Dog Rescued From Abandoned Well

luckydog.jpgLucky the dog is recovering after firefighters rescued him from an abandoned well. The 20-pound German shepherd and Chow mix might have been trapped for up to a week in the heavily-wooded area off of Northeast 21 Court in Citra, Florida, according to Marion County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Heather Danenhower.

Delma Pons, 66, who lives near the area, reported yesterday having heard barking for about a week. Firefighters searched the woods and used chain saws to cut a 25-foot path to the well, Danenhower said. They found the dog, which they nicknamed Lucky, trapped in the 6-foot wide, 20-foot deep well.

Firefighter Daniel Jodoin used an extension ladder and safety-line to reach the skinny dog.

Lucky was taken to an emergency clinic to be treated for dehydration and hunger, Code Enforcement Field Supervisor Dennis Underwood said. He will be up for adoption from the Marion County Animal Center once he is back to health.

If anyone is interested in adopting Lucky, call (352) 671-8700.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

One Response to “Dog Rescued From Abandoned Well”

  1. nora and rufus says:

    poor Lucky in that well for almost a week barking his head off and probably thinking that no one would save him. Being a shepherd and chow mix and only 20 lbs is awful. He must not have seen a decent meal in many months! I hope that someone takes him and loves him back to health. He deserves a chance at life.

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