray collar, but this only works part of the time, and if there’s something he’s really mad at, he just ignores the spray.

    The neighbor was nice when he came over, which was good as I was about to say something about his kids that are louder than the dogs often, but I understand the issue with barking during sleeping hours. Anway, I’m out of ideas. Any other thoughts on ways to stop him more effectively?

  25. LA says:

    I agree with those owners who want to be responsible owners but don’t know what to do. One of these msgs said teaching them not to bark “is easy to do.” What a crock! I have asked every dog owner I know if they have had this problem and what they do about it. I have asked several trainers. Nothing has worked. I came to this site while trying to find other ways to curb the barking. I live in a condo and it is difficult. I am usually home but since I am slightly hearing impaired, I don’t always hear her right away. I do bring her in and/or chastize her when I hear her. It is interesting that for the first year and a half there was no problem. She didn’t bark. Now she barks whenever anybody goes up the stairs next to our little yard. I find it interesting that when one of the neighbors that live up there come near her, she starts hiding behind me and shaking. She is little and when I was holding her the other day, she hid her face against my chest and started shaking. His first response was, “I have never done anything to her - honest.” Interesting, huh. I believe he is the cause of the initial barking. The problem is, what do I do now? I don’t want her barking unnecessarily but I don’t want her mistreated either. Any suggestions? Please?

  26. jdiddley says:

    So, we purchased this bird house and aimed it at the neighbors yard. I was amazed! It has decreased his barking by about 75%. If there is something he is seriously alarmed about, he barks anyway but the leisurely barking has stopped! He no longer stands in the yard with his goofy little snout up in the air howling just to hear his own beautiful voice. In conclusion, I have not inhibited the dog’s ability to alert and alarm but I have decreased his annoying 100 barks per hour. At first I feared that he would get used to it and ignore it but it’s been about 2 weeks and it still works. Over all, this is a great outcome because now I know if he is barking, I need to check to see whats going on whereas before he was just a pain in the butt. I do not think this device will work for all dogs and you do have to adjust it properly to get results. Good luck to all of the other frustrated people on here!
    PS: SOME of you dog owners are inconsiderate and self centered. The world does not revolve around you. You are the kind of people that throw trash out the window of your car and then claim it’s a free country. You suck. My neighbors NEVER hear my dog bark!

  27. firesheep67 says:

    As for reasoning with the owners of the dogs? When they slam the door in your face, that’s the end of “negotiating.” Our neighbors are a$$holes who care about no one but themselves. The dogs lead a miserable life in a concrete backyard, but they’re fed and “have a place to live,” so animal control collects our “noise logs” and sends letters to the owners about how to better control the barking. I’d rather pay $50, hang the device and be done with it. God bless the inventor(s)! I’m placing my order now. Can’t wait to restore peace and quiet in the ‘hood!

  28. just a point of view says:

    This device is not intended for those who live on acreage, nor the decent dog owners that actually do try various methods to assist with this problem. Rather this device is for the ones that have been asked nicely by several neighbors, been asked rudely once the first asking was ignored, been visited by the cops b/c no other means seems to get the point across. You live in close neighborhoods or condos, you chose to live their the same as we did. I love playing with my neighbor’s dogs.
    This is intended for the owner’s that choose not to train their dog in any form what so ever. My neighbor has had her tiny white dog for 2+ years now … the shrill of this dog is very disruptive. I have watched this go on for many months … the dog goes outside, rears it’s head back and shrills. There are no squirrels, no dogs next door, no people walking by. Even when there are these “reasons” the dog makes the same shrill. There is no protection ever granted by this due to the fact that it barks the same all the time.
    I’m ready to sell my condo and move far away, as 2 other neighbors have done. I guess in the end she wins … at the cost of many others right to peace.
    So if you have a situation that is as bad as this … and you decide to use a device such as this… just do your research and find the best one that you can. Good luck.

  29. Steve Powers says:

    It is a fact that some people leave their dog alone most of the time.
    We had a quiet area until a neighbor re-married and his new wife brought along a shepherd mix. This poor animal is alone nearly all of the time. When he first showed up and was outside barking directly toward our house I went over to talk to the neighbor. He became angry and ordered me off his property. We have tried many ways to have these people treat their dog properly they refuse. We finally called animal control. It ended up in court where the judge said keep the dog quiet or face the consequences. Well it turns out there are none. I’m buying a silent bark alarm and praying it works!

  30. Bob says:

    I’ve tried to talk to my neighbors multiple times about thier incessantly barking dogs. Sometimes talking doesn’t work. The last conversation ended with the husband swinging a baseball bat at me and experiencing OC (pepper) foam as well as one of the dogs being sprayed. At this point I can’t say that I care if the dogs suffer. I bought 2 of the most powerful anti barks I could find and have them camoflaged and aimed at thier yard. It’s been several months and I don’t know if the dogs are barking less in the house but they ARE terrified of the back yard and aren’t out there nearly as much. Generally they are very quiet when they are outside. Myself and many neighbors have started a petition to enact and enforce a nuisance barking ordinance in our township. Once that happens and my ignorant neighbors (not the dogs) can be punished I’ll remove the anti barks.

  31. Reality says:

    Those who say that it is possible to train a dog not to bark are really just idealistic. dogs bark as a form of communication, some dogs just do it less, and if you train your dog not to, well its like forcing a baby not to cry, which is also annoying. its just something you have to accept, sure owners can reduce their dog’s barking, but i’ve got 3 neighbors in close proximity, who have no problem with my dog. there is one neighbor who has complained about us abusing the dog several times, and time after time, the investigators come up with the same conclusion. the complaintive neighbor even wrote letters to the police saying that we let our dog “drink ice”. and a product like this is letting telling people its o-k to train other people’s dogs. why not their children

  32. NG says:

    I absolutely agree with John!!! We have an older woman living acroos the yard from us (since we don’t have an alley) who will conmpaint happy. I have two mini dogs out of which one barks at all. My boy wouldn’t bark if you pleaded. My girl, on the other hand - is more protective. And I would expect her to bark at wierd noises. After all, I don’t only love them for love and affection but for protection as well. I think people who can’t stand normal noises should just go to a retirement home where it’s nice and quiet. But if you want to live around normal people, learn to deal with normal noises. Don’t get me wrong, we have many dogs in our neighborhood and I just started noticing the barking since that b@?ch complained. Ou dogs are never left outside for more than 5 hours and that’s is always during the day until I come home from school and my husband comes home from work.
    One more thing, I do think inhumane to eletricute your dogs or bombard them with noises all day. We have a neighbor acroos the street who literally has a drum set up in his garage and plays a couple of times a week, but as long as it’s during the day - I couldn’t care less.

  33. PB says:

    What happened to respecting your neighbor and respecting their space? Dogs should never be left outside unless someone is home to oversee their activities. A dog that barks incessantly invades my rights and, if it’s my dog, invades my neighbors’ rights. Responsible dog owners do not allow their dogs to have behaviors that are constant irritants to others. I’ve seen this barking doghouse correct “silly” barking quickly and seemingly not hurt the dogs. I have one barker now that I have to immediately verbally correct or she will go on a tirade, but, if I were not at home, she would never shut up-she loves to bark,period. If you live next door to me and your dog barks on and on, I thoroughly dislike you as a neighbor and I think you care very little about your dog.

  34. tbone says:

    I have heard it all! For all you people who think it is “ok” to let your dogs bark “constantly” is unbeleivable!
    I think they should come up with something to stop “YOU” from barking ! I have a very large dog and when he starts barking because of ( squirrel,someone in alley, etc )he has made his point. If he dosen’t stop after a few seconds he’s made to come in the house. A dog that barks constantly is “VERY ANNOYING”.I have one of them right next door and I will buy the device to try to stop him. He barks every 30 sec.and I do have people in my home that work 3rd shift and connot sleep because of him.They get their sleep at night, she deserves her sleep as well.
    You can’t talk to them they don’t care. I have called police,it worked for about 2 day’s,right back at it. So if you don’t care, I don’t care. I will do whatever it takes to stop it. So for all you people that think it’s not a problem “IT IS” get over it and do something about it ! Be thankful it’s only a sounding device and not a 38 caliber!

  35. anti barking ideas says:

    i’ve heard a good way is to connect a dog whistle up to a compressed air source, such as a piston aquarium air pump (powered by a wall outlet but won’t quit on you), or a compressed ‘air bubble’ air tank you can refill at the gas station and use anywhere (portable but very obvious as it is the size of a large watermelon), or just get a little spray paint size can of pure compressed air used for dusting off things (very inconspicuous and useful for away from home). dog whistles come in different sizes and pitches, little dog, large dog, and so on, so you can experiment with different ones for effect.

    another way that is proven to work, is to carry a zip-lock sandwich baggie filled with small dog biscuits. if the dog is within easy tossing range, just throw it a dog biscuit every time you see it. i’ve permanently shut up some incredible nuisance barkers by doing this. i even made friends out of a huge lunger on a chain. once i walked up to the fence of another loudly barking dog and emptied out a large can of dog food complete with sauce over the fence (risky, but the neighbor did not see me). the barking dog shut up like turning off a switch and was cured from that day on. unless the dog is completely insane (there are those), it is almost impossible for it to continue barking at an obvious food source, especially after you do this a few times on separate days and it finally figures out the connection between the food and you.

  36. Lorina says:

    When I bought this bark control birhouse for my dog and did as the direcions said wow it really did worked.
    I could not leave my dog out for more than 5 mins becaused of constaint barking. This is a great product.
    My dog is a sherpard, 8 years old, whine and barked all the time. Also started to pee everywhere in the house.
    I bought this product and the barking, whining and peeing has stopped we used it for 3 weeks and he has stopped all of these things. I agree a dog that barks constantly is “VERY ANNOYING”.I was almost ready to give up my dog. But now I do not have to and I am sure the neighbors think that we did. Now if they had a product to get your husband to stop barking I would buy 2 of them. ha ha only joking.

  37. M says:

    I have a dog that does not bark. I have spent a lot of effort training him to not need to bark. I am the alfa-male and I protect the house, not him. Training aside I have a neighbor with two dog and bark continiously at my dog through the fence (My dog does not even bark back). They are left out for long periods of time and bark constantly. I will buy one of these to shut these dogs up. I really don’t want my dog to bear the sound but it’s definetly worth it if it’ll stop them from barking. Once the barking stops I will remove or turn off the device until it starts up again.

  38. Charlene says:

    I need a dog whistle motion sensor activated. I WANT the dog to avoid my yard. There is nothing good about a neighbor who encourages her dog to shit in my ivy thinking no one can see it and she doesn’t have to pick it up.

  39. sonic electronic says:

    […] someone else’s dogs from barking? Think again… this review points out several flaws with the idea On: Weekday Planner - Toronto StarInstallations on Toronto Island include Barry Prophet&39s […]

  40. Dianne says:

    >>>>>But the people who would buy this to start with wouldnt be the same people that would see this review.>>>>>

    That’s not true. I’m a pet owner myself. My neighbor’s dog barks non-stop everytime they let it out. I’ve asked my neighbors kindly if “we can all try something to help him calm down.” In other words: “How can I be part of the solution?” I love dogs! I just can’t stand the incessant barking and find it ridiculous that people simply can’t take responsibility to train their pets. I’m in a suburban area where everyone’s houses are within 10 feet. I know dogs bark but come on……. So here I am researching this product before I would ever consider buying and after reading several reviews and comments from other pet owners, have decided against going this route to alleviate the situation. Oh BTW, these same neighbors allow their dog to crap where it pleases and do not clean it up. This is NOT being a good neighbor. I don’t want to fued, but perhaps a call to the police might sway them in a responsible direction.

  41. Angela M Ruiz says:

    I have a neighbor that bought one of these things and it has not resolved any issues. This thing goes off whenever it wants. My dogs do not even have to bark and it goes off. We have talked to our neighbors about trying to keep this under control. We bought our dogs bark collars for when their outside and at night they come in. But guess what? They still have that nusiance beeping sound going off and even in the middle of the night. We have done our part, now I think they are just doing it to anoy us.

  42. Jake says:

    “. . . now that I am aware that my neighbors have an issue, I have worked diligently to keep my Collie from barking at squirrels.”

    Yeah, because previously it hadn’t occurred to you that your neighbors would have an issue with your dog barking its head off with no good reason. Give me a break. People like you are the reason products like this exist.

  43. Mary A says:

    Question for those of you with first-hand experience: Is there any electronic bark control device available which can be adjusted to only respond to a dog’s bark, rather than the sound of playing children?
    If this doesn’t work, I’m calling the Dog Whisperer to see if he can train my neighbors’ dog owners.

  44. Edna says:

    Is there really any way to talk to a neighbor about their barking dog without pissing them off? I’ve never seen it. No matter how you approach them they want to deny the problem or act as if you are overreacting or tell you to your face that it’s not their dog.

    Our neighbor’s beagle barks and bays all day long while the husband and kids (who apparently wanted the dog) are at work. The wife/mother of the family is home while this is happening and will occasionally open an upstairs window to scream at the dog to shut-up - but otherwise just lets him bark and bark. When they first got him I was shocked at how she left him during the day as a small puppy in the yard all day as he whined, cried and barked to come in. (Wouldn’t normal people try to bond with the new puppy in order to have some connection with him that would allow you to train him?) I’m now working at home part-time and this has all made it very difficult for me to do business like talk to clients on the phone. We’ve been considering one of these PetSafe Bird houses now because although several neighbors including us have tried to talk to these people about the dog, only to be told that we’re wrong. We have three indoor cats and I’m worried that a device like this might affect their hearing. Cats have 4X better hearing than people and most certainly would hear this thing transmitting. I know that those sound emitting devices that are supposed to get rid of rodents are known to make your cat and dog deaf.

    Is there any evidence that this device really does affect the hearing of animals?

  45. Lindsey says:

    No one has any idea what a barking dog can do to your mental well being as much as I do. I recently bought a home in a small rural community in PA. The neighbors have 4 German sheperds. I love the dogs, don’t get me wrong. I buy treats and toys for them as if they are my own. But when my neighbors go to work at 4 am they put them in their outdoor kennel and I wake up everyday around 5am to a barking dog times 4! I have to close my windows in the dead of summer and turn a huge box fan and the ceiling fan on to drown out the noise. Then, dare my cat step out onto my own back deck….
    I like everyones idea of having a conversation about it with your neighbor. Ha. We had a borough council meeting over the situation and one lady even handed out flyers for people to come voice their opinions. I did that, siting shoulder to shoulder with my neighbor and there has been no resolution. They say that only one barks. And that just isnt true. They say we should mind our own business, I say, I would love to but can’t hear myself think as I work from my home office….This thing better work! Or I am going to have to get on some serious medication so I don’t go insane!

  46. Guido says:

    It sounds like there are some considerate dog owners here. I wish I was your neighbor.

    I work from home. My neighbor lets his dog out at 7 AM and leaves for work. And the dog barks off and on all day until 10 PM. I’ve talked to him, left notes, no changes.

    I’m just back in the house from testing an ultrasonic bark stopper. It worked! The poor untrained lonely dog is now cowering on the other side of the house.

    I feel sorry for the dog. But better a dog be miserable than me.

    I’ve been more than patient.

  47. Mary C. says:


    I have to agree with you on this one. When all efforts to rationally discuss the matter with an inconsiderate neighbor have failed, you have to take matters into your own hands.

  48. Denyce says:

    Its all well and good to state that the barking dog problem should be worked out with the neighbors, but what happens when this approach fails? We have talked to our very inconsiderate neighbors repeatedly, and they refuse to do anything about their constantly barking boxer that they have penned into a tiny, filthy yard right next to our fence and, incidentally, our bedroom windows. This dog barks continuously, day and night. We can’t sleep, we can’t sit outside and enjoy our beautiful back yard, and our puppies are terrified to go outdoors. He is also tearing apart OUR fence, and the neighbors refuse to do anything to stop him. We have contacted the police - no help - we have reported the neighbors to animal control - no help. We have offered to PAY for a bark control collar for the dog - no deal So what are we supposed to do?! We’re purchasing one of these units in the fervent hope that we can restore some quiet to our neighborhood. This seems a lot more humane than theactions of the neighbors of a friend of mine who poisoned her dogs when she refused to do anything about their barking. (Then she cried big tears about losing her dogs when all she had to do was to be a little more considerate and understanding of her neighbors, and be a much better doggie mom.) If someone out there has a better suggestion than these bird houses I would sure like to hear about it!

  49. Amber says:

    To Nancy Freedman-Smith:
    In response to “I would like to ask, why is it not ok for a dog to bark now and again, but the noise polution of leaf blowers and obsessive lawn mowers is acceptable?”

    I don’t have a scientific explanation involving the physics of sound waves and the physiology for the reason barking sparks such extreme annoyance in the human brain, but it does. I don’t think it is reasonable to put the noise of a lawnmower and the noise of a high pitched dog bark (sometimes for hours and hours on end) into the same category. I’ve worked in veterinary hospitals for many years and it’s no mystery why almost every one of them have the kennel areas well inclosed or removed far from the ears of the employees and clients. Humans are great at adapting but even those of us that have worked around barking dogs for hours a day are just not able to adapt to the noise.I’ve never found myself frustrated to tears over my neighbor’s lawn mower, but have found myself in tears while trying to study for finals through the noise of a barking bloodhound. So for a lack of a better explaination, I think we can all just agree and accept that barking dogs are an annoyance unlike lawnmovers or leaf blowers. Good try though.

  50. Brian says:

    I think this is a great idea. I live in a townhouse community, and my neighbors have this dog who barks continuosly when their owners are away. They are away very often, for hours several times a day. I don’t like to hear other noise in my community such as leaf blowers, etc, but that can’t be helped. When my neighbors don’t do a thing after having been approached about the issue (and other issues), then I take it that they can care less about the problem they are causing. So if their dog barks, so can a birdhouse in my yard.

  51. Marie says:

    I’m in the same boat as many of you where trying to be reasonable with my neighbor owner of an incessantly barking dog does nothing. I read all of these comments here and see so many chastising remarks about “just talk to your neighbor.” Well how about you tell me what to do when “just talking” doesn’t work? When the neighbor slams the door in your face? When several calls to the sheriff, local police, animal control, and city hall do nothing? I want some of those people who feel that I should “just talk to my neighbor” to come back here and tell me what to do when there is nothing else to do.

    I’d like to add that frankly, the lawnmower/leaf blower comparison is ridiculous. It’s one thing to hear a motorized tool for 30 minutes at the most once or twice a week. It’s a totally different story when a neighbor’s barking dog wakes you up every morning at 6am, barks every morning at the kids waiting for the schoolbus, barks when you go outside everyday to do yard work, barks when other neighbors take their daily walks, barks at birds all day, barks for 20 minutes when the mailman is putting the mail in the big neighborhood locked mailbox, barks constantly when the kids get home from school and play outside, barks when people start to get home from work, barks for dinner, barks when neighbors go on their after dinner walks, and on and on.

    Here’s a link describing the deleterious effects of the sound of barking on humans:

    And I really would like suggestions on how to curb my neighbor’s dog’s incessant barking from some of you who think this product is a bad idea. There are always so many people to say, “No, this is a bad idea,” but then have no other alternative to offer.

  52. Marie says:

    I got so revved up after reading comments that I forgot why I was going to reply here in the first place.

    This review is a bit biased, don’t you think? It’s obviously written by some sort of trainer. If I were a dog trainer, I wouldn’t want anyone to buy this product, either.

    It was this phrase in the review that really bugged me, “How does the neighbor with the barking dog approach the neighbor who prefers to go high tech rather than a good old fashion face to face confrontation?”

    Well, if the neighbor with the barking dog can’t figure out how to approach their high-tech neighbor, don’t you think the same feelings might apply the other way around? The high-tech neighbor didn’t know what else to do! This is a product you would buy when you are at the end of your rope! This isn’t the sort of product you see kicking around in your local pet store. This is something you search for on google when you are desperate to get some peace and quiet in your own home - in your own neighborhood!

  53. Michelle says:

    I agree with Marie. I believe this article is written by a dog trainer. On the box, It states not to use with deaf or hard-hearing dogs. I’m having the same problem with my neighbor that has 3 dogs. I have asked them and they just swear at me and slam the door. This dog barks continously during the day and night for hours. The neighbors know about it, but won’t bring the dog outside or won’t interact with the dog.

    Has anyone tried to use the product? Does it work?

  54. MIchelle says:

    Forgot to ask something else. If I decide to get the outside barking control, does anyone know if it will affect my cat inside the house? Will I hear it?

  55. Beverly says:

    I would like to know if this product works. I have two Cairn Terriers and one of them is an alert dog I guess. I don’t want her to bother my new neighbors. I have asked them to let me know if she is barking during the day to much. I don’t know if she barks more when I’m home or not. The neighbors have not come to me yet. I do not want to use a shock collar if possible. I have a call into my vet to see what they suggest.

  56. Michelle says:

    I bought the product, it worked great on the boxer. However, the dog that we have trouble with, it appears not to be working. I think the dog is just plain stupid, because you can see that it goes off, but the dog ignores it. Has anyone used other products?

  57. Lori says:

    I found this sight because I was trying to figure out if the sound would harm my child, who is three and has very sensitive hearing and has actually been complaining of ear problems over the past several days (turned out to be a coincidence, we think).

    Our neighbors put one up recently which sits about 1 foot back from and 1 foot over a 7 foot privacy fence. Honestly, we thought it might be a video camera and were suspicious a camera trained on our kitchen door. I live with my mom who is almost 70, our home is not high traffic, and honestly, we don’t even spend a lot of time on that side of the house when we are out, so I wasn’t happy about what I thought was an invasion of privacy. Now that I know what the product is, it’s rather humorous because our dog stays in after dark and only goes out for short times during the day (while they are at work).

    Our dog is well trained, and doesn’t yip all the time - I personally would get rid of him if he did, as constant barking annoys me and upsets my 3 year old daughter. Our dog does bark when other dogs in the neighborhood come near our yard, but it’s always on on the opposite property line from theirs and is only occassional.

    I have yet to see the red light come on when our dog is even outside, but it flashes constantly when my daughter is playing and when we are getting in our cars to leave home.

    The neighbors complained once about 6 months ago saying that out dog had gotten out of the fence and dug in their yard, but there are about 20 dogs that are not leashed or fenced in within our neighborhood (no leash law here) and we keep him leashed now, so that ended. The have not approached us about the dog barking - something we haven’t noticed, so unfortunately they wasted their money on a product that is obviously ineffective.

    A concern I would have is that it could cause some potentially serious situations if the dog owner were an agressive sort and they thought it was a camera like we did. People have been known to kill because someone cut them off in traffic - it could be just as bad if they feel their privacy is being invaded.

  58. Dave says:

    I purchased this device at Petsmart when it was on sale for $40 to combat my oblivious neighbor’s yapping mutt. It’s been in use for a couple of weeks and has seemed to cut down, but not eliminate his incessant barking when we’re outside. I know it annoys the dog, because when I went outside, he started yapping so I placed it directly in front of a hole in the lower part of the fence and went about my business… he’d bark, it’d beep, he’d stop and the cycle repeated. Eventually he went away and shut up. Our own dog has been trained effectively not to bark through use of a bark shock collar, (citronella was useless) and I’ve been tempted to give one to my neighbors anonymously if their mutt doesn’t get a clue soon.

  59. Donna says:

    I purchased a similar product for our own dog three years ago. The ultra-sonic sound stopped him from barking, but he has never been the same. Every time he heard the sound, he ran for the house in terror. We now have to force him out of the house to relieve himself. We used the product for less than a week. I will never try another product like this one for any animal.

    If this product effects my barking dog in such a negative way, how does it to effect the quiet dog within listening range? How does it effect wildlife?

  60. Anonymous says:

    The author of this article is right. If someone tried to use that on my dog I’d sue him. These devices could be doing permanant damage to the dog’s hearing and if they go off when the dog isn’t barking they can cause the dog to have a mental breakdown. They certainly should not be used by people who don’t know what they are doing. Anyone willing to use this on a dog shouldn’t own one. Besides, I live alone and I like that my dog barks when someone walks past my house or a car goes by, her barking gives me a sense of security.

  61. Last Resort says:

    I can’t wait to buy one of these things. I’ve tried the “talking to my neighbor”. Then I complained to the city
    who sent him a bylaw warning. That didn’t work either. Other neighbors complained to the city. Then I complained
    to the city again. They sent another bylaw warning and told me to keep a log, which I did. The next step is court.

    The city is testing these things so good luck to the idiot above that said he would sue. He’s probably never been in this situation. It’s too bad that some dog owners are so ignorant or lack the mental capacity to understand the
    problem (i.e. stupid). To give you an idea just how ignorant this neighbor is, he also throws his dog feces and cigarette butts over the fence too.

    Nice eh!

  62. Last Resort says:

    His cat also craps in my back yard, and his yappie Border Collie farm dog urinates on my front lawn. He also uses the park behind the house where small children play as a bathroom for his dog. Disgusting!! Regardless, I think the dog is actually smarter than the owner. Let’s hope his hearing is in good shape so that the ultrasonic blaster will have full effect.

    Thank god for technology.

  63. Scott says:

    There is another product called Dog Silencer Pro™ which claims to have better “Bark recognition technology”. I wonder if anyone has tested this? It is more expensive, but if it does a better job of recognizing barks verses other noises, that would be a big deal.

  64. Kat says:

    I have a springer spaniel who does bark more than I would like, but it is the miniture poodle 2 doors down in my apartment complex that is a bigger problem. I use a shock collar rated for a 10-15 lb dog on my dog which is 45 lbs. That way he gets a buzz but not a strong jolt. I fact it needs a battery and he doesn’t realize it won’t do anything to him. He just knows what it can do so just wearing the collar works for him. If we can solve the yipping poodle problem it would be so peaceful.

  65. jake says:

    A Flamethrower should do the trick.

  66. lynn says:

    There’s always the old drano in the meatball trick

  67. laura says:

    My husband and I recently discovered our neighbor has placed such a device on her fence in an attempt to deter our dog’s barking. The irony is her baby sitter plays very loud music when swimming and she herself has extremely loud conversation that can be heard down the block.

    We have only had our Jackrussel / Boxer for just over 6 months and received her as a 6 month old rescue who needed major redirection. She has made great progress and is a very gentle, loving and playful dog. However recently since the neighbor moved in her barking has increased. We were working on prevention and making progress. Then our dog turned to aggressively barking at the neighbor’s fence.

    In short we’ve noticed the sonic device has had the negative affect of inciting aggressive barking from our dog. The barking has dramatically increased and has rolled over to aggressive barking inside to go outside. The dog is charging and jumping to catch and see the red light going off on the device. This has set our training back weeks.

    The device does not train the dog because there is no direct interaction to reinforce the proper behavior. I’m very concerned about any thing that negatively affects any animal or possibly people. Even though we might not hear the sounds such device could induce migraines, seizures etc.

    We do not want to disturb any of our neighbors, nor do we wish to have to listen to the barking. Please talk to your neighbors and avoid such device solutions. If you are not comfortable talking to them go through the city. Or speak to a certified dog trainer for specific actions.

  68. Joy says:

    Ok, here’s the deal. Totally inconsiderate and rude neighbors! If I could legally cause the owner of 3 ripping dogs pain, I would. No it is not the dogs falt, but when the owners think they are above the law, and have relatives on the force, guess what? All hours of the day and night the minute the dogs are let out of the house they bark…non stop. Summer, winter, spring and fall….24-7. Try sitting out in your back yard on your swing enjoying a warm summer evening with your family, when suddenly the barking begins…and continues for no less than 30 minutes. You ask the owners nicely to please stop their dogs from barking, but you get obsenities yelled at you for daring to speak against their wonderful dogs whos barking is caused by the neighbors dogs…..who are no where to be seen or heard. So you call the authorities and for maybe two days you hear a bit less, but then it all comes back again. There are no reasons for these dogs to bark and there are no other dogs within 100 feet of these dogs. So guess what, if the owners choose not to stop the barking, I will. If they stop barking, they will not feel any pain and after a short time, they won’t need the device and I will turn it off. Stop your bleeding heart whinning and shut your dogs up. I am sick of excuses. Their barking hurts me way more than a little high pitched sound hurts them. It is NOT painful, it is just EXTREMELY anoying! I love dogs and have one of my own, and guess what, she doesn’t bark when the neighbor dogs bark, she only barks when she needs to alert us, and we have never used the methods we must resort to. If I thought it would hurt her, I would never do it. So, get over it!

  69. Jen says:

    honestly i think the writer is right.i have a dog he barks but not all the time. a couple of days ago my neighbors put up one of these bird houses and it beeped every seconed of the day even if my dog wasnt out. the first day he was just out there non stop barking at nothing untill i notice this the bird house. it was not helping it was annoying. now i have to literaly grab my dog and push him out. like the the writer said my dog does not go to the bathroom in that spot any more now he goes in the middle. i think that the bird house is causing a hearing problem for my dog.

  70. Larry says:

    A neighbor who rents a house moved in 6 months ago with 9 hunting dogs penned in a 10 ft by 20 foot metal fence. These dogs can all bark for 6 hours at a time since that’s their purpose in life. They howl about 8 times a days for usually about 30 minutes or so. The other morning it was 3 am to 6 am. The neighbor wants them to bark since they are hunting dogs. All neighbors have talked to the rental owner and he just says they aren’t his dogs. Any ideas?

  71. CC says:

    Well, we are at our wits end - since we have lived in our house our “neighbor” has had 3 dogs - all of them yappers….. here is the bite (haha).
    My 2 dogs go out in the yard and from puppyhood on I have always been right there to train them not to bark — I used a citron collar for basic training on the older one and the other one was trained right from puppyhood. My two dogs will be out in the yard and the neighbor behind us lets her little yapper out because she can’t stand the yapping inside at the glass door when her dog sees mine. I always praise them when they do not respond - it must make them nuts that my big Labs do not even look at her little yapper any more nor pay him any attention. I have taken obedience classes and socialized them at great cost to make sure they are good canine citizens.
    BUT the yapping is really awful - he is out there and barks at the dog 3 yards away and now he is smart enough to go up on their deck to get a better view of the other dogs in the neighborhood…..yap, yap, yap…….. HELP!

  72. Darlene says:

    We just moved into a brand new home and our neighbor bought two dogs that growl and bark whenever I go outside. I no longer can enjoy my backyard. I find myself trying to be as quiet as I can when I go outside, which is silly, but that is what I am doing! The dogs are upset as the owners never walk them or interact with them. I actually feel sorry for them as all three of us have become prisoners in our backyard.

  73. Bonnie says:

    I have two Great Pyrenees, from the time they were babies. I am a stay at home mother. I have also socialized both dogs and trained them. Currently they are 18 months and 13 months. One of them barks ALL the time. Every time I hear it (and believe me, I am very consistent) I go out there and make her stop. She barks at our back neighbors, our side neighbors. She barks at squirrels and birds and whatever else she can. They are not bored, I do walk them daily for several miles and they have toys and a boy who plays with them when he gets home from school. The other will bark once or twice but she stops. This I like as it serves as a warning to unwanted people, we have a big dog!! I bought the birdhouse just today. I have noticed a BIG difference already with the amount of barking. I placed it about 5 ft in an apple tree near to the area where they bark mostly at our back neighbors (who have small children playing out there a lot). I do want to find out if it goes off all the time (we live under an airline path). I love my dogs and don’t hit them. I just don’t know what to do anymore with the barker. I am being a responsible owner and a good neighbor. I will post here in a week or so to let you know how I feel about this product and if it really works, harms, etc.

  74. Les says:

    The prolonged and incessant barking of the neighbor dog caused tremendous anxiety and excessive stress, ultimately causing a serious stroke. I witnessed Sheila collapse next to the fence, just on the otherside (barking of course) was the neighbor dog. She now walks with a limp, has limited use of her right arm and has slurred speech, she’s had minimal recovery over the past year. Thanks to an irresponsible dog owner she’ll never be the same. Cute family pet? or… the dog from hell? This can become a serious issue, get responsible dog owners, before someone else gets hurt.

  75. Cindy says:

    We are going crazy with the neighbor’s agricultural guard dogs. According to the state of Maine, these dogs can bark all the times and the neighborhood can’t do a thing. These dogs have to be in the process of guarding the herd or warning the owner of a threat, but if you want to file a complaint you have to prove it. Try getting the dog officer at your house in time to see the dog barking at nothing and at all hours of the night. They also have roosters that wake us up at the crack of dawn. The town is of no help. I’m going to buy one of these ultrasonic barking devices. My blood pressure has gone up in the last year and a half since I don’t get much sleep. I guess that doesn’t matter. Human welfare is less important the animal welfare.
    It always amazes me that the barking doesn’t bother the owners. How can they not hear the barking at night?
    I’m so frustrated and angry.

  76. Ann says:

    Our neighbor just put this up. Our dogs are only outside with us, otherwise in the house, they are never left outside alone. If all the neighbors are outside, our dogs will go to the fence and bark, we go over tell them no, if they do not stop, we pick them up(bigger one will stop when you tell her no)and take them to another part of the yard, if they go over and bark again we put them inside. The dogs are usually let out in the morning to do their business and because no one is about, rarely do they bark. I have never, in a year and half, heard our dogs bark for more than a minute maybe two if I were running the tiller or mower.

    Our neighbor has holly trees and some other bushes that were overgrown over our side drive by 3-4 feet, we asked if they could be trimmed back, so we could pull in our vehichles without them being scratched, he told us we could do it, but better not destroy the bushes as they were valuable, ok, we did it, they all seem fine. A wind storm came through and a big branch from his magnolia came down on our side drive, it did no damage, my mom started trimming the small bits from it, but we did not have a chainsaw, I told mom not to mess with it as it was their branch and let the woman next door know that the branch was down.

    Nothing, then I notice the brach is now all the way next to our house, I put it back on the property line, I then hear the branch being thrown, I go over and the guy is there, Hey what’s going on, (he) someone keeps putting this on our property. (me) That’s because it is your branch. (he) It is not, you’re trying to make it my problem, it was dragged here. (me,getting mad, he is implying my mother and I are liars and irresponsible) You have got to be kidding,look, (pulled a bud from the tree and the downed limb)they match. (he) Well, so, your dogs bark at 6 in the morning, and that is my bedroom. (me) You are a jerk. End of conversation.

    Now are my dogs really a problem. This mans’ wife works 2 jobs because he had to take early retirement(2 other wives get part of his retirement), and he goes and buys this for dogs that have never barked for more than a minute or two??

  77. F C says:

    I have recently bought the dog silencer pro.. i bought two actually because the website states that it does not go through walls and our garden has many constructions/objects blocking the sound waves. so i have placed one in the main middle section of the yard and one in a corner where my neighbours claim that my dog barks there all day and night. i used this for two days and nearly decided to return it back to the company, but i have decided to switch them both off and just have them there to shut my neighbours up.

    the product was way too strong and has caused one of my dogs to have mild seizures. (i own two labradors, one aged 7 and one aged 5) and the young one, his jaw was shaking uncontrollably. he was just so traumatised. the older one is consistantly shaking his head so its obvious that it has affected his ears/hearing.

    the product came with remote controls which i thought would be a good idea at the time to give one of them to our neighbours so that they would feel that they have some sort of control over the barking while we were out, but now i can’t help but think that they would be pressing it as soon as my dogs makes any sort of noise. which is ultimately unfair for my dogs.

    i do not think this is a humane way to train your dogs, it just makes me feel so helpless, because i know my dog barks while we are at work, because he is bored, the reason is so obvious, he doesnt bark for nothing, but we do have to work long hours everyday, and we are away from home around 10 hours a day. i stay at home all day whenever i can, and this would be about 2 days each week, where i would take them to the park and let them run. it makes me think that i shouldn’t have ever had a pet if our family weren’t at home long enough, but whats done is done and i could never give away my beloved pets, i mean who knows if their life would be better or worse out there, who knows? no one would love an adopted pet, as much as the owners who raised them from a puppy.

    bottom line, i just dont reccommend this product. it sure works, but if it brings all these negative effects, i dont think its humane to keep on using it.

  78. John says:

    For four years I’ve lived next door to a little dog that yaps continuously whenever it is outdoors. I had to give up gardening because of this dog. I bought the owner a bark collar, but she refused to use it. A friend of mine who is a dog breeder told me about this product. I bought one recently and found that it had an immediate effect on controlling the dog’s barking. Now the dog and I can both be outdoors at the same time, and for the first time, the dog behaves like a normal dog, without the yapping. I find that the red light goes on only when the dog barks. The device does not seem to bother my own dog at all, who is now happier to go into the backyard than before. In the past, he would beg to come back in because of the constant yapping from next door. Note that this device does not completely prevent barking, but it does effectively prevent the continuous barking that is so annoying. The device permits occasional normal barking, which is not annoying. So, thanks to this birdhouse-shaped product, the little dog next door is no longer a nuisance.

  79. Bill says:

    I bought one of these to shut up a 75 pound pitbull that barks 25 feet from my bedroom window. I hope it works. The dog barks aggressively at anything that passes by including me if I am in my own yard, children passing by on the way to school, joggers, cars, old ladies, anything. It is a shame because if it were not for stupid inconsiderate owners of dogs, devices like this would not be needed. Dogs need their own space and need to be properly trained, if the owner cannot do that they should not own a dog. If it does not work, I will just send it back. Next step would be to get law enforcement involved as necessary.

  80. Anonymous says:

    so the bottom line question is: does this product work. I am a neighbor with the dog that will not stop barking. My neighbors are fed up with the dog and we have tried everything from training ($$$$$$) to shock collars. Nothing seems to work. The biggest issue is that we work and the dog has to be outside.

  81. Jen says:

    My neighbour just bought 3 to help stop a neighbour’s dog down the street from barking. She hasn’t even told my nieghbour to quiet her dog, just thought she’d try this thing out. I am concerned for my dog’s hearing. I have a neighbour with 3 noisy kids in a pool everyday. Do I get a birdfeeder to shut them up? No, ofcourse not. That’s part of living with neighbours. People talk to people, get the neighbourhood invovled before trying one of these out. If this thing adversly affects my dog, I will be having a long discussion with my neighbour. I also like she barks at people walking along my fence, it makes me feel safe knowing that if someone entered my yard, my dog would alert me. this birdfeeder thing negates that.

  82. Anonymous says:

    For the poste who said they would sue, good for you! (I am usually opposed o such a thing). Has anyone read the actual product warnings? It states do not use around puppies. My neighbors did at my 2 month old. He now has problems hearing. Coincidence? The oldest (who never barked) now barks because he can hear this! The worst part is that my neighbor aimed it at my house and my dogs, not at his who is outside all day barking. Mine only go outside with me when i am home from work. I did talk to an attny, he wanted the case. He not only would go after the people next door but also the maker of the product. It is sad , dogs are dogs. They are going to bark. You do not see me putting one up that only childen can hear.

  83. A Ghatta Is A Big Kitty says:

    I ran across this article while looking for some form of ‘ultrasonic’ training aid that would help my mother shut her yappy little dog up.

    We ‘animal-companion’ owners are like parents… A few teach good behavior so their ‘kid’ is truly well liked, while far more don’t care how others feel and only want us to act adoring. We all know which of our neighbors fall into each group, and know our own ability to communicate with them. Thing is, we *don’t* know what the situation is for others posting here — we have no real place smugly telling them how to solve their problems based on a short comment any more than they can advise us on ours.

    Those of us with good dog-owning/child-raising neighbors should give them a thank-you card, so they know others *do* notice and appreciate their efforts. Better to reward the good behavior than just getting upset if they give up and their dog/child drives us batty!

  84. Annoyed says:

    If I aimed a loudspeaker at my neighbor’s house and randomly blasted annoying sounds into her bedroom late at night, I could be taken to jail. Why is it any different if that same neighbor leaves her dog out all night and the dog barks several times, waking me up?

    We need to have laws protecting us from nasty/ignorant dog owners!

  85. sick of neighbors dog barking says:

    This product worked for us we got it installed it and the neighbors dog barked and he has not barked since, so I say it worked great and if it keeps a dog from barking all the time its worth it

  86. JT says:

    First off, I own three dogs. They bark. All dogs bark. The difference here is, our dogs bark a couple of times to announce their presence, and they’re done. They absolutely WILL NOT bark if we are outside with them. I spent alot of time training them to do so. I have neighbors who will not do anything about the incessant barking of their mutt. Face to face confrontation did nothing. The moron said “This dog was barking before you moved in…” I was astonished that this idiot said that out loud. It is clear that the owner does not care. I WILL try one or more of these products. If it annoys or hurts their mutt to the point of it being afraid to go out, SO BE IT. They need a taste of their own medicine.

  87. Carolyn Liberty says:

    Help. I don’t know where else to go If someone reads this and can help me. I had three dogs. A Westhighland white terrior, and two Shihtzu’s. A vicious Pitbull jumped the fence from accross the street and came after me. My dogs were on the pourch of my house on their chains. I tryed to get them into the house before the pit got to us but before I knew it the pit took my little Shihtzu right out of my arms and killed him. I called the police. A report was made but nothing happened. The dog is still here in our neighborhood. And still in left in the yard unattended. The owner of the Pit acts as though he is not responsible for what his dog did. And animal controll of Detroit Mi is not helping me. The man did not even get a ticket. Help my baby is dead and nobody cares. There must be something I can do. My email is

  88. concerned says:

    My next door neighbors have recently put one of theses birdhouses in their rose bush very close to our house. We have two dogs who bark back to all the other neighborhood dogs (especially the neighbor’s dog next door). Their dogs has alot of issues including attacking my friends dogs in my yard who visit, barking all hours of the day and night, and pooping in my yard. I have not compained to them when this type of behavior is none stop, and I think it is rude of them to inflict this pain on my dogs when their dog is often the root of the problem. So now I will be the more evolved person and confort my neighbors for their barbaric behavior.

  89. Richard says:

    I think it’s clear the person writing this articel is an inconsiderate hypocrite. Coming home the writer found a PetSafe Bark Control facing his/her own yard. Maybe that should be an indication that his/her dog is a problem for the neighbors and he/she needs to do something about it. Instead of complaining about the neighbor maybe he/she should be training his/her own dog, especially if he/she is a trainer. Then the neighbor can take the birdhouse down. I bought one of these bark controls for my own dogs one of which used to barks too much and out of concern for my neighbors I installed one in my own yard. It works great. My dog stopped barking immediately. After one day we put it away and still the dog didn’t bark. Admittedly he forgot after a few days, so out it came and again he stopped barking. Over time we had to bring it out less and less. Now it’s in its original box on top of the refringerator in case we need again. Prior to this we tried the electric collar, the spray collar, stress pills; nothing but this birdhouse worked.

  90. Animal Control Officer Pipes Up says:

    I would like to put in my 2 cents. I have been working in animal control for 4 years and as a certified veterianary technician for almost 10. Barking dog complaints are my number one complaint (outside of running loose). I agree - dogs bark but barking for absolutely no reason is not ok. For those of you dealing with barking dogs in your neighborhood continue to annoy the hell out of your local police/sheriff until they do something about it. As for my jurisdiction, I try hard to educate owners that just let their dog bark because “that is what they do”. I was actually looking at this for an option for the complainants on my calls but I am not sure that I would recommend them at this point - too many issues. But the bottom line is - dogs do bark but they shouldn’t bark just because they can……

  91. MAD AS HELL says:


  92. Dog Product Review: PetSafe's Ultrasonic Bark Busting Bird House … says:

    […] this article: Dog Product Review: PetSafe's Ultrasonic Bark Busting Bird House … Share and […]

  93. Get a clue says:

    To “Get a grip”: what sort of jail time do you suppose a firearm discharged in a residential area carries? Other than the ridiculous assumption that you can shoot at your neighbors (shooting in their direction anyway) because they may have caused harm to your dogs, I’m in total agreement with your comments.

  94. blue river says:

    a) We have been in our home 19 years. My husband is a police officer on a grave yard shift. We have a 6 yr old golden who has been trained to be quiet on command. We have always had dogs as pets, for 31+ years of marriage and child-rearing. We now have two (2) neighbors with barking dogs.
    b) First family moved in almost 18 mos ago, with 2 dogs and added a third! We politely went over and explained the situation, his days off, etc. They already owned bark collars. Don’t really seem to know how to use them. On day three my husband shouted over the fence after the dogs woke him up again. He suggested he would call the police. She called the cops, who came to our house and guess what….woke my husband up again, just after he’d gone back to sleep. they have received 2 warnings (12 mos apart) and we are the “evil” ones for calling Animal Control.(?)
    c) Muni Code is that they give a warning (only once every 12 mos) then you need two adults not in the same household to swear out a complaint and you go to court. Other neighbors are retired or at work during the day, so no help there.
    d) new family next door, a shepard and a husky–they bark, generally when provoked by the other neighbors dogs trying to get thru their shared fence. He is a cop on graveyard shift too. I introduced myself and explained all of our concerns about 3 days after they moved in. They have 4 young kids as well. Had to go over & ring the bell around noon today for….barking dogs. At least he was conscientious enough to take them in and….CRATE them.

    Crating–what a concept. Dogs are happy to have their “cave” to go to. Those who “must” leave them out all day are–lazy and inconsiderate dog owners. Why should dogs & neighbors suffer from lazy dog owners?

    My understanding is these devices use the same ultrasonic sound as a dog whistle. We are desparate for an answer for this situation and so that people can sleep.

  95. Ashamed of You says:

    Everyone should go back and reread what Get a Grip wrote on June 18

    I couldn’t have said it better!

    And for the person that said “poison in a meatball” I can’t wait for karma to catch up with you.

  96. Elaine says:

    I was initially interested in this product as I own a rental surrounded by bad neighbors who we call the “Bumpuses”. One neighbor has five dogs and the other has four. They are fed regularly, but otherwise left to fend for themselves and are left out in the elements. We have concerns about the health and safety of the dogs left outside in all kinds of weather. That being said, we need to rent our units and it is very difficult when there is constant barking. I was concerned that the unit would bother the otherwise good dogs in surrounding homes as they houses are very close. I don’t want to stress them out or hurt them. Short of calling the authorities and having these dogs removed because they are left out in bad weather, I doubt there is anything we can do that will stop the barking. The owners aren’t the type you can easily talk to, and we have tried. I appreciate the comments because they have answered some of my questions.

  97. Works says:

    This product does work! My neigbor has four dogs that bark all the time…After I was woke up at 3:30, then at 5, then again at 5:30 on three consecutive nights I purchased this product. This was also two years in the making, They originally had two dogs and about a year ago got the other two. I had no idea this technology was even out there. Another neighbor about two years ago started a petition and the neighbor with the dog threatened to beat him up. So I knew a confrontation was out of the question. Anyway I put it up about two weeks ago and everything has been great…the dogs only bark when they should bark, like if someone is walking right up to the fence…not the constant two hour straight barking at 5am. Today the oldest child (maybe 12) snuck into my back yard and turned it off? I saw him do it and told him that my wife is pregnant (It is our first!) and she needs to be able to sleep through the night. I think they may have thought it was a camera or something…I really do not know. But hopefully they will research it and learn that what it is and maybe they can also get a good night sleep. I really did not want any friction with my nieghbors, but I and my family also need to be able to sleep through the night.

  98. Once Quiet Neighborhood says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. There are many responsible dog owners who diligently work with their dogs and keep them inside to socialize them. Then there are our new neighbors, renting a house across the street from us. Seven aggressive unneutered dogs are left outside for 5 or more hour stretches. They bark and fight every five minutes, charging the fence in what was once a peaceful family, walk friendly block. We have tried talking to the neighbors but they are as aggressive as their dogs. Until animal control picks them up, the ultra sonic birdhouse may be a solution.

    Dogs that bark repeatedly and are left out for long stretches are products of irresponsible owners. The owners don’t care to have the dogs inside with them and instead turn them outside with disregard to their neighbors who are trying to enjoy their yards and walks. You would think if one dog was pesky enough to live with you wouldn’t allow six more to join him. Some folks have little sense and animal control is a God send in this case. The poor dogs who are recipients of the other dogs abuse in this wild pen of dogs. A sad comment on their owners humanity.

    A woman near us had over one hundred dogs removed by animal control. She stacked the dogs in tiny cages, the ammonia so bad on the lower level animals that the dogs were blinded. Some folks deceive themselves with a false “savior” complex. They collect dogs thinking they are preventing their death in a pound. In doing so they harm the very animals they think they are saving. The dogs she owned were never socialized, rarely taken out of their cages. They have had many hurdles to overcome in order to function in a regular household.

  99. stacy says:

    My husband and I just purchased a new home and we love the home and the neighborhood, but not even a week in the new home I was ready to put it on the market b/c of the dogs next door! After talking to a few other people on the street the dogs next door have been a problem for all of them. The other people on the street along with the previous owners tried talking to the owners of the barking dogs, but the communication got no where. I knew trying to talk to my neighbors about the problem was out of the question and I didn’t want confritation being the new kids on the block. We bought the ultra sonic birdhouse out of desperation yesterday evening and last night was the first night we had a quiet night and much needed good nights rest! It was almost scary how quiet the neighborhood got.

  100. Linda says:

    We love our neighbors and want them to be happy in our neighborhood. And, we know that noise is the leading complaint in neighborhoods, the issue that leads to distress most often. Knowing this, we always let new neighbors know what they can expect from us; we are quiet and we are kind to them. We clear snow from all of the neighborhood sidewalks and driveways each winter because we have a huge snow blower. We let new neighbors (and respectfully keep our word with long-term neighbors) know that if our hedge next to their drive or along the back fence gets too large to let us know and we will immediately trim it; while we are there we offer to trim one of their bushes and offer some perennial plants. We also let new neighbors know that we also have an expectation of quiet from them as well. When our children were teenagers, the house rule was that they could play their music as loud as they desired in their rooms, but the sound could not be heard outside their doors. The same rule applied outdoors. In the last two years, two neighbors in rental properties have arrived and then obtained dogs – loud dogs that barked for hours. They barked from 6 AM to 11 PM, basically any time they were outdoors. The noise disturbed the neighborhood tranquility, and was (is) extremely stressful for me. We spoke with the neighbors four times although there was no change; other neighbors sent notes to them. The police came to warn them of a barking dog ordinance six times with no change. Finally we made contact with the property owners, who did request that the dogs either stop barking or be removed from the property. In one case, the family did move. Recently a new family arrived with again – a barking dog. Sad to say and completely out of my character, but I have just purchased the PetSafe® Outdoor Bark Control “birdhouse” as yet another avenue to stop the distressing barking. There have been mixed results in the use of this training tool, and it is my sincere hope that it will be in our yard for only one week as one person reported. I mean no harm to any animal, but will no longer allow barking dogs to interfere with the quality of our lives. Perhaps I can provide a happy report in near-term days.

  101. jdiddley says:

    Update… I owned this product for approx. one year and it worked well for the beagle next door. Instead of barking he adapted to a low howl so it was like barking “under the radar”. If he needs to alert for something serious, he just barks anyway. The bottom line is, he now only barks when he needs to. It has seriously cut back on what I refer to as “leisurely barking”. The bad news is, the birdhouse broke after only 1 year. The good news is, it trained the dog to stop barking all day every day 24-7. If you’re going nuts because of your neighbors dog, this is worth a shot I think. By the way, there are few bad dogs but many bad dog owners!

  102. Suzanne says:

    I have a poodle mix who likes to sit on the ledge of our underground garage and watch the world go by. Many in the neighborhood have expressed pleasure at seeing this little “lion king” emissary. We re-homed a standard poodle and the barking at that ledge has become more incessant with big box trucks and school buses the primary offenders. The gentlemen neighbors across the street approached me and we worked out an agreement. I try to keep good tabs on them when they are outside but, if for some reason, they become too loud for them, they are to call me and I will remedy the situation right away. This has happened once. Other times, I have caught it and taken care of the issue. Now, the neighbors, in spite of our agreement, have taken to yelling like maniacs everytime the dogs bark - everytime. This is not only ineffective it breeds resentment. I am considering one of these bird houses but equivocate. Why not continue to talk with me? (I have always, always prooffered friendly neighborhood relations - a home is a sanctuary and everyone is entitled to it.) These same neighbors have now complained about the labrador next door and that would be quite a ways a way since we are on heavily wooded three acre lots. I think neighborhood relationships are challenging - I am actually worried that these offending neighbors (at least to me) are not feeling well. I have let this stick in my craw for over a week and I think it is time I knock on their door and find out how they are doing. Communication is key, friendliness is key, the right approach is key. It’s like we all live in these little worlds that need care and respect. Wouldn’t it be good if we could swallow our fear and be good ambassadors? I am working on it…

  103. kestral says:

    Picture this… 11 coyote hounds plus puppies. They bark at everything and anything. From sunup ’til sundown. The only time they stop is when the owner steps out and swears at them as loud as he can. They are quiet for a short time and then start up again. Everyday. All day. You’ve approached the owners for 4 years with little results. Asked the local Town Board to intervene. Asked if the county police would help. Nothing. What do you do? I’m living it.

    The difference between dogs barking and a football game or leaf blowers is that you know it will stop. And, it is seasonal or will be present during a given time. I can deal with that. Dog barking is like fingernails on a chalkboard… it just gets to you on a whole different level. It permeates you. You know it isn’t going to stop and is going to be there again and again and again. You also suspect that the owner’s don’t care. Can’t they hear the same thing that I hear? Are they deaf?

  104. Indy says:

    I am considering this product. I own 2 dogs which I don’t let bark outside but a new neighbor moved in and ties a dog out there which wakes me up at 5 am every moring. I tried talking to him with no success. He has only lived in the neighborhood for couple weeks and I am dead tired. What are you suppose to do. It’s not the dogs fault. So I am on the fence about purchasing this. It will also effect my dogs if it turns on without barking. A nice thing to know before my decision to purchase it since I live on a busy street. I can handle some barking during the day but at 5 am I would like to be sleeping. So there’s no easy answer for neighbor problems. If he cared he would put his dog out and stand there at that time. Let the dog do his business and bring him in. I love animals and never would want one harmed or annoyed by this BUT if there was another solution I would do it. Some people just don’t want to cooperate. By the way I like his dog. :)

  105. Don't Waste Your Money says:

    My idiot, bully of a neighbor bought this thing because he is one of those twitchy jerks who likes to harrass people for pure, mean sport. He hates dogs, kids, cats, you name it. It does, as one writer said, alert on EVERYTHING (it blinks constantly every time a car passes–which is frequently, if not constantly, on our busy street)….but best of all, it has zero effect on my dog, who is only out in the yard twice a day for a short period, and barks at my mean neighbor solely because he TEASES her through the fence and sprays water at her (did I say he was nuts?). The guy has a hearing aid that he apparently doesn’t know how to turn down or modulate, so when a dog barks two blocks away, he “blames” my dog–even when the dog isn’t even home, but is on vacation with another family member (he’s complained on two occasions and been bagged for griping by the local constabulary when I was able to demonstrate that the animal wasn’t even in residence). He even called the dog officer one day, who verified that my dog was not the problem and tagged this guy as a habitual “nuisance-maker”–a well-deserved tag, IMO. When children in the neighborhood play in their own yards, he’s constantly griping–he’s just a mean, vicious coot and a busybody, and of the six neighbors who live in close proximity to him, not a single one has a good thing to say about him.

    There are two sides to every “barking dog” story, and it can sometimes be that an understimulated old neighbor with a cruel streak can be the REAL problem–that is what was the deal in my case, and I’ve got the miserable bass-tard on video to prove it.

    But to sum up about the bird house? Piece of junk.

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