Dog Rescued After Fall In Dog Falls

KyleKyle, a partially deaf and blind 14-year-old collie and Jack Russell mix, was walking with his owner when he fell 50 feet down a gorge into Dog Falls in Scotland. (It’s true. There really is a Dog Falls. It gets its name because the water course is shaped like a dog’s leg.)

His owner called for help from the fire department. She said at first, she had to convince them it wasn’t a hoax — that her dog had fallen in Dog Falls. Finally, when the fire department believed that it was a legitimate emergency, they went above and beyond with sending out a rescue team. 30 people from the fire department, coastguards, police and a mountain rescue team all came to help Kyle.

The coastguard was finally able to reach Kyle by accessing the water from a bridge and wading upstream to reach the dog. In total, Kyle spent 3 hours in the water. He is perfectly fine and normal after his incident. A coastguard spokesperson said that the “name of the spot was quite appropriate for the occasion.”

Source: BBC News

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