Dog Rescued After Four Days In Storm Drain

After four days of searching and digging for their dog, a West Virginia family has found their buried dog alive.

Alex, a 14-year-old dalmatian, went missing last Thursday night. His owner, Larry Thompson, started to look for him and heard noises from a storm drain. His dog had fallen in there.

Emergency crews got a call on Sunday from Thompson saying that his dog was trapped more than 20 feet underground in a storm drain. Family members and neighbors continued to hear Alex whimpering in the storm drain.

On Sunday, Thompson crawled down into the hole to comfort Alex and try to help with the rescue. Later that evening, family and friends decided to keep digging. They also talked to Alex and prayed for his safety.

Thompson said Alex probably climbed down into the storm drain to stay cool. At one point, Thompson crawled down into the storm drain to try to get his dog, but a wall of dirt started coming down on him. He had to climb out and leave Alex in the storm drain.

Luckily a friend had a backhoe that they used to dig to rescue Alex. They dug another hole 30 feet deep to reach the dalmatian.

Finally, after four days underground, Alex was rescued. His owner was able to reach him and pull him out.

He was rushed to the veterinarian on a stretcher to be checked out. The vet said that Alex is dehydrated, but he is doing well.

Thompson said: “I would have gone to any extent to get him out. It was the humane thing to do. I just couldn’t leave him in there to die, to suffocate. I’m just so glad we kept digging. Now all I have to do is clean up this mess I’ve made of my yard.”

The Thompson family is appreciative for all the messages of support, received from around the region, on Alex’s rescue.


6 Responses to “Dog Rescued After Four Days In Storm Drain”

  1. Elderta says:

    What a lucky doggie to have such a wonderful family! No more storm drains for you, Alex!

  2. Lynne says:

    Bless his heart and thank God for a family that did not give up on him.

  3. Vicki T says:

    With all the stories going around about animal abuse, it’s great to hear about the love between a man and his dog. I am so happy this story had a happy ending. The videos capture the emotional moment of rescue perfectly.

  4. nora says:

    yes, on TV last night I was able to witness the moment of rescue because for some reason I cannot get the video to work online. Anyway, the moment between owner and dog made my heart swell with emotion. The man was sobbing and the look of trust, faith, devotion and love and gratitide on that dogs face and in his eyes is absolutely heart wrenching. HOW WONDERFUL.

  5. Stan says:

    Nora could not have said it any better! They are both lucky to have each other!

  6. kerribearsgoldensinAriz. says:

    Never give up hope! This is a wonderful story and thank you for never giving up on your sweet Alex. Big Hugs from Arizona to you all…

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