Dog Rescue Captivates City

Dog rescuedA dog became trapped between a building rooftop and a bridge girder after falling from an elevated rail line in Osaka, Japan.

A rescue team of 10 members arrived to rescue the dog. Since the trains were running, rescue workers were not able get the dog from the train tracks. They climbed to the top of the building and tried to reach the dog with poles and a bag, but the dog became scared. Then one worker used a tool that had a collar fixed to it to pull the dog towards them. After two hours, the trapped dog was finally rescued. The dog is doing well, and now efforts are being made to try and find the dog’s owner.

2 Responses to “Dog Rescue Captivates City”

  1. Lynne says:

    Despite the myriad animal horror stories, the love of dogs really is universal, isn’t it?

  2. Gary says:

    Glad to see these stories, for once, man is doing something sensible.

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