Dog With Hole In Mouth Will Go Through Innovative Surgery

PezPez, a beagle, looks and acts like any other dog. He loves to play, swim, run around and flash off his big smile.

Except he has one problem. He has a large hole in the roof of his mouth.

This can be challenging because food often gets caught in the hole or ends up in his nose. When this happens, Pez snorts and sneezes incessantly.

An animal rescue staff member, Peyton Gaudiosi, took this stray dog home from the shelter to give Pez some extra attention and to see if anything can help with the large hole in his mouth.

Veterinarians at North Carolina State’s Veterinary Hospital are looking into a breakthrough surgery to help Pez. The doctors all agreed that his problem is extremely rare and they hadn’t seen something like this very often.

The team of veterinarians are working on a high-tech operation. They will use three-dimensional computer models to design a custom plate for this beagle.

Usually, this kind of reconstruction would take several surgeries, but with this new technology, they hope that it will be an one-step procedure. The surgery will cost an estimated $4,000.

The doctors will run a trial surgery on a model with help from the North Carolina State School of Engineering. They hope to operate on Pez within two months.

“We think that (a) it’s going to be a tremendous change for Pez, and (b) we think that there are a lot of patients that will benefit from that surgery later on,” one of the veterinarians said.

If Pez’s surgery is successful, this new procedure can help other animals and humans.

And then Pez can focus on finding a good home.

Source: WRAL

3 Responses to “Dog With Hole In Mouth Will Go Through Innovative Surgery”

  1. Shawn says:

    Sounds like the dog was born with a cleft pallate. Pretty common surgery for humans in infancy. Hope the vets consult with human doctors.

  2. nora says:

    Huhhh. If this is the picture of the dog we are speaking of, he is most definetely NOT a Beagle.

  3. Lynn says:

    Strangest looking Beagle I ever saw. :-)

    But so what? The sweet thing is going to get some special care to make his life more comfortable.

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