Dog Survives Six-Story Fall Off Parking Garage

JetCall it a miracle or call it just plain luck. Either way, Clayton Tieman and his wife are extremely happy that Jet, their 65-pound Labrador retriever, survived jumping from the top of an airport parking deck six stories down at Tampa International.

The two-year-old dog walked away with no broken bones. When he was checked out by the vet, he only had cuts and bruises from the 60- to 80-foot fall.

Lisa Thomson, Florida Veterinary’s client care coordinator, said, “It was definitely unusual. That’s a fall from a pretty high story. It’s all the luck of the draw.”

It all happened when the couple went to the airport to pick up relatives, and Tieman was standing on the airport deck alongside the 4-foot retaining wall. Jet jumped out from the car and ran to Tieman, but the dog was running too fast, and to prevent himself from hitting the wall, he jumped off the deck.

Tieman and his wife were afraid to look down and see what happened to Jet. But a witness yelled up to the couple, “Your dog got up and walked.”

Jet is doing well and has made a full recovery and Tieman stated that they chose the name Jet for the color of his black coat and not for his leaping abilities.

He added, “I think I’ll name my next dog Scooter or something more grounded.”

Source: Tampa Tribune

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14 Responses to “Dog Survives Six-Story Fall Off Parking Garage”

  1. Nancy says:

    A good example of why dogs should be leashed, especially when away from their home environment. Lucky, lucky dog.

  2. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Dumb woofer musta landed on its head. :-)

    Really glad Jet wasn’t hurt (much, anyway).

  3. kaefamily says:

    We avoided running over a black lab falling off the back of an SUV onto the fast lane of a freeway. The vehicle’s hatchback’s window was down. The car behind ours skidded to stop just in time!

  4. Pet Rescue says:

    Totally agree with Nancy.. This is the perfect example why “all pet’s should be on a leash”..

    People ignore the leash saying “my dog is well trained”, well a dog is a dog and will do and react to what dog’s generally do
    ie: chase thing’s and run which is why so many animal’s unfortunately get hit by car’s .. Most animal’s unfortunately do not read the entire safety manual and tend to ignore reading the part that say’s “look both way’s before crossing the street”..

    I was more than just a little happy that Jet was unharmed but only time will tell how accurate that is.. His “caregiver” however should not own this pet or any other he lack’s responsibility..

  5. debbiemet says:

    Jet IS a very lucky boy, and I hope his parents learned an important lesson so nothing like this will ever happen again! I love all animals and I also love people who love them, too. As a pet parent, I also feel confidant that my pet is well-behaved and always listens to me, BUT you can never be sure and it is OUR responsibility to keep them safe.
    I am a hearing officer with the NYC Environmental Control Board and I’ve had to sustain violations of the leash law - people say “MY dog always listens to me and I have total control” - it is a hefty fine and the people are well-intentioned and I feel bad, but as I told one lady who didn’t want to say no to her 7-year old granddaughter who wanted to play with her doggie unleashed so he could “run around” in front of their apartment building in Brooklyn - think how much harder it would be for the little girl to see her dog, G-d Forbid, unexpectedly run into the street and get hit by a car! We must put our own egos aside and put the animal and its needs first, always!

  6. stefani says:

    Wow! They must be really relieved.

    It sounds like the dog may have jumped out of the car before the family had time to react, but I hope this serves as a good reminder to all of us that keeping a dog on a leash is usually the best thing for the dogs safety. I’m sure they never dreamed that this would/could happen and they will be more careful in the future.

    A leash isn’t an ironclad guarantee, though. A very dear friend of mine had a horribly traumatic experience when her young dog got startled by something on the street and managed to back out of a collar she thought was perfectly safe/the right size, etc. Tragically, the dog ran into the street, and was hit. She died in my friends lap on the way to the hospital. It was horrible and she carries the guilt to this day. I think this is why she won’t even walk her existing dog - she says it’s because he’s not good with other dogs, which is true, but I am sure she is terrified that no matter what precautions she takes, this kind of thing could happen again. She has a fenced yard (VERY high fence and an old beagle mix — not a jumper!) and that is his experience of the outdoors now.

    Anyway, I’m not sure this information means that this family should not have pets. I am not even certain that they deliberately let the dog out of the car on purpose, and if they learn a lesson from this, they can still be good pet parents.

    The Toonces Project

  7. Chaoslillith says:

    I don’t get why people just don’t get longer leashes to exercise their dog in an urban environment. It’s still leashed but you can play ball and such with it. Get a 50 foot leash, tie it off and have the daughter throw a ball. Not hard folks.

  8. Nancy says:

    Good in theory, Chaoslillith, but what happens when the ball rolls past the limits of the line and the dog hits the end going at full speed? Or when the dog tangles up any and all passers by as it “runs around” on such a long line? Nope, a fenced in yard is still best if you want to allow a dog to run unhampered, or failing that, a dog park.

  9. Sharon says:

    The guy is already talking about his “next dog”. If he doesn’t start acting more responsibly then it won’t be long until Jet is gone and replaced. Maybe the owner ought to think of Jet as a forever pet instead of a disposable thing to be replaced if killed by carelessness.

  10. Holly says:

    That is not only a miracle but also a funny story .. Think about it. The dog trys to chase a car by jumping off the deck. What a lucky dog!

  11. Chase says:

    I have a lemon beagle and I just cant even imagine that my dog would survive such a fall. I agree with Holly…Thats one lucky dog. Ar ethey going to have to build those decks to protect our animals?

  12. littlebee says:

    Here you have a great heart warming story yet most of you seek to find fault or take away the warm fuzzies of the story itself. I’m sure none of you have ever made a mistake or had a laspe in judgment but you all are sure quick to judge aren’t you.

    It’s no wonder wars break out and turmoil seems to rule the world. This was a wonderful story yet some readers found a way to try to dampen it and find fault. Of course Jet’s owners made a mistake by allowing him to get free in a parking lot but that’s what we humans do — make mistakes from time to time. Don’t you think they suffered enough with the thought of the disaster they MIRACULOUSLY avoided not to speak of the VET bill? Stop being negative and celebrate a truly wonderous turn of events! The negative readers confirm my favorite saying…”The more people I meet the more I love my dog”

  13. kathy says:

    littlebee, you have said it so much better than I ever could have!

  14. Gina says:

    I am a responsible pet owner and my boys will all bolt from the car when I open the door. Leashed or not, it won’t help. Please. As if none of you ever had a dog do what it wanted whether or not you wanted it to?

    I agree with leash laws except on my own property. But riding in a car a dog does not need to be leashed. In fact I did leash one and she got caught on something and I had to stop and unhook the leash.

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