Dog Saves Child From Cancer

Five-year-old Kendall Sendall owes her life to her best friend Phoebe, a six-year-old Australian Shepherd.

When Kendall was three-years-old, Phoebe would always head straight towards Kendall whenever she came in from outside.

She would place her paw on the sleeping child and would pull her towards Kendall’s parents as if to alert them of something wrong.

The Sendall’s called a doctor in regards to Kendall and her sleeping a lot and they were told that nothing was wrong and it might just be an ear infection.

But Phoebe knew that something was wrong. She got more desperate and began to pull at her owners’ clothing to go towards Kendall. Phoebe wouldn’t do this with any of the other children except for Kendall.

Kendall’s parents finally took her to the emergency room because of Phoebe’s constant efforts to tell them something, and it was discovered that Kendall had acute leukemia.

The leukemia had already gotten into Kendall’s joints, but thanks to Phoebe, the cancer is in remission. Kendall is healthy and just like any other energetic five-year-old girl.

Phoebe was also honored for saving Kendall. She was presented with a trophy by the Franklin County Humane Society, and the family was given $700 to help with Kendall’s medical expenses.

Phoebe continues to watch over her best friend and stay by her side to keep her safe.

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8 Responses to “Dog Saves Child From Cancer”

  1. Robert Davis says:

    What an awesome story.

    Was she named after Phoebe on the TV Show “Charmed”? On that show Phoebe got premonitions - looks like Phoebe here did too!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Robert Davis

  2. Nancy G. says:

    In the ancient mid-east dogs were associated with healing and healing temples. Looks like they are far more involved with human health than just the old ‘a dog’s saliva is healing.’ Did the ancients know dogs can sense strokes and seizures, smell cancer, etc? The more we learn about dogs, the more amazing they become.

  3. Garyn says:

    This story really hits home with me. My dog loves people of all ages. He has never barked at or shown aggression to any person of any age in his life (he is now seven) with three exceptions. He always barked at my older male neighbor which was so odd for him. He never greeted this man without barking. That is not his temperament. The man was shortly thereafter diagnosed with lymphoma and he died. My dog also barked at a friend of mine who has bipolar disease. He has recently barked repeatedly at a young child (about 7) who is a friend of my neighbor’s child. Be mindful that he loves kids and is so gentle with them. I told my neighbor that her parents should have her checked out and I told her about the male neighbor and my friend but she didn’t believe anything was wrong with the child. I told her to at least tell the parents. I really think that something may be wrong with the child. My dog meets children every day. They all love him and he loves them. This deviation from normal behavior is a warning I am sure.

  4. furmom says:

    I do believe animals can sense illness in many cases where humans can’t. But I just know MY doctor would put my name on his “Looney List” if I brought my kid in because the dog said he wasn’t right. He won’t even take it seriously when I say I think the kid isn’t right, and as it turned out, I was more acurate than the doc at determining a rather serious condition. Maybe there should be a course in medical training….

  5. Velvet's Dad says:

    Furmom: I would change doctors.

  6. Dianne says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September and had surgery in October. Ever since then my formerly aloof alpha cat is constantly at my side, sleeping on my pillow and rubbed up against my arm on the arm of the couch.

  7. furmom says:

    Not much hope in changing doctors. I took this kid to four doctors and one pediatrician who all said they could see no problem. Another ped made a diagnosis which helped, but wasn’t quite right. Twelve years later a respirologist got the diagnosis but said the kids would be fine (maybe, maybe not according to my follow up research) at least till he was older (that’s reassuring). I’ve given up on doctors, except vets. I’ve said for years if you have a serious illness you should go to a vet. Besides they actually listen and investigate when I take in an animal I’m not sure about (which is rare).

  8. Nora and Rufus says:

    My sensitive Aussie is the doggie love of my life. I cannot imagine life without my Rufus. He is an exceptional companion and life long best friend. Words cannot describe how much I love this dog.

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