Dog Survives Night In Freezing Waters

Bingo, a thirteen-year-old dog, is the ultimate survivor.

He was being looked after by a dog-sitter when Bingo jumped off a boat, one mile offshore from Waiheke Island (island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand) on Wednesday. His dog-sitter believed that Bingo was trying to chase dolphins.

The Coastguard was immediately notified and they alerted all the boats in the area to keep an eye out for Bingo, a small brown dog.

Coastguard spokesman Jo Ottey said they “didn’t hold much hope” for Bingo because of the very cold water temperature and choppy conditions.

“We rang heaps of people because it’s a pretty awful thing to have happen and it wasn’t his dog, so it made it even worse.”

But Bingo did survive the sea and dragged himself up to the Man O War Vineyard [on Friday] where he collapsed at the door of the caretakers’ house on the north east side of the island.

More on Bingo and his incredible survival after the jump.


Vineyard owner Odette Brown said caretakers heard a whimper at the back door and found Bingo “cold and a bit quivery, but in pretty good shape considering”.

Miss Brown said when the dog-sitter came to pick Bingo up this morning he got a new lease of life and was jumping all over the place.

“He was an extremely lucky dog,” she said.

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  2. Marilyn says:

    Very lucky, indeed! And now he can be the ultimate “spokes-dog” for why all boaters should outfit their dogs with life vests just like they do their kids.

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