Dog Returned To Owner After Five Years

MindyGary Thomas never gave up on finding his beloved dog, Mindy.

The Boston terrier was stolen from Thomas’ home five years ago and was taken hundreds of miles away. But now, Thomas and Mindy have been reunited.

Mindy was found at a state park in northern Georgia and was then taken to an animal shelter in Decatur, Alabama.

And this almost 14-year-old dog was rescued 48 hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter. The Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue saved Mindy from her horrible fate.

The rescue stepped in and took Mindy from the shelter and found a foster home for her for two weeks. Mindy’s microchip was only discovered after her stay at the foster home.

Calls were made, and Thomas was notified that his long lost dog had finally been found.

“I’d given up. I didn’t think I’d ever see her again,” said Thomas. “I’m so happy. Yes, it’s my dog, it’s her, but just an older version of her.”

Thomas added that even though Mindy is hard of hearing now, she came running toward him when he said, “You’re daddy’s baby.”

Mindy also has development cataracts along with her poor hearing. The S.P.A.Y.-Lee (Society to Protect Animal Young-Legislation, Education Enforcement) has offered to pay for veterinary services, evaluation and surgery associated with Mindy’s cataracts.

Source: NBC2, The News Press

15 Responses to “Dog Returned To Owner After Five Years”

  1. straybaby says:

    i love hearing these stories. the microchip really does serve a great purpose as do rescues. :) one of the worst things is losing your pet and never knowing. Gary and Mindy are truly lucky.

    very cute pic. hope they enjoy many more happy years together. and big Kudos to BBTR and SPAY-Lee for being there for Mindy :)

  2. pat says:

    if only Mindy could talk, she’d surely have a story to tell! and for those people who think animals have no memory of or affection for the people in their lives, i think Mindy’s reaction to being reunited with dad puts that debate to bed. congrats to Gary and Mindy!

  3. NH says:

    I’m hoping the people who stole her were at the state park, tripped on a rock, fell and cracked their heads open.

    Other than that, I’m thrilled the 2 were reunited. I hope they have many many years together.

  4. Donna B says:

    And what is the problem with the animal shelter in Alabama? They couldn’t scan the dog for a microchip? She was 48 hours from being euthanized - they should be ashamed of themselves!

  5. Christine says:

    Donna, I was wondering the same thing. The microchip is extremely useful– if the shelter scans for it. I want to know why they didn’t.

  6. Nancy G. says:

    Yeah, what’s the point of microchipping your pet if shelters don’t scan for them? Geez… But thank goodness for breed rescue groups, they saved poor little Mindy. I wonder how they knew she was there? Do shelters bother to notify breed rescue groups? Or is it all too much of a bother?

  7. Cheryl says:

    umm … which is it?

    Gary Thomas never gave up on finding his beloved dog, Mindy.

    “I’d given up. I didn’t think I’d ever see her again,” said Thomas.

  8. straybaby says:

    Cheryl, could it be hope vs reality?

    about shelters scanning. i know that the shelters here do their best to make sure all incoming are scanned as part of the intake procedure. not sure if they rescan before euth, but many do. i also know we got a dog returned to a no-kill shelter in brooklyn that was about to be euthed in SoCal because they scanned before euthing at that high kill shelter. i think you need to know how your high kill shelter operates and demand change if scanning is not happening. your local rescues can prob help with that. i’d rather chip than not just because some shelters don’t scan.

  9. Vettech says:

    Here they scan everything on intake at the county shelter, but one county over they don’t scan as it takes too much time they say even though tehy have free scanners donated to them….The HS does not scan as they take only owner owned dogs but they have had sveral people lie and steal neighbors dogs etc..and then turn them in, one was a show dog that was stolen and turned into the HS, neutered then adopted out, the new owner took the dog to the vet and found the chip, they researched the chip, found the old owners who were furious, they are in a lawsuit with the HS for not even bothering to make sure the dog wasn’t stolen and scan it before they took it in.
    Many small counties don’t scan….I know of vets that will scan but in found dogs leave it up to the people that found the dog if they want to contact the real owners or not. Worked at a place where a Boston was found, pregnant had a chip, the person wanted to keep the dog and the vet said that legally she couldn’t make that person contact the owner, so I think that defeats the whole perpose of chipping in the first place.
    That being said all my dogs are chipped just in case as our shelter does scan, so heaven help they get out and picked up at least they do have some ID

  10. Nora and Rufus says:

    Won’t scan because it takes too much time??!!!! I have seen it done and it takes about 5 minutes!!!!!! WTF!!!!! Oh, I suppose they are talking about the follow up of required phone calls to the owners and waiting for responses. And I would think that ANY SHELTER’s duties would include an attempt to find an owner at all costs before tagging an animal for killing with a needle. Apparently we have natural born killers working at (high kill) some of the shelters because they are just too quick to stick any animal they can with a needle full of that blue juice.

  11. mittens says:

    the kill shelters really really need to take the time to scan-could the actual physical scanning take as long as killing? i have heard however that not all the machines can scan all the chips- that different chip makers have different machines which seems ridiculous and renders chips almost unuseable for ID purposes.

    rescues and shelters often treat pet owners and wanna be pet owners as potential puppy killers and cat beaters. we’re constabtly reminded of- often scolded about- our responsibilities towards our pets with chips and tags and licences and’ co ownerships’ and keeping them in the house always yet when a pet strays there’s a run to completely ignore the chips, ignore the rights of the original owner and either rehome the pet( with the assumption that because the pet was lost they of course had a bad owner ignoring the fact that completely innocent accidents do happen and pets are actually often stolen) or eliminate it.

    this attitude is very wrong and completely inhumane. most shelters that kill are contracted to the communities they serve meaning your tax money pays for it. in such cases we need to make demands about the operations our money is paying for- like more follow through and proper use of technology and perhaps a little more respect for other human beings and their animals. these shelters need to serve us, the community, not run at odds with us.

  12. Cathy says:

    Nora, I used to work at an SPCA and it only takes a minute to scan. We would scan every animal that came into our shelter. We didn’t just scan where a chip is normally put in between the shoulder blades either. We scanned the animal everywhere in case the chip migrated and it only took about a minute. There is no excuse not to do it.

  13. rainslynn says:

    In Il. all strays must be scanned, but there does seem to be a problem with owner give ups. We have run into a problem where adoptive owners take the animals to a shelter, vs returning them to us as stated in the contract. In my opinion, there is no excuse. It just isn’t done 100% of the time. I’m glad for Mindy. Live long.

  14. Jenny Bark says:

    Mittens, I’m with you all the way on this one.

    I so glad poor Mindy is back home, how terrible it must of been on her at her age. I hope they both get a couple of wonderful years together.

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