Dog Seized By Animal Control Officer Finally Returned After Several Months

RoscoeThe Cockrum family was without their dog, Roscoe, for the past few months. And finally after months of frustration and fighting for their dog, Roscoe has returned home.

The Cockrums had adopted Roscoe, a German shepherd mix, from the Kansas City, Kansas animal shelter in December 2006.

In late October, Roscoe was on a chain in front of the house when an animal control officer went onto the property and told the Cockrums that there was an anonymous complaint that Roscoe was an illegal breed. The officer said that he was a pit bull, but Sasha Cockrum said that he was a shepherd mix. The officer continued to disagree and said that Roscoe had the characteristics of a pit bull because of his high-pitched bark.

The officer proceeded to take Roscoe and seize him from their property.

The Cockrum family went to the Kansas City animal shelter that same afternoon and even took along documentation from the animal shelter showing that one of their own animal control officers said that Roscoe was a German shepherd mix in June.

The family said that the shelter then claimed that they were neglecting Roscoe and also said that they were simply keeping Roscoe because he was not neutered.

Cockrum said that due to financial problems after a hard pregnancy, the family did not have funds to neuter Roscoe.

The family said that at first, the shelter’s director told them that he would return Roscoe to the family, but after a few days, he said that he was not going to give Roscoe back and he would either be adopted to another family or euthanized.

A local news team became involved in Roscoe’s situation, and employees at the shelter told the news team that they needed to contact the city’s public information officer to get any answers about Roscoe. The officer stated that Roscoe was alive, but refused any requests for anyone to see Roscoe.

The Cockrums said, “It’s very upsetting. He was a family dog. He slept with us. He ate dinner when we ate dinner. He was protective over the kids.”

Finally, after months of waiting, Roscoe was returned to his family last week after he was neutered.

The Cockrums also paid a fine for failing to register Roscoe under the city’s animal adoption rules.

Source: KCTV5

(Thanks Dennis)

24 Responses to “Dog Seized By Animal Control Officer Finally Returned After Several Months”

  1. Michelle says:

    I am very glad Roscoe was finally returned to his family where he deserves to be. Shame on that animal control officer for taking him away. I’m just glad that this story has a happy ending.

  2. Highnote says:

    So now they judge a dog by his bark? This dog has no markings at all of a pit bull. It sounds to me like someone was just wanting to cause this family trouble. My pure bred collie had all sorts of types of barks. This is really stupid and they should not have been able to take the dog over a bark.

  3. Becky says:

    I’m glad Roscoe is back with his family - it does sound like another case of animal control being clueless….but the family needs to make sure they now follow the laws about dog licenses and get him neutered if it was part of the original adoption agreement.

  4. 2CatMom says:

    The geniuses as anmal control strike again. He barks like a pit bull? If that dog is a pit bull, I’m the Queen of Sheba.

    And since the family adopted him from these jokers, why didn’t they just neuter him before letting him be adopted? If they had any feelings, they could have helped to arrange for a low cost neuter and then everybody would have won. The family gets the dog, the dog won’t breed, animal control doesn’t have to kill the dog.

    But NO, this is about POWER, not about doing what’s right or serving the public. The family didn’t register the dog…bad, bad owners, let’s teach you a lesson by threatening to kill your dog.

    So what’s the end result. You upset the family, and bring public ridicule on your department.

    Hey Officer Einstein, think this family will ever trust the police or public authority again? Think the community won’t despise you? Next time, just try THINKING before you act.

  5. kaefamily says:

    they promised to return the dog then did an about-face. Someone realized his department’s incompetency so he decided to abuse his authority to save face.

  6. straybaby says:

    pit bulls have high-pitched barks? and this is unique to the breed for purposes of identification?! um, ok!

    *goes off to teach my dal-who-has-been-called-a-pit-on-more-than-one-occassion to do deep low-pitched barks* OY!

  7. Nancy G. says:

    Unbelievable. He’s a pit bull because of his bark? Where do they get these morons in animal control [not that all are, but plenty seem to be]. Are there any qualifications, any tests, anything? Sounds like this is one of those medieval shelters where no one knows and no one cares. More and more it seems to be a terrifying thing to own a pet, esp. a dog; animal activists or clueless authorities can take away your family pet for any reason, or no reason. it’s enough to keep you awake at night. Will we end up with an underground, like in China, where dog owners have to keep their pets hidden and away from the eyes of the authorities, who will seize them?

  8. cat lady says:

    my 14 lb dachshund sounds like a huge big scary dog, and if you didn’t see her you wouldn’t know she was tiny…

    And they wonder why people dislike and distrust animal control everywhere….
    absolute power corrupts absolutely

  9. Sharon says:

    I thought it was illegal to offer animals for adoption that have not been fixed. Sounds like Kansas City, Kansas has some serious problems.

  10. Hazel Chambers says:

    Evidently the criteria for being an ACO here is be be a total moron. I have a dog with a high-pitched bark. Her name is Bitsy and she is a 5 pound chihuahua….or at least I thought she was…I now realize that DAMN….I have been cuddling with a DANGEROUS PIT BULL……NOT

  11. Nancy G. says:

    Be careful, Hazel! Cat lady, my first dog was a standard dachshund, I saved my allowance and got her when I was 10 years old. Yes, she had a big bark, too, you’d think we had a St. Bernard in the house.

  12. Jill says:

    There is more here than meets the eye. The Kansas City, KS shelter collects a $90 adoption fee and provides the adopter with a receipt that is good for the neutering and rabies innoculation of the dog at any local veterinarian. The vet is then reimbursed by the city with the $90 fee. These people never bothered to take the dog in for neutering. They were also chaining him in their yard. I’ll bet the AC seized the dog due to neglect, poor treatment, failure to neuter, and failure to license. All of these actions are sufficient to seize a dog in Kansas City, Kansas.

  13. Tanya says:

    Thanks, Jill.

    what we all often forget here, is that there are generally at least two sides to every story - and people lie and exagerate the world over to make thier point.

    Hopefully, after investigation of the case, it can be determined if the owner or Kansas AC is at fault here.

  14. EmilyS says:

    well, Jill, if that’s the case, that’s what the owners should have been charged with. Does the law there allow confiscation of dogs if their owners have cheated the city out of s/n money?

    We’re not supposed to live in a society where law officers can just make s*** up, and then change their minds and make up DIFFERENT s***

    And do you have problems with family dogs that are not causing any problems being seized? Oh, its ok to seize them because they are chained? With no other evidence of abuse?

    In Denver they kill hundreds of dogs this way, just by calling them “pit bulls”. Many of them are just like Roscoe: NOT pit bulls. But even if they were, how does it help our society to just seize family pets and kill them?

  15. Pam says:

    Well, it’s all well and good to say it’s great Rosco is back with his family. However, if they’re so fond of him, what is he doing on a chain? Also, shame on the shelter for adopting him out without having him neutered first. They shouldn’t even be issuing a voucher for the neuter, they should be having it done before the dog ever leaves the shelter. The big victim in this whole mess is Rosco!

  16. Hazel Chambers says:

    It would appear that they were less than great owners…and if this were so…that is the basis on which the dog should have been taken…..that is failure to provide proper care.

    Taking the dog with claims that he was a pit because of his bark opens the door to good owners having dogs ceased for equally insane reasons.

  17. Judy says:

    What is wrong with having a dog on a chain in your own yard? Unless the dog lives in the yard I don’t see the problem. Would it be better if the dog was out running free? I know a lot of people who have unneutered dogs because of the cost.

  18. Nora and Rufus says:

    Wellll Judy, would you like to be kept on a chain? That is NO LIFE for any poor creature. If a dog is going to spend time in the yard, they should have complete fencing. PERIOD. If they cannot afford fencing, they can also take him for regular runs at any local dog park and exercise him daily, like any concientious dog owner. And the cost of neutering is low compared to cigarettes and beer on a weekly basis that so many people waste their hard earned money on!

  19. Jack says:

    We quit giving any $$ except to animal groups existing solely for the purpose of eradicating all of BSL, mandatory spay neuter laws, and fighting the plethora of false flag (not) humane groups which carry the agenda of eradicating dogs with the generation currently on the ground. We dissolved the trust fund we’d set up for our dogs at our demise. At our deaths, instead, our dogs will be euthanized rather than taking any chance of letting them fall into the hands of either such blithering idots or become victims of the (up from one a few years ago) not more than 50 law schools churning out legal subspecialties. An hourly clerk in a windowless room will draft trusts while hundreds of legl students diligently dig deeply into how to break those trusts. Play these games on someone else. I’m not playing and my dogs are not being victimized. Shelters and rescue are no longer either. They are power players staffed underlings with the heirarchy marching away with stuffed pockets. State programs are not to promote animal wellbeing, safety, or security. They are out to seize and make profits from dog breeders as if dog breeding were illegal or unethical. Our new legal beagles will promote NAIS and many will be needed for its federal enforcement –who don’t mind dining on chipped chicken with cancer from chips. Enough with being run by the animal eradication crowd.

  20. straybaby says:


    many towns/cities/HOAs have fencing rules. some don’t allow one that would be safe to leave a dog out with. there is nothing wrong with a dog out in the yard on a chain if it’s sleeping indoors and spending time with the family, etc, imo. we can’t expect everyone to have the same pet caring abilities. and they wanted their dog back. seems to me like that should count for something even if folks don’t agree with the chain. many people abandon their pets when they’ve been seized or picked up by AC and they have to pay a fine. that’s a death sentence in many places.

    cost of neutering, they just had financial problems due to a difficult pregnancy. neutering may seem cheap to some, but may not actually be for others.

  21. Tanya says:

    Chains -

    Just one comment. Chains on dogs are not dangerous or “mean” or anything else if the chain is well maintained, the dog is well cared for, etc. People like nora who judge without taking into account all the situations and facts do not help.

    1) dogs who are known (and trained) guard dogs are often chained when children are around, when schools let out or the bus drops kids off, etc., because you cannot always be sure children understand “no tresspassing”.

    2) hunting dogs are kept chained because of the way they work the field.

    3) neurotic dogs can be kept chained for their own safety because they will overworry parts of the yard, will try to dig under fences, etc.

    4) puppies are very often chained because they do not yet know how NOT to dig up under the fence and get free, and because they might not be appropriate indoor dogs.

    5) working dogs (active cow shephards, cop or other military trained dogs, fire dogs, search and rescue dogs) are often kept chained because they are not pets and do not live with the family as a member of the family.

    6) a dangerous god (like vic’s dogs) working with a professinal will often be chained during rehab, because quite simply IT IS A THREAT to people.

    When you use a chain or roap, you need to have a particular “swing” collar so the chain doesn’t get twisted. You need to make sure the dog has adequite shelter near the post so even if it happens to get twisted, it’s got shelter and food / water nearby. and you MUST must must must check on your dogs more frequently than just “back yard” dogs, because there is always the risk of getting twisted.

    Chaining in and of itself is not bad at all.

  22. Furbabies says:

    What University or College do these animal control officers attend to get their degree of stupidity? This officer should have a PhD in Stupid.

  23. Thel Josenhans says:

    WOW …………….
    Jack …….said it right .
    I say ………. the Control Officer in Kansas City ………… you are a monster , to bring , all that pain , to the dog & family , you are a miserable human being.
    There is nothing wrong with……… a pit Bull ……… my neighbors had three , 15 Ft. from my fence , they were loving , kind dogs.
    Every breed of dog , has a right to live in Kansas , people who don’t like a breed of dog …………… move , go to a diffrent ……… STATE , COUNTRY , & if that’s the kind of ……. CONTROL OFFICER ,you have , fire the jerk , get someone , that cares for animals , not……….” HATES THEM “. I think , we should all pitch in , send that jerk to CHINA >>>>>>>> TO LIVE …….. HE BELONGS THERE. I am sick to death , about , picking out a breed of dog…….. saying , it is dangerous , banding it , SEIZING it from owned , KANSAS CITY , wake up , or change your name to …….. CHINA . T.K.J. Thel

  24. Bane says:

    This stuff some cities are doing, like Denver, where they seize and kill pets due some bull about “dangerous breeds” smacks of fascism, and is a total assault on the constitutional rights of citizens. Those citizens whose beloved pets are killed in that senseless manner should file an class action law suit against the city citing pain and suffering due to the ordeal they are forced to go through. It’s the people who engage in dog fighting practices who should be eradicated, and put on death row. All animal control divisions should be cut out of the city budget…I’m sick of our tax dollars going to finance these corrupt officials. Instead, tax dollars should be used for spay neuter programs, prosecution of dogfighters and animal abusers, etc….very few dogs are irretrievably vicious…I can’t say the same for a lot of humans.

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