Dog Urban Mushing Becoming More Popular

Dog Mushing

Southern California. Known for its warm beaches, tan people, palm trees, and mushing. Yes, urban mushing, that is. It is also called dog scootering. Basically, it’s mushing minus the snow.

Dogs are strapped into harnesses and leashes are tethered to a non-motorized scooter just below the handlebars. The owner stands on a platform. The scooters, which cost $200 to $700, are equipped with brakes and knobby tires that ride over the trail’s rocks and potholes more like a mountain bike than a sled over snow.

For owners, they say scootering is a chance to bond with their dogs. For some dogs, it is quite an adjustment from sleeping on the couch to urban mushing.

Members of Dogs Across America, a national scootering group founded in 2005, say their membership rolls have increased particularly in Texas, Washington and California.

From Yahoo News:

A recent outing of the Southern California Working Snow Dogs included huskies, malamutes, dobermans and a dalmatian — many of which had never put paw to snow. Other scootering groups boast photos of more unexpected breeds, including standard poodles.

The Southern California group, which started in 2005, has about 240 members, about 50 of whom show up most weekends to traverse Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

“They’re basically in the den waiting to go hunt. They want to start running and hunting,” said urban musher Rob Fuechtenicht. “When you hook them to the scooter, you’re riding behind them and they’re in this doggy nirvana kind of stage.

9 Responses to “Dog Urban Mushing Becoming More Popular”

  1. dog collar addict says:

    my neighbour has 2 huskies & he used to exercise them with a skateboard. i like this ides a lot better, i think that the musher has more control.

  2. Lynne says:

    I hope this stays in the realm of the amateur. If money becomes involved we will see the same abuses that the Itidarod dogs face.

  3. Senas Mom says:

    Wow, Lynne, I had no idea. Thanks for the link.

  4. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    This is also a great way to keep dogs in shape for weight pull competition too. Do a search for “Asphalt Eaters” and you’ll see a lot of stuff about it. Looks like a lot of fun…wish I had a Pit Bull! I’d do this! :-D

  5. Dyls Mom says:

    Yet more mis-led information about the Iditarod. That site is predominantly false with the exception that there are bad pet owners everywhere and Iditarod officials take abuse very seriously. Dogs are examined by vets prior to being cleared to race. These dogs were bred to run and if they aren’t going to run they will stop, they will lay down. The owner of that site lives in Florida no where near Alaska. Visiting 1 kennel does not say that every kennel is like that. I would love to see people put so much effort towards puppy mills….

  6. jasmine says:

    Ive been doing it for about 7 years, except with a scooter and its realy fun. There is a old term that means “one with the dogs” people used do it to prove that they know how to control there dog(s) now its all for practice. I wish that they would think about their animals not just a race.

  7. Jess C says:

    I have been dog scootering for about 2 years now. My dogs have loved this new sport since we started. I can tell because when they see me grab some of my gear, they get all excited jumping up and down,sometimes they scratch at the closet door where their harnesses are! I have a big white boxer that is the muscle of my team, and I have a beagle mix that we found on a bridge as my lead dog. We haven’t entered any races yet, but we intend to! We will also may be going dog scooter backpacking soon! We even have a team name, River Runners!

  8. Carol L says:

    I am interested in getting started in the sport of urban mushing. I just adopted a wonderful 2 year old Husky who is full of energy and ready to learn. I live in Houston Texas and dont know where to get the best training for myself and my Husky, the proper equipment or clubs to join. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  9. Boston Snow Dogs says:

    There is a dog sled scooter group in Boston using kaz-usa dog scooters. This site has a lot of videos about MUSING. Must watch!

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