Dog Video: Dalmatian Having Lots Of Fun In Deep Snow

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  1. Poodlluver says:

    I am in south ga. and have never seen anything like that!
    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why this dog is not freezing to death instead of playing??? I dont understand…seriously!
    I am amazed!

  2. straybaby says:

    this is how my Dal responds to snow also, along with many of the dog’s in my ‘hood. usually here when it snows (brooklyn, ny) it tends to have “warmed up” to the 20’s, lol!~~ if it’s closer to zero or the wind chills are brutal, my dog will act like i’m torturing her (even with winter gear on), which is fine with me! we go out in the middle of the night if the snow is good so she can romp and snow plow through the snow on the end of a long training lead. she provides good entertainment for the snow workers and she loves the big drifts they supply.

    there’s just something about snow that gives some dogs the zoomies. it’s great for getting them tired out in the winter, just make sure they have a safe place to run or you have a good solid LONG training lead, lol!

    i love this video. i could finally show my mom what i meant when i said my dog loves snow!

  3. Poodlluver says:

    Watching this video makes me ccccccOLD.
    People here down south wouldnt know what to do if it snowed here. ESPECIALLY like THAT! lol
    I love this video too, though! :)

  4. MaineMom says:

    Totally amazing! This Dal adds a new meaning to the term “snow plough.”
    Cool breed - pun intended ;-)

  5. Nancy G. says:

    I love this video! You can’t be down while watching such unabashed joy in this dog. How nice if we could all let go and have FUN like this guy. Be 100% “in the moment.” BTW most dogs love cold weather, and snow, as long as they don’t have to sleep out in it. Tho my Borzoi would stretch out on an icy deck, the temp in the low teens, I’d call to see if they wanted to come in where it was warm. “No thanks, Mom, this feels great, just like Siberia!” They’d go absolutely nuts about the first snowfall of the season, and watching a Borzoi puppy in his or her very first snow was hilarious. Something in their genes knew what it was, they’d go almost as crazy as this Dalmatian. Running, rolling, leaping, biting and eating it, they can’t get enough.

  6. furmom says:

    Great dog, neat video, thanks for the laugh. My dog prefers cool weather, sits out in rain and thunderstorms, is invigorated by snow, doesn’t like warm or hot days so much. When it’s snowy I can hardly drag him in to get the snow balls thawed out of his fur and paws, then he bugs me to go out again. His idea of fun is tearing across large fields at a rate you wouldn’t believe chest deep in snow. I thought I had bought a quiet By-the-fireside type of breed.

  7. Lori says:

    He must sleep well!!!

  8. Pete McGill says:

    My dog Cinder has never seen snow. In the summer it gets to 100 degrees almost daily and she lays out on the patio in the sun and won’t come in the house. In winter like now she barks to come in if the temp gets below 50 or so. Doesn’t like the cold at all. Cinder’s mom was Black Lab and Golden Retriever and dad was Black Lab and Border Collie.I think she would like the snow but wouldn’t want to stay out in it for very long.

  9. Linda Reid says:

    I would love to put this snow-loving Dalmatian out with my Bernese Mountain Dogs Casey and Gretchen who love to run out and do “snow angels”. While they are not as fast as the DAL, they would run a close 2nd to joy of snow. They love to burrow in the snow and pose stately Berner poses in various locations throughout our wooded back yard. They will lie in the show for hours and watch the deer leap by! In the winter, we often have to go and and clip a leash on them to bring them in, as this is the one time they are non-compliant with orders to come in!

  10. Carl Blanton says:

    Thanks for the great video, I have watched about five times and laugh every time.
    I work as a computer tech at a school and I sent out a greeting to the whole staff.
    I hope you all have as much fun on your Break as this guy is having.
    Check this guy out. Then I attached a link to your dog.
    Thank you for the fun, Happy Holidays.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I loved watching this, my dogs in upstate NY, an Eskimo mix and a schnauzer mix are just this unabashed in the cold weather, they leap around like they are no longer dogs and have been possessed by mountain goats from the Himalayas. There is something about the snow the just brings out the crazy in both of them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    this dog is so cute love this movie! please make another one it is soooo funny.

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