Dog Saves Owner’s Life


Penny Centrella says her dog, Zeus, is a hero because he saved her life.

Centrella had a heart attack and passed out on the bathroom floor. Her dog came to the rescue. Zeus tried barking, kissing, kicking and trying to roll over his owner’s body to wake her up. Finally, Centrella woke up and called 911. She was rushed to a hospital where she had emergency heart surgery.

She says that she would have died if Zeus had not woken her up. Way to go, Zeus.


3 Responses to “Dog Saves Owner’s Life”

  1. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    What kind of dog is Zeus? He looks like he might be a *gasp* PIT BULL!

    I’ll bet he was really getting ready to eat her, not save her life. Yeah. That’s it.

  2. KimS says:

    How did she know Zeus tried to do all those things if she was the only one there and she was passed out.
    Just saying…

    But this is actually a very nice story. Dogs are awesome. They are loyal and very fun to have around.

  3. penny says:

    i know because when i came to he was still doing it til i got the strength to get up.and no he is not a pitbull

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