Dog Saves Children From Poisonous Snake

Jewels the dog saved four children from a poisonous snake. She truly is one amazing heroine.

Jewels’s family and family friends were outside playing in the front yard. Out of nowhere, Jewels rushed towards the bushes. From 50 yards away, she had sensed danger. In her hurry, she knocked down two of the children. The adults were baffled because Jewels was normally such an obedient dog, and now she was ignoring their shouts for her to stop.

Jewels stuck her head in the bush and came out with what looked like a stick. It actually was a snake stuck to her mouth. The highly poisonous water moccasin had already stuck its teeth and venom in her mouth for several minutes. She finally was able to shake the snake off. The family rushed Jewels to the emergency animal hospital.

She was critical by the time they arrived. Her neck was swollen, and her blood pressure was dropping. Jewels’s family went home that night upset that their dog would not make it through.

The next day, Jewels’s owner picked her up from the hospital and she had fully recovered. When she got home, she even jumped out of the car and started licking the kids.


“Oh, it scared me to death cause it could have been a whole lot worse. I mean Jewels was just, like I said, she was our hero. She’s amazing,” Misty [Jewels’s owner] said.

And even after her battle with a cottonmouth and brush with death, they say Jewels Elsworth is vigilant when it comes to protecting her children.

“When she gets out in the yard and I have plants, she literally tip toes around the plants to check them out while the kids are outside playing. It’s just, it’s amazing. She’s a great dog,” Misty said.

Way to go Jewels!

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  1. Trudy Jackson says:

    WoW. That’s amazing. Way to go Jewels!

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