Dog Video: Yorkie Does Hand Stand

One Response to “Dog Video: Yorkie Does Hand Stand”

  1. Heather says:

    I am replying about the yorkie that was killed by the huskies in Petsmart I have a husky X he is sweet and would never hurt any dog however when I bring him places he is on a short lead because anything can happen at any time. Unfortunatly this did and you cannot replace your loss and the irresponsible pet owners with the huskies hopefully if not now, later realize they did not take responsibilty for the actions and it will bother them throughout the ownership of the huskies. Also this did happen at a public place that is very condenced areas I know I do Meet and Greets for our German Shepherd Rescue. The company did what they could but muzzling large breeds does not solve the problem of aggression. Small dogs as well have attack. It is very sad what had happened Petsmart has cameras what are the police and the employees that saw this doing? Sounds like its an all around problem. Sorry for your loss.

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