Dog Saves Girl From Being Abducted

AngelAngel, a nine-month-old Jack Russell terrier, showed that she is definitely an angel by being a guardian angel over a nine-year-old girl.

Andres Brown, a Florida man, said Angel saved his daughter from being abducted.

Brown’s daughter took Angel outside in the yard to use the bathroom when a man decided to grab the girl. But Angel stepped in to save her. Angel attacked the man and jumped on top of him, and the girl began screaming and was able to escape. The man finally ran away.

Brown said before the incident, he wasn’t sure about Angel and if he should keep her because she was afraid of cats and didn’t seem “like much of a guard dog.” But now that has all changed.

He added, “Now she’s a keeper. I guess I’m sleeping in the kennel tonight and she can get the king-size.”

Source: Local10

3 Responses to “Dog Saves Girl From Being Abducted”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    If only all people who get Jack Russells because they are small and undeniably cute and energetic would realize and understand the devotion and courage of the little Jacks, so many would not be abandoned at the “Shelters” after a nipping, jumping or gnawing incident. Glad to know this little Jack gal showed her stuff!

  2. Scarbo says:

    Never Underestimate a Jack Russell ! I’ve been owned by 2 JRTs for 12 years. Relentless? Yes indeed! Also, extremely intelligent, courageous, & unwavering loyalty. Did I mention stubborn? They invented it! Actually, they have their own agenda—sometimes it even matches mine!

    Nora and Rufus, you are right on target. JRTs are not the dog for everyone. They are big dogs in a small body. Anyone considering adopting a Jack MUST educate themselves about these wonderful little dogs.

  3. Klondike says:

    I saw this story on the news and the father of the girl said that he had been thinking of selling Angel because she seemed timid. (He was thinking of getting a pit bull for the family.)

    He said that he changed his mind.

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