Dog Returned Home After Dognappers Demand $350,000 Ransom

AldoA kidnapped Colombian dog, Aldo de Fescol, was returned to his owners after he was held for a $350,000 ransom by his abductors.

The four-year-old German shepherd was taken on September 18. The dognappers broke into the couple’s house, tranquilized Aldo, and took him away in a bag.

The couple later received a call saying that Aldo would be hurt unless they paid a $350,000 ransom. They also were sent photos of the dog in chains and a tape recording that said: “This is how your dog cries at night.”

Six undercover agents accompanied the couple when they went to make the ransom payment. When the exchange was about to take place, a shootout erupted, and two of the dognappers were captured. No ransom was paid, and the other abductors still had Aldo.

Aldo was dropped off later at a veterinarian’s office with a note saying that he needed to be washed. When no one came to pick up the dog, the vet’s office called the police. After a month, Aldo was finally returned home to his owners.

A vet said Aldo shows signs of starvation but is doing well overall.

Sources: International Herald Tribune, Reuters

Photo: Independent Television News

10 Responses to “Dog Returned Home After Dognappers Demand $350,000 Ransom”

  1. kaefamily says:

    Glad to know that Aldo is on a road to recovery after such an ordeal. Kudos to his owners for unequivocally showed their love for him.
    This type of crime is on the rise as pets become more valuable companions. I am wondering if our owning a mutt from the pound lessening his chance of being dog-napped.

  2. Furball Mom says:

    I don’t understand! If the dog was either at the vet’s office or the police dept, or humane society, didn’t anyone feed the dog? Why were there signs of starvation after a month of being released from the dognappers?

  3. kaefamily says:

    “A vet said Aldo shows signs of starvation but is doing well overall.”

    I think the vet’s comment was indicative of Aldo’s condition at the time he was dropped off at the vet’s office.

  4. Catlady says:

    Sounds like the dognappers kept the dog for a good while before taking it to the vet’s office. I don’t think the vet would have waited a month before calling police when someone didn’t pick him up after a bath. Glad this ended happy for Aldo.

  5. Lynn says:

    Definitely must keep close watch on your dogs AND probably best not to let word out that your pet is like family.

    What kind of world is this?

  6. Catlady says:

    Just saw this in my local newspaper. It sheds some light on the timeline in this story.

    “The dog, named Aldo, had been left by his captors at a veterinarian’s office last week and was identified and returned to his owners Friday…”

    So, the dog had actually been at the vet’s for only a few days, and was apparently not well taken care of by the dognappers.

  7. mittens says:

    yes and in colombia they routinely kidnap and then execute humans if the ransom doesn’t come through soon enough. it’s pratically a way of life there. it’s been going on for over 30 years consistantly which is why most of the guys i work with- all from one village there- are here in america. lucky dog- i know people who have seen their family members killed before their eyes.

    they also like to fill dogs up with baggies of cocaine, ship them into the usa then slit them open to get the goods.

    drugs really are bad but not for the reasons most people think.

  8. Nora and Rufus says:

    The laws must be more strict for any people who kidnap and or abuse animals in any way. I hope to live long enough to see it happen. Death penalties should be considered just as if the crime happened to a human being. This kind of abhorant behavior has been tolerated and enabled long enough.

  9. Don Earl says:


    I guess our courts and lawmakers are the last to know the value of our pets is more than $50. A lot more.

  10. Stefani says:

    Well, if the law doesn’t yet recognize that pets have value above their “market price,” the thugs and criminals certainly have.

    Tssk tssk.

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