Dog Toy Review: Extreme Kong Power Chewer

Kong Power ChewerThe constant chewing and toy destroying dog may finally have met his match: the Extreme Kong Power Chewer.

The manufacturer says that “The World’s Strongest Rubber Dog Toy” is made of exclusive carbon Black Ultra-Flex and is perfect for the dog that can’t get enough of chewing. The Extreme Kong Power Chewer is puncture resistant and you can stuff the center of the toy with treats or food (dogs love that part especially!).

Reviews on the Extreme Kong Power Chewer dog toy after the jump.


Review 1 of the Extreme Kong Power Chewer

This is the third Kong toy I bought for my pit bull and I highly recommend it. It is very durable and he is totally entertained while trying to get his dog biscuits out. The black Kong toys hold up better than the red Kong toys - my dog proves this as his proven method for getting the biscuits out is to crush them inside the Kong. His large red Kong is now too soft, but the black one has held up better.

Review 2 of the Extreme Kong Power Chewer

I have a pit bull who is an obsessive chewer/destroyer and has gone through almost all of the “indestructible” toys we have given her. This toy, however, has held up to its name. After a year and a half it has only a few holes and she hasn’t lost interest. If you’re looking for something tough, I highly recommend this toy.

Review 3 of the Extreme Kong Power Chewer

I have rottweilers that can eat an entire tennis ball in a split second, and can tear up ANY toy I have given them over the past 3 1/2 years. They love these toys. They wrestle over them, they love to drop them and watch them bounce crazy because of the shape, they chew and chew and chew and CANNOT destroy it!! I started out with 2 to see how long they would last… after about 6 months, I’m sold!

Review 4 of the Extreme Kong Power Chewer

I have a large German Shepherd who can eat ANY toy she sets her mind too. Luckily this has only extended to her toys! This Kong lasted quite awhile but one day she decided that she wanted to destroy it and it was in pieces in just a few hours. I guess I was expecting a little more durability.

If you and your dog have experience with the Extreme Kong Power Chewer dog toy, we would love to hear your reviews in the comments.

22 Responses to “Dog Toy Review: Extreme Kong Power Chewer”

  1. Linda says:

    My dogs destroy Kongs - hope this one works!

  2. Bridgett says:

    Daisy thinks that is a good way to eat peanut butter.

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I was hoping this was a new product, but after checking the Kong Company web site, I believe it’s just the black Kong that’s been around for a while.

    I bought the black Kong in “king” size for Bunny, and it did hold up better than most toys. I found the top/large hole a bit large for effective treat-stuffing, as most commercial treats are too small and would fall out too easily - even when slathered with peanut butter. It’s around this same area, the rubber around the top/large hole, that my dog’s Kong first began to break apart — logical, considering that that’s where she’d concentrate her chewing/licking efforts.

    Overall, Kongs are tougher than most toys (but more expensive) and are great for the average dog. I was a little disappointed with its lack of durability, however, and have not yet replaced Bunny’s “pit bull”-tested, damaged Kong.

  4. Eric says:

    We have a red kong for our pug, Smooch, and he loves it.

  5. dog collar addict says:

    my pits are kong destroyers, i hope that this one will hold up!!

  6. EmilyS says:

    Kong has been selling these for years and like their others, it’s a great product.
    For many strong chewers, they last a long time
    But NOTHING is indestructable.

    By the way: Kong has a program where they donate “seconds” to rescue groups and shelters… check their website for contact info.

  7. Bj says:

    my oldest dog loves kongs and never tore one up, even the red ones. My youngest girl was destroying black kongs by the time she was less than a year old. . . and that was even without putting stuff inside of them! If I stuffed them they would last maybe a few minutes!

  8. petslave says:

    My 2 coonhound/retriever mixes are so soft mouthed with these things I use the puppy sticks & put peanut butter in the grooves. They don’t even chew up their fuzzy soft squeaky toys. But give them a cow leg soup bone & they’ll grind those to powder in an hour.

  9. Pit Bull mommy x 4 says:

    I’ve been using Kongs for years. I have always bought the Largest black kongs I could find. My puppy is now almost 6 so is her kong. As I added a new pit bull, I added a kong. I’ve had some kongs for 10 years. They are trully pit bull proof, and the only toy I’ve found that is.

    As for stuffing, my guys don’t know they don’t come that way. Their favorite is a couple of medium size biscuits, add some kibble, a carrot or two, a scoop of can food and top it all with peanut butter. Freeze overnight, and you have pit bull pacifiers that last several hours.

    Thank heaven for Kongs, it has saved my furniture!

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  11. DL in TX says:

    I have mini-dachshunds and a min pin that will reduce this black kong toy to shreds in minutes– and eat the shreds. Still looking for something they won’t destroy.

  12. MB says:

    My Pitbull/Boxer 1year old little girl can destroy anything…Even the Extreme King Kong… So beware!

  13. Maggie says:

    I’m surprised at the comments from Pit Bull owners with how long their extreme kongs last. I guess the dogs are made for fighting and holding and not chewing because my little miniature Australian Shepherd can get through an Extreme kong in a few days. The first one lasted a few weeks but now that she’s got a taste for them, they barely seem worth the money.

  14. Diane Helfer says:

    My two-year old GSD is destroying the XXL Black Kong in 1-2 hours. My opinion: It would be great to have the same Kong WITHOUT the top and bottom holes as that is where the dogs can get a tooth grip and chip out chunks! I’ve often wondered if giving him the next size down would deter his ability to destroy it so easily, but I’m afraid to try it.

  15. Dozer'sMom says:

    I bought an extreme kong for my mixed breed 40 lb dog and he destroyed it in an hour! I’m very disappointed, as it doesn’t seem any stronger than his former puppy Kong once he digs his teeth in. The only Kong product that I have had success with is the red ball with no holes. He loves it and there are no pieces to chew off!

  16. dog toys says:

    I’ve been looking for this. Nice post! I will be saving this page to my favorites for sure.

  17. indoor fence says:

    Anyone here who knows how much this Extreme Kong Power Chewer costs and where can it be bought?

  18. prettyrockabilly says:

    i have a 8 month old mix breed she’s tiny..
    and she managed to destroy the black kong
    for “extreme” chewers in less than a month.
    I can honestly say i’m disappointed. I don’t
    know what to give her now.. i don’t really
    feel comfortable with her eating pieces of
    foreign object :/

  19. sam says:

    I have a 14 month old lab and he is making his way through the extreme XXL kong. He has already eaten the red ones. I was hoping it would last longer. I think without holes would be a better idea as well.

  20. chris says:

    we have a 7 month old lab, and for the first 5 months of his life, these black kongs worked GREAT! We’d soak his dry food in water, stuff it in the kong, freeze it, and he loved getting meals this way! The first black kong we got him lasted for 3 months (he could destroy the red ones by the time he was 3 months old). However, recently, he’s either gotten a lot stronger, or a lot more impatient– he’s on his 3rd “large” black kong in the last 2 months, and he’s already torn through one “XL” black kong.

    As others have said, the large hole at the top is where the damage starts, and once he gets a small tear in it, it only takes 20 minutes or so for large chunks to come loose. But eliminating the holes would make these much less useful IMO, because stuffing the food inside is the best part! (our puppy doesn’t pay any attention to the kongs when empty).

    I think a thicker rubber wall would help– maybe 3/4″ inch thick all over.

  21. Mike says:

    I’ve never let Buddy play with it no longer than he should, but I got preoccupied one day and left it with him for the evening. After returning to feed him, I realized I had left it with him, and to my surprise…he had chewed the smaller end completely off…so I am to blame, not him.

  22. Brandon says:

    We have a Kai Ken and bought the red kong for him which did last awhile until he grew up. Hes about 8 months now, he will destroy any toy and ripped apart the red kong so we bought the black kong and within days it was just a pile of rubber. i did find a ball at pet supplies plus which hes had for about a month that he plays with all the time that is still intact. i dont remember what company makes it but its blue.

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