Dog Rescued From Balcony

ArukNext time you get hauled to jail (I’m talking to you Menu Foods corporate executives), make sure your dog is taken care of and has enough food and water. When a Madrid couple was sent to prison, their 18-month-old dog, Aruk, was left on their balcony without any food or water. For two weeks, neighbors dropped food over the balcony and gave Aruk water with a hosepipe. After two weeks, Aruk was finally rescued by the Civil Guard, firemen and El Refugio. Aruk, we hope that you have found a loving home.

2 Responses to “Dog Rescued From Balcony”

  1. Steve says:

    Very Sad. This is another issue. Many people do not realize the responsibility that comes with having a pet. Pets are not disposable products to toss out when you’ve tired of all the responsibility involved. They are living creatures.

  2. kaefamily says:

    I work at a daycare center for pre-K children. Just today I witnessed a very pup was carelessly passed around like a toy from children to children while its owner/parent stood by watching nonchalantly. Her child was not being watched carefully either! As I have always believed if one can’t take care of one’s pets one should be forbidden to have children and vice versa.

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