Dog Toy Review: Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball Dog Toy

Romp n roll ball

A ball and a rope. What else could a dog ask for? The Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball is a flexible and non-deflatable ball with a 24 inch cotton rope attached to it. Your dog can tug, toss, kick and carry the ball. The Romp-n-Roll Ball floats and comes in three different sizes.


Review 1 of Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball Dog Toy

My lab destroyed the rope in a few days but ball is great. He loves it. It can’t deflate and chases and rolls it all over the yard. He also plays goalie with it, and he can stop the ball no matter how hard or how far you kick it to him. Great buy for an active dog.

Review 2 of Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball Dog Toy

I have been searching for an indestructible large dog toy for my Mastiff Pit Bull mix. He loves to play and has gone through several heavy duty rubber toys and many soccer balls. This toy has given him hours of non stop fun, he has chewed the ball up quite a bit, but it still rolls! He can play with this by himself and loves to fling it by the rope and race to retrieve it. This is also his toy of choice to sleep with. I will have to purchase another to keep on hand, should this one be destroyed. Rusty gives it the paws up!

Review 3 of Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball Dog Toy

My Lab mix puppy destroyed 3-4 soccer balls and a basketball in less than 4 months before I found the Jolly Romp-n-Roll Ball. She has the large and small balls because the large one’s rope gets covered in snow and ice and the smaller one is easier to throw. This is her favorite toy and it is a hit at the dog park too. We give this a 2 thumbs and 4 paws up review.

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4 Responses to “Dog Toy Review: Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball Dog Toy”

  1. Clauzilla says:

    Jolly balls are great, but if you have a big dog that has a hard mouth….be ready to buy many of them…they say they are chew proof, but I can’t count how many I have bought, he loves to play fetch in the lake with them but after about 2 hours, they have bite marks and hols in them and you have to empty out the water before the next throw.
    But then again he loves them but they are rather pricey when they only last a few hours

  2. HighNote says:

    They may be great but are they made in China? If so do not buy the red colored ones because of the lead in the paint!

  3. SmileOnADog says:

    Cotton is not digestible by dogs, and can cause gastric issues if chewed and swallowed.

    I’d bought some pet toys on sale from PetSmart online and when they arrived, was angered to find they were ALL made in China. I returned them. Just the smell itself — the toys REEKED — they smelled like they’d been cooked in chemicals. I’m sure my worst imaginings probably wouldn’t do justice to what could be in those toys.

    Even putting one through the wash, out of curiousity, didn’t take away the nasty chemical smell.

    Both toys and pet food go into a dog’s mouth — I wouldn’t put pet food from China into my animals’ mouths, nor toys from China, either.

    Also, if these dog toys are made by the same company making “Jolly Balls” for horses, then it doesn’t surprise me they don’t last long — my horses completely deflated their indeflatable jolly balls eventually. But even so, the horses *love* them, enough that I do buy new ones for the horses when needed.


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