Dog Watched Over His Fellow Canine Companion In Rush Hour Traffic

Chow MixThe bond between animals is like the bond between humans. They feel the loss and pain when one is hurt or gone. Two Denver dogs had a friendship and relationship so great that one of them continued to watch over the other’s body after she had been hit by a car.

A male chow mix laid down in the middle of a busy road to guard his companion, a female German shepherd mix, after she was hit and killed by a car.

Denver authorities reported to the scene to help with traffic until animal control officials could come. When an officer tried to approach the body of the female dog, the male dog did not want anyone to get close to her.

Two drivers also assisted at the scene. One blocked the lane with his car and turned on his hazards after several cars almost missed running over the two dogs. Another was able to get the chow mix onto the median and out of traffic.

Denver Animal Care and Control said the dogs had no identification, were not spayed or neutered, and had been reported to be running around the neighborhood for the past two days. They suspect the two dogs were in a “romance.”

“When a companion animal is hit, they’ll stand vigil. It’s sad,” the director of animal control said. “It’s kind of uncommon to see it in the middle of the road.”

Animal control said the chow mix was not extremely friendly when they arrived and said he continued to be “snarly and standoffish.”

Employees will conduct an assessment of the dog’s behavior and health, and if he passes certain tests, he could be available for adoption.

Officials said that the dog has shown improvement in his behavior towards people after the incident. Shelter employees said he isn’t growling anymore but is still a bit standoffish.

Source: Rocky Mountain News

14 Responses to “Dog Watched Over His Fellow Canine Companion In Rush Hour Traffic”

  1. nora says:

    Look at this dogs face. He is devastated and heartborken. I hope to God that the shelter gives him enough time and attention and hope, to heal and find a home that will care for him in the capacity that he needs. Maybe someone in the Denver area will step forward and rescue him. The dog must have a huge heart.

  2. m says:

    Good grief, how do they expect the dog to behave?!? His friend is nowhere to be found, he’s being held in a strange environment surrounded by people and animals he doesn’t know, so it seems to me it’s perfectly natural he’d be standoffish. Sheesh!

  3. catmom5 says:

    I certainly can understand “standoffish” after the ordeal this dogger has been through. What a special kind of love. We surely could learn a lot! I, too, hope that this wonderful dog gets a chance at a long, happy life.

  4. Lynn says:

    I look at this picture and see grief. Bereavement. If you think animals don’t suffer, think again.

    I dearly hope this dog finds a new human worthy of him.

  5. Macushla says:

    Please someone in the Denver area, take this wonderful dog home and love him. I have never seen a sadder face.

  6. louisa says:

    In defense of Chows,the breed can be standoffish. This is just the way they can be. (Not to mention all the poor guy’s been through). Hopefully, he will be rescued by an adult household! He has impeccable karma, after all.

  7. Sharon says:

    I no longer have any faith in shelter employees to ever act in the best interest of the animals in their care. If they decide he will be euthanized. Please, people of Denver, make sure this dog doesn’t suffer anymore. He deserves a good home and love.

  8. Carol says:

    I certainly hope that the good out of this bad is he gets a loving home–what all pups deserve!

  9. Gindy says:

    I have two stand offish dogs. They are shy. No amount of socializing helps, it only makes them more anxious and fearful. My other dog is a big lug, adores people and helps break the ice for the two shy ones. People respond to the big dopey guy and then the shy girls get their turn. I train more people to approach a dog correctly than ever. since I got the shy girls.

  10. Velvet's Dad says:

    What a heart-wrenching story and photo. Will keep my fingers crossed someone comes forward and adopts him. When will Animal Control and shelter employees learn how to read and treat animals? How to learn compassion and empathy for them? Yes, these dogs and cats do have feelings and yes, they most certainly do feel emotional pain.

  11. Anonymous says:

    a faithful dog risks death to care for his friend
    a mutt prez sends the young to die for profit and glory

    quite a contrast
    animals should get more press in this wierd world
    thanks itchmo

  12. kaefamily says:

    It is extremely irritating to me that people expect pets to instantly warm up to them regardless of the circumstance the animals have been under. These people are most likely the same ones who expect the world to instantly embrace their children even if they are rotten to the core!

  13. ryssee says:

    Poor pup, lost his friend. :-(
    Hope he finds a nice home.

  14. Ruth says:

    I hope a nice family adopts this poor dog. Please Denver….help this animal. He is the saddest looking dog. The poor, poor dog. He needs a family to love him……

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