Dog Rescued From Storm Sewer


Storm sewer workers were alarmed when they heard a dog bark from underneath the street. They found a thin and scared dog stuck in a culvert only 15 inches in diameter. The dog was about 50 feet from the nearest entryway. Despite the workers offering food, the dog didn’t budge.

Then the answer came to the three workers. They used a video camera for inspecting drain pipes to nudge the dog to the entryway. At first, the dog didn’t move when the camera came up behind him, so the workers gently tapped him with the video camera to move. Eventually, the dog continued to make his way out with the camera following him.

When he finally made his way up towards the workers, one of the workers petted him and tied a rope around his body to heist him up.

From Mankato Free Press:

The dog didn’t have any tags, and he was brought to the animal control facility. He was incredibly emaciated and tired. The animal control officer said that the animal shelter was full and that they may not have a place for the dog. If an owner did not claim the dog, they may have to put him down.

Fortunately, the next day, the owner of this 13-year-old lab, Max, claimed him. The owner was waiting at the impound facility in the early morning to pick up his beloved dog. Max was quite happy when he saw his owner and he got up as quick as he could to greet him.

It’s still not sure how Max got into the storm sewer. There are no obvious entryways in that area. Normally, cats, raccoons, and ducks are usually rescued from the storm sewer. One of the workers said that in his 25 years, this was the first dog that he has rescued from a storm sewer.

We’re glad that you’re safe and sound Max.

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  1. Katie says:

    glad the kind and caring workers were able to save Max, hope he’s recovering and his family is doing everything to take better care of him


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