Dog Survives After Getting Stuck In Grave For Two Weeks


Billy is quite the lucky Jack Russell.

This curious dog survived being trapped in a grave for two weeks after he disappeared from his family’s home in Australia.

It is believed that two-year-old Billy chased a rabbit down a hole at the edge of the grave and became stuck when concrete started to fall in behind him.

The O’Sullivan family searched everywhere for him and were afraid that he had been bitten by a snake or got stuck in a rabbit hole.

But luckily, the family found Billy when they visited the cemetery to visit the graves of their relatives. The family heard barking at the cemetery and followed the woofing to the grave where Billy was it.

They saw Billy’s little nose through a crack in the grave and he barked out to the family.

Authorities were called and rushed to the scene to save the trapped dog. They opened the concrete lid with crowbars and Billy rushed out to his freedom.

His owner said, “He jumped out like a little rabbit but he was all skin and bones and his ribcage was showing.”

Billy was hungry, thirsty, had raw paws, but otherwise was healthy and doing well from his ordeal.

Although Billy seems to not have learned his lesson because his owner stated, “When we took him back to the cemetery this week we had to hold on to him or he would have been back down the hole. To him, it’s a big game.”

Source: Herald Sun

4 Responses to “Dog Survives After Getting Stuck In Grave For Two Weeks”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    Two weeks?! Amazing. Maybe they need to keep Billy on a leash or in a yard from now on. He sounds like a handful.

  2. kaefamily says:

    That is a terrier for ya! Ours is so focus on his ‘preys’ that he runs smack into dangers.

  3. Nancy VB says:

    Amazing story with a happy ending. Collar+Leash=safety

  4. Nora and Rufus says:

    my friends little female Jack is such a huntress!!!! She would probably try the same thing. Darling little Billy! He is a great hunter and he must be watched like a hawk!

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